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25 Feb 2020 17:11:56
Here’s a wee test lads - find me a Celtic fan who isn’t finding this hilarious and isn’t desperate for us to keep Stevie G. When the enemy are backing your manager you know he’s murder.

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25 Feb 2020 17:55:15
We all know what is murder, swagman, and it's your hysterical, nonsensical posts all full of hate for the team I support and you so obviously despise.

25 Feb 2020 17:59:15
You're murder, gee it a rest pal, its boring reading the same old thing from you all the time! You've had your fun, so move on for god's sake!

25 Feb 2020 18:03:46
Same as we all said Lennon was rangers best signing
We all thought it was hilariously embarrassing, knee jerk reaction even Tim fans thoughts the same
Let’s hope SG works out
You need to get a grip this never ending tirade is way way beyond the realms of reality
If you think we’ve not improved your deluded.

25 Feb 2020 18:13:26
Swagman I couldn’t care less what any Celtic fan thinks of us.

25 Feb 2020 18:22:20
You’ve got it totally the wrong way round there mate. I’m the only one out of the lot of you who loves the club, the rest of you love the manager.

Blue blue sea - last season we finished 9 points behind Celtic. We’re not any closer. Those are the FACTS. Not some subjective opinion on what player is better than another. Explain how that is improvement using only FACTS please.

25 Feb 2020 18:24:56
Lads, I’ll be here after every poor result until we get a proper manager. You’ll all come over to my way of thinking eventually. And I actually think we’ll beat Braga tomorrow purely because they are so open at the back that we’ll get chances, so don’t be using that to make out he’s Klopp. It’ll be back to normal service against Hearts.

25 Feb 2020 18:50:40
Again deluded and by the way you’re right we finished 9 behind but the fatal flaw in your argument season still going at moment so how do you know we won’t improve we might win Scottish cup as usual you’re hatred is clouding judgement
I’ve never know as so called fan to be so negative about the team you purport to support more than the rest of us
You need a night off mate.

25 Feb 2020 19:07:32
How do I know we won’t improve? I’ve been watching without blinkers the last two seasons. 😂

Don’t hate anyone mate, life’s too short. Just know an out of his depth charlatan when I see one. 👍.

25 Feb 2020 20:24:13

Swagman is not having a hatred to the club well I don't think so anyway

He’s peed off with the current results like the rest of us and know a bit where he is coming from I have many friends from the dark side infactt some of my best friends are from the dark side and all I get is text after text

The RAnGERS ARE COMiNG with big laughing emojis

After reeling them before winter break we wee going to win the league hands down lol

So yeah I can see where he’s Coming from pure frustration and end of day of you live in the gold fish bowl of glasgow and being brought up Rangers or Celtic doesn’t matter most roc the time about Europe
It’s mainly down to getting the better of our biggest rivals and winning the league and being called champions that matters and right now it ain’t happening and not happened. For past 8 years going on 9

For the love of god whether it’s gerrard or not we need to win league next season and wipe that grin and smirks off there faces once and for all

If swagman doesn’t like gerrard it’s person choice and opinion and right now with the league most likely lost there’s not much to argue in facts that we’re still no better off than last season
And come next season we definitely need to take a big stride forward once again
But it could be down to finances and who we can get and who we can’t and who they across the city can bring in to an already successful team

I would be more pleased if the squad was fighting right up to the last game than losing it in February and I’m sure everyone would agree on that players have let him down big time but he also has put his hands up at times and rightly so
If here next year he also needs to take a big stride forward in getting tactics spot on throughout a season where you really can’t afford to drop points as they across the city won’t be just like they haven’t been doing for past 8 seasons 👍.

25 Feb 2020 20:28:11
Also terrible result for our fringe players getting beat 2/ 1 off Patrick so much for trying to fight for your place lads 😳.

25 Feb 2020 20:30:39
Swagman your wrong about us beating Braga nice dream but based on what I saw in Glasgow there ain’t a cats chance in hell of that happening. Hope I’m wrong but I always tell it as it is no blinkers. Insofar as Gerrard is concerned it’s a tough one he has been great for the club but at the same time his inexperience has been there for all to see. Is he the right man for next season not an easy answer in some ways yes in other ways no but I think he will still be the manager next season so time will tell. Really depends on how much money there is, where it’s coming from and has he learned from his mistakes that’s still up for debate.

25 Feb 2020 20:42:36
Can't see us going through unfortunately, we just can't seem to string together a few decent performances, I'm on the fence with sg but I do agree that some people seem to give sg a easier ride because of who he is.

25 Feb 2020 21:17:31
Glad to see some other folk commenting who haven’t been brainwashed or drank the kool aid!

I don’t dislike Gerrard. I just don’t think he’s capable. I don’t hate my dog because he can’t ride a bike. But I wouldn’t sign him up for the Tour De France.

25 Feb 2020 22:34:15
Nothing wrong with thewagsmans views, he's entitled to them, same as the rest of us. He could maybe change the record occasionally though. We get it you don't rate the manager.

25 Feb 2020 22:39:05
Mind that time you laughed when Lennon was appointed, and told the world Gerrard was the man to claim 55😂 Lennon will claim 55 before another rangers captain lifts another trophy. Quadruple treble, just for another record, hail hail.

25 Feb 2020 22:43:09
Swags, we will finish with more points in SPL than we did last year. 64 points just now and finished with 78 last year. 27 points to play for so we will definitely eclips last year. there's your improvement!

Problem is that Celtic have improved as well. 87 points last year and 76 already with 24 points to play for so they will eclipse last years total also.

If Rangers don't get more points than last year i will be the first to come back on here and bow to you superior knowledge swags but we all know that it won't come to that.

25 Feb 2020 22:51:12
Thestign1, we all know theswagman doesn't think sg is the man for rangers fc, its the constent slaughtering of sg that annoys me, theswagman needs to change the record, he never says anything at all only about sg, i thought this was a banter site, not a slag steven gerrard non stop site.

25 Feb 2020 23:06:34
Wow, we might be a whole 3 or 4 points better off. I’ll reward with a slow, sarcastic hand clap 👏

That’s the difference of a lucky deflection or a bad miss here or there.

25 Feb 2020 23:33:59
heres a curveball for tomorrow night. ojo with his pace can get in behind the braga high line, there pushed up to the halfway line most of the time. only thing is we need a midfielder that can play a forward pass instead of sideways and backwards

i know i know ojo but he's the only one i can see that's got the pace to trouble them.

25 Feb 2020 23:37:18
One things for sure Swagman, you get us talking on this site and that helps to keep it online.

You do seem to go over the top with your continued lambasting of Stevie tho when you are well aware he was an experimental signing and is still learning the Scottish game.
No point in laying all the blame on Stevie, the board accepted and authorised his signing.

Granted he does not seem to be learning fast enough for a lot of our supporters including yourself tho.

A lot of your opinions will make sense to some on here swags.
In my opinion you should not make your hostile feelings towards our manager feel like they should be accepted by us.

I have given my opinion on Stevie loads o times on here saying no silver in next 2 years and he will go on his own accord a broken and disheartened man.

All this is just MY opinions mate.

Cheers mate we know you are a dedicated supporter of our RANGERS FC.

26 Feb 2020 00:02:19
Theswagmann, it would be crazy to enter the dog in the toure de france, especially if he can't even go a bike, can't you teach him, it wouldn't take youse long, just like your putting gerrard right, eh.



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