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19 Mar 2020 11:22:24
Because there is no football the press jump on any quote or story coming out from the football world to sell their papers and they twist the story so as to keep the back pages full but any journalist worth his salt knows that this season has to be a write off with no champions and no relegation. This course of action may well protect the start of next season by allowing clubs to sign sponsorship deals, sell season tickets for a full season etc. If we finish this season then the players will need time to get back up to speed after we are given the go ahead to resume meaning that even if the league were to restart at the beginning of May (very unlikely) the players will need a month to get back in shape meaning that the first games will be in June and even with 2 games a week the season will not finish till mid July (best scenario) . We have to write this season off sooner rather than later allowing clubs to put their energies towards getting funding for next season, there is no point ruining two seasons. Unfortunate for some and fortunate for others perhaps but that is what has to happen. Or am I wrong?

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19 Mar 2020 12:25:14
Your wrong season can’t be written off as all clubs would be ending sponsorship deals early to which will lead to compensation claims from them. Season will get finished maybe not the end of June when they hoped it for, definitely will be completed tho.

{Ed001's Note - that's not true. The season can be written off.}

19 Mar 2020 12:51:48
I understand your point of view deemc22 but my point is that we have to make the call sooner rather than later because of the uncertainty going into next season. If we close the season sooner and let the lawyers worry about compo then we can all start planning for a new full season when ever that will start.

19 Mar 2020 15:16:49
Then teams who are supposed to get promoted and don’t get it the will fight it out which could lead to the new season getting postponed till its sorted out. Even if they did finish it the now with no football getting played for few months the smaller teams could be out of business which could lead to a league revamp ie 16/ 18 team league.

19 Mar 2020 15:19:29
Deemc, that's bull, because if there's no blame there's no compensation, from who to who . The only real issue really is going to be time lapsed because if we're going to talk months with no football, league, cups whatever will simply disappear into infinity.

19 Mar 2020 15:48:01
sorry ed not according to big peter at the tic, severe consequences if they do, big peter runs the sfa and the spfl, what he says goes, there terrified of him, like the mafia he has been keeping silent waiting to bark his orders like don peter corleone.

{Ed001's Note - nonsense.}

19 Mar 2020 16:16:15
ed001 sorry you think its nonsense, i am only quoting what's being quoted in the daily tic rag.

{Ed001's Note - if you are wasting people's time quoting clickbait then don't. Why be an idiot and spread bull?}

19 Mar 2020 16:21:33
Miller there is always blame no matter what, can blame spfl blame UEFA blame FIFA, the company’s putting millions in will just say na forget about our contract doesn’t matter. Or you paid for an extension to your house and the builder turns round says na need to scrap that pal this virus n all that you turn round say no worries bud.

{Ed001's Note - you clearly do not understand the contractual situation so I would just drop it. You are wrong. You can't sue UEFA, SPFL or FIFA because a virus put paid to the season.}

19 Mar 2020 17:07:16
Correct ed.

{Ed001's Note - the only things that can be contested are handing out things like European places and titles.}

19 Mar 2020 17:39:43
Correct ED, what part of the word 'Pandemic' do some people not understand, football leagues and cups are totally irrelevant in a situation like this. The one thing that the SFA have at the back of their mind as an option is league reconstruction starting from when we can start a 'New Season', this season is over if reasonableness is to be applied. The European spots for the new season could I believe be awarded as it stands, Celtic and Rangers will be in the Champions League and Europa League respectively, with Motherwell and Aberdeen likely to have the other two Europa League spots, I believe it would be sensible to dispense with Qualifying Rounds, and go straight to Group Stage in these competitions. As regards League History, the only thing that would apply would be Celtic would start the new Season on 8 Leagues Won to that point, Dundee United and probably ICT would be promoted with no relegation from any league, similar application for the other two Leagues. This I feel is a sensible and meaningful way to progress from this unprecedented situation we find ourselves in.

{Ed001's Note - the European places are down to the SFA to nominate the teams. However there is a chance teams could argue the toss about them. It is going to be the same situation everywhere and leagues and clubs will just have to come to a compromise.}

19 Mar 2020 18:07:53
ed001 don't like you calling me an idiot for posting something that's printed in a rag, you make yourself out to be mr know all in the football legal side, you only spout your own opinions but expect everyone to take your word as gospel, i don't take your baloney that the season can be written off, and i will have a bet with you that either the tic will get the title or the league will be restructured, whatever way its done it will suit the tic.

