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13 Feb 2020 08:37:17
I put up a post last night for some reason it wasn't posted

Had wrote it in sheer anger at the performance maybe better it wasn't posted

The league is over mathematically or not it's over
Celtic have the desire the strength and depth that we lack, Lennon been here before knows how to pick his players up and get them going again
Gerrard doesn't have it I'm afraid

I wanted it so much to work for Gerrard but it's clearly obvious the job is too big for him

The players have stopped performing for him for what ever reasons And stopped fighting for him

But they also need too realise they have stopped playing and fighting for the fans that go there fill out the stadiums to cheer them on they have stopped performing and fighting for the club altogether

Last night was absolutely abysmal

Celtic manage to scout our players bring them on and turn great profits
Why is it we can't do the same our training centre is just a waste of money when was the last time we produced a good young player brought him in and then made excellent profit
Or our scouting system when buying players
So far the players gerrard has brought in have barely been able to get a game from the man that purchased them - that in itself tells you something is not right

We're relying on 36 year olds - 38 year olds
New contracts to 38 year old, our club RANGERS
What on Earth has happened

For me every player on that pitch last night can leave out he back door and Gerrard can follow behind
Tactically clueless - waiting to 83rd - 85th minute to make subs which are never going to make a difference
Players who play well can't keep there spot
Players who play awfull keep there spot more often than not

Guys there will be no difference next year
Honestly wish I could shout this out
There will be no changes next year as Gerrard I'm sorry to say is not the man to take the club any further forward
We have lost so much money in the players he has brought in and we will struggle to sell them on
Who's going to buy Defoe? Davis?
McGregor there all retiring and we're paying them top bucks

Ojo barker (king) when he was here all a waste of money
Flanagan down right awfull
Sadiq Ojaria waste of money

Kent never looking like a £2 million player this season never mind £7 who will buy him back for us to break even (no one in there right mind at present time) more money wasted
I won't go on but you can catch my drift now I'm sure

Gerrard has to go - Celtic will win there 9
But they cannot be left to go do 10
Anyone who thinks that's acceptable is not a real Gers fan in my book

And that's what's going to happen if Steven Gerrard stays - who will want the job god knows?

We have as fans been bitterly let down by this current team once again
Gerrard has let us down in the fact he has no real coaching experience and does not know how to change things, he has no tactics up his sleeve to change a game
And he doesn't know how to inspire the players to get them all playing for him when there heads drop
It's the end of the line I'm afraid

I don't care if we beat them another time this season the league has already gone

Europe will be gone too come next week
Wouldn't be surprised if hearts do us over in cup game as the players really have thrown in the towel

I'm also done for another season - wait to see what changes will happen in the summer
But thing I'm sure of - changes there needs to be - Stevie at the forefront of them changes
Liverpool legend - Not a Rangers legend
Remember that guys.
We gave him his chance - at this moment in time he needs to go to a smaller club and learn his trade - Rangers have been far to big for him it's clear as day.

Liverpool job if it ever comes to him now will be miles and miles down the road.

We need a manger who has experience and can motivate and can change tactics and players need to know those tactics and be training in different situations
It's clear our players don't do that

Scouting system needs urgently addressed also as the players he's brought in a lot of the ones that can't get games - is just shocking
JJ another waste of money doesn't get played
Long enough post won't go on

Just so disappointed and so angry at the performance last night and previous 5 weeks
Officials all need sacked too definitely some sort of agenda there that's also plain to see

Anyway until summer I bid you farewell.

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13 Feb 2020 09:28:31
Thestigno, if your post last night was anything like your one today I’m glad they didn’t post it, you accuse players of chucking it then you chuck it, so you’ll support the team as long as they are winning great.

As for your rant it’s not time to sack the manager you need to accept they have a better squad than we have that costs money and we don’t have that years of champions league money has built that squad look at the Jan transfer window they spent real money we got two loan players who couldn’t get a game for their own clubs, look at our bench last night no strength in depth.

our first eleven when fit and on form can match anyone but a few injuries, suspensions and loss of form and we struggle but SG has not got the funds to have the squad to cover all positions we have loans or players who didn’t cost huge sums bar Kent and Helender so unless we find a sugar daddy who is willing to pump in serious cash we will struggle, but if all fans adopted your attitude and walked away every time the going gets tough where would we be my advice is stay away and leave your seat to a true supporter who will stand with the team through the good times and the bad.

13 Feb 2020 09:39:35
Last night was bad, really bad. I have no idea why after the winter break, players who were playing great have suddenly lost form. The players have to take responsibility, so does the manager. We have signed a lot of players and some haven't even got a look in.
Barisic is a good player but we haven't had a proper backup lb, going on 2 years, that's mad.
I don't think we should/ will get rid of the manager but he has to change something.

