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26 Mar 2020 08:37:10
In times like these football comes a very distant second. To all who have an opinion on wether the league should be null and void or to the other half who want the 9.please remember there are lives being lost in vast amounts daily. So this message is to everyone who has an opinion on football in the spl and world football.

Who cares?

Spl give them the 9 then fine
They null and void it then fine

Aslong as this virus f#@ks off then i don't care what happens anymore.

My son coughed just once yesterday and i was on edge the rest of the day.

So to all of you still moaning about this damn league and what should happen. get a grip. in no way shape or form will this league affect any of our lives regardless of what happens. itl b a dissapointment to whoever losses from it but who cares. this covid is no joke. be plenty of time in a few months for us all to get back to what we do best and that's supporting the famous glasgow rangers. over on the tic site they're bayin for blood. They want to see rangers die through this. total dissapointment. i'm all for banter but using this deadly virus as ajoke is childish. sporting integrity . don't make me laugh. seen more sporting integrity from 2 rats fighting over a chip.

Wee message to ED. thanks for keeping the site open in these hard times. We all appreciate it and keeps us bears united. together we will over come this. keep fighting lads and never surrender. see you all at ibrox very soon 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧.

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26 Mar 2020 09:14:07
I thought it was only me who heard my son cough the other day and was over asking him a hundred questions to make sure he was ok this virus is is no joke. If Celtic do get handed the title then so be it.

26 Mar 2020 09:54:55
I am still convinced there is more to this "virus" than meets the eye.

Catching a virus simply by briefly touching an item is far too far fetched, seems to me it's a NOVICHOK type poison.

Lets hope we can get a solution sooner rather than later, cause I would rather be fighting in Afghanistan than being locked in at home.

Starting to run out of Rangers games videos on you tube.

{Ed001's Note - you can catch a cold that way. It is why when my best mate had leukemia I had to go through all this washing hands routine, wearing mask etc to visit him. Any virus can be passed by dirty hands. When you have a cold, you will get rid of it much quicker by simply washing your hands regularly.}

26 Mar 2020 10:06:38
Your right of course Ed, seems washing hands every five mins is a bit excessive to me tho.

{Ed001's Note - it is just the way it has to be. Doctors and nurses should be doing these things anyway, so we are just seeing a glimpse into the lengths they have to go to in order to avoid passing on diseases. The problem is that most people just run a bit of water over their hands and think that is enough. Then they dry their hands on the same towels others use. That is why coughs and colds spread so quickly in the workplace, lack of basic hygiene.}

26 Mar 2020 10:07:58

Sorry to hear of mate Ed.

{Ed001's Note - it was a shame, he was the nicest guy I ever knew, despite being from Manchester and being a Man Utd fan. He beat cancer twice but leukemia was just a step too far for him.}

26 Mar 2020 10:38:07
Thanks again Ed,

Your knowledge and experience should make us all appreciate life as it is and to soldier on like you have.

Thanks again for that Ed.

{Ed001's Note - you just have to get on with it. Everytime you can't be arsed with washing your hands or whatever, you just have to think about how you have so many lives in your hands each time you don't.}

26 Mar 2020 10:41:53
ps again Ed,

Man U. was my second team by the way.

Worked down in Old Trafford for 6 years a long time ago.

Just over the fence from Trafford Park.

{Ed001's Note - yeah I can never get my head round second teams. I can't find it in myself to care about the results of more than one team being honest.}

26 Mar 2020 13:09:21
Sorry to hear about your mate Ed.
Having a second team is probably easier if you support a team in a league where the standard is "ahem" lower.
Gives you a team to watch where it is actually the beautiful game!

{Ed001's Note - that is a good point about the lower standard. Would explain why my cousin, who is an Evertonian, also supports other teams! He grew up in Newport, so used to follow them around everywhere as a kid and now lives by Charlton's ground so watches them at home now. Obviously Newport was a step up from Everton and now Charlton is a step up from them....}



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