{Ed001's Note - I do not make myself out to be a know it all about the legal side, I just am not stupid enough to swallow tabloid lies. It is you spouting an opinion, I am merely explaining the truth, but you are too busy being bitter about Celtic to bother to understand. You are ignorant, I am trying to enlighten you, but you prefer to remain ignorant, up to you. Bit sad though. Might help if you actually took the time to do some research, rather than reading clickbait and believing it because it suits you.}

19 Mar 2020 18:57:49
oh so i am sad and ignorant, everything that's written in the tabloids is wrong according to mr wonderful ie yourself, you are up your own jacksy mate, self opinionated as your as above post states that you are only educating me on the truth, you come over to me as being a narcissist, i would be happy if they gave that mob the league as it would not be a full league so it would not count.

{Ed001's Note - you carry on believing the tabloids, you are just embarrassing yourself regurgitating that nonsense. It truly is a shame that you can't see it. It is this stupidity of believing every little bit of clickbait that causes panic buying etc. If only people applied a bit of common sense, the world would be a better place.}

19 Mar 2020 19:22:04
Ed1 when you start accusing people of being bitter when there is no evidence of bitterness then you have lost, I have read and reread trueblues post and can find no bitterness can you point it out?

{Ed001's Note - really? You think making multiple accusations against someone from a rival team is not stemming from bitterness? I give up, clearly pointless this. If losing is having the intelligence not to believe tabloid lies, then I would rather lose thanks.}

19 Mar 2020 19:28:51
if its nonsense as you say then don't embarrass yourself and take the bet then, clickbait and panic buying was not mentioned by me, i think you are retorting with claptrap to avoid the bet, your idea of a reply is to try and belittle guys who writes a post for the other guys to give their opinions on, i did not know i had to go through your scrutiny first.

{Ed001's Note - I don't gamble. It is not me posting claptrap. If you are unable to read the T&C of the site, then that is not my fault, you are just proving the lack of thought you show.}

19 Mar 2020 19:30:32
Sorry Ed point it out again for me.

{Ed001's Note - "19 Mar 2020 15:48:01
sorry ed not according to big peter at the tic, severe consequences if they do, big peter runs the sfa and the spfl, what he says goes, there terrified of him, like the mafia he has been keeping silent waiting to bark his orders like don peter corleone." - that bit.

It would come down to a vote, not his decision. That is why it is going to be very difficult to come to a consensus. If they don't get a full agreement from all clubs, to any decision which involves awarding relegation or promotion or trophies, then it leaves them open to legal challenges.

Everyone is aiming at completing the full season, because that would end any arguments. The reason why the Bundesliga have put forward the plan of having promotion but no relegation, which all leagues are considering, is to lessen the chances of a legal challenge. That would not award the trophies but would keep a large number of teams happy. Unless the season can be completed though, there is no solution that everyone would be happy with.}

19 Mar 2020 19:33:59
Ed you banger i stated UEFA, spfl, fifa as there are more teams other than ones in Scottish leagues and competitions that might not finish the season. And if the couldn’t finish then the above couldn’t get sued. Crazy keyboard gangsta that you are.

{Ed001's Note - and what would they sue them for? Come on explain what they would have to sue them for if the season is voided?}

19 Mar 2020 19:55:26
You obviously don't know what bitterness is then Ed. Not a bad place to be.

19 Mar 2020 22:20:11
As far as I am aware no member club throughout Europe can take their association to court on any account . It’s part of what we sign up to when joining the leagues . so for any reason going down a judicial route could not happen. unless you want to forfeit your club .

19 Mar 2020 22:26:36
Ps Ed I think the boys might be inferring more that the tv companies would claim against the associations. not sure about that one. especially as you will have millions of people wanting a refund from the tv companies.

20 Mar 2020 08:45:17
Molsgoals, i'm sure that the rule of law supersedes sfa/ spfl rules and if the rules unfairly jeopardize a PLCs ability to trade then after the court of arbitration then the only other option is law courts. I might be wrong because i'm no expert but to say you can't take ANY organisation to court sounds absurd.

20 Mar 2020 15:37:26
Molsgoals and every one, i seen it posted yesterday that sky are freezing the tv deals, so tell your bank to cancel direct debit to sky lads.

21 Mar 2020 00:53:06
Yea jyf but as far as I am thinking if you sign up to the leagues you are signing a binding contract. if in that contract it’s states that you agree to the conditions ( part if them being not to associations to court, for want of better terminology) and then you break that agreement, I would imagine the associations could throw the book at you . Considering you or we have made countless millions over the years by agreeing to such terns they could probably lock our doors and throw away the keys . Other wise all binding contracts in the world would be worthless, if one could be broken so easily.
I think one would have to change the legislation and meaning if a contract at source as is happening now in America with the silencing clauses in the winestein case . Makes sense to me and would explain the reasoning .



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