13 Feb 2020 10:00:07

I said myself we lack depth - did I not?

I also spoke of the absence of money - but the money we have spent has been wasted - who would you put that on then?

And are you also saying we should keep the manger in place, if so - please give your reasons as I gave mine?

I’ve been a die hard supporter for 40 years
I don’t walk away - but I also know when things need changing like they do just now
We are supposed to have better squad than most of the league yet hearts now Kilmarnock
Even struggled against Stranraer

Sorry buddy it needs changing and for me like I say Gerrard is not the man for the job far to big for him
As it’s proven to be

How long do we wait then?

How much more money does he get to go spend in the summer?

He’s not got the knowledge or tactical awareness at this present time he needs to go now learn his trade somewhere else with a smaller club and learn the basics

I was delighted when he got the job I thought he would be a breath of fresh air and he has had the backing of the fans and board to have a real go at it
But now once again when the business end of the season starts his team fade away

More experienced manger may get more out the players and keep them fighting for every game during a whole season - not a half season as its been this season and last

Listen I know here you coming from

But you need to take off the blue tints and see what’s in front of you - it ain’t working it’s as simple as that

And I’m not being bad about it -
And giving in etc the team gave in that’s not my fault lol

Gerrard does not have the experience we now need
To get this team playing
And why he doesn’t use the full squad when it’s the players he bought is beyond me

You wouldn’t accept it from another manger - take the name out of the picture - he’s a manger who’s not performing and won’t bring in silver ware

I’m not going to come back on here and say told you so when e lose against braga and lose out in the cup

But for me this team will now go on to fail
Again not being bad it’s just the bloody truth of the matter

They have lost all passion and fight nothing you, me or anyone else on here is going to change that fact!

13 Feb 2020 10:27:32
So which manager do you think would improve our situation thestigno1?

13 Feb 2020 10:53:04
Thestigno — it’s only about six weeks since this team took Celtic to the cleaners though we lost the cup final we played them off the park, my point is you don’t become a bad team overnight but we lost a few players to injuries, suspension and lack of form but we don’t have the squad to replace these players or rest them they have to play through it, we then drop points and the pressure mounts on those players who are not playing well, look at that bench last night it didn’t inspire me we had to loan out players in Jan who maybe we could have kept but again it’s money I’ll say it again we don’t have it as for the manager he has taken us from getting thumped off Celtic from double figure points behind Aberdeen to being thirty odd in front of them but to challenge at the top will take more money sacking our manager would cost us that money we need we have changed managers to often in the last few years and all it has done is cost us money we need to calm down get the team back to where we were six weeks ago we were playing great football scoring for fun chopping and changing does more harm than good.

13 Feb 2020 11:19:41
I said in first post I have no idea who would take it just now
But would be interesting too see who would put there Name in the hat

We need a change - I’m sorry but don’t want to watch next season go by and not putting up a sustained challenge

I would be happy if we’re sustaining the challenge
But we’re not and we can’t change 15 players but we can change management
And find someone who can now take us a step further
The team giving up after winter break not good enough

And you can see he doesn’t know what to do about it
Subs at the 80 minute mark
Come on pleaseeee.

13 Feb 2020 12:53:41
Thestigno1 - I agree with what you have said but will add that I think something has gone wrong with the management and squad, possibly the rumours of a rift or SG losing the dressing room may be true as the players are not playing for him, in such circumstances the manager goes. Who comes in I don't know either but in my opinion someone who knows scottish football.
SG has been the architect of his own downfall with 1 tactic to be honest.
For those of you willing to stand by SG then fair play to you, enjoy 2nd place until he goes.

13 Feb 2020 13:47:12
Folk asking about what manager would improve it - Gio Van Bronckhorst. Knows what is needed at Ibrox, guided Feyenoord to their first title in years ahead of Ajax and PSV.

13 Feb 2020 13:55:16

Think you might be right - something definitely not looking right -
I don’t understand is what could have went wrong with beating Celtic and having a holiday to coming back a different team altogether
Anyone know what the rift was supposed to be if it is indeed true certainly the players not playing for him anymore


Could be a shout like you say been there and succeeded
Where Gerrard has no previous experience in management

I don’t know the answer but hopefully the board do and something gets sorted and changed quickly if it is a dressing room right someone needs to get it sorted out right away anyway possibly to get the team back to winning before we end up 3rd.

13 Feb 2020 16:32:40
Spot on twacoos! 👍.

13 Feb 2020 23:05:58

Things I have heard and read are big Katic had a few words to say about being dropped, Morelos and a few others were supposed to have been annoyed at SG calling them out over poor performances in interviews, and there was supposed to have been something after Docherty and Alfie had a fallen out, maybe why Docherty has no future under SG.
Not sure how much truth is in them but you never know as things certainly not going well.



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