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12 Feb 2020 21:32:34
Steven Gerrard has to go. I’ve been saying for weeks he will win us nothing. Completely tactically inept, has used one formation in 99% of his games in charge. Totally clueless how to break teams down despite them all playing exactly the same way against us. Totally unable to change his tactics during a game.


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12 Feb 2020 21:48:07
Please keep him. it hilarious 😂.

12 Feb 2020 21:48:48
I agree with you man but most people on here wont. Its denial.

12 Feb 2020 21:49:14
Spot on, chucked it again after Christmas, wtf was that team tonight, bloody awful all game, no bottle at all, shower of rubbishbags, If the manager can't do it with the support he has had, he would be better back at Liverpool, its become a joke, destroyed that mob twice and can't beat rubbish like Kilmarnock, no excuses time to go Stevie honestly you have used up the good will.

12 Feb 2020 21:50:19
Swagman he knows what he's doing signed extended contact we will go bust if we try to get rid.

12 Feb 2020 21:50:36
Cant disagree. Disgrace tonight taxi for Gerrard.

12 Feb 2020 21:57:49
Hate to say this the more i watch each game iam starting to agree anyother manager would be under pressure now. Formation poor ability to change a game poor subs poor. I hope he can turn it around not looking good thoe, then another problem is who would be get then they want there on players costing even more money.

12 Feb 2020 21:51:43
Swagman, I can't disagree with you, I will say though we got nothing from the officials tonight. Why was Kamberi not brought on, and Stewart for that matter with 30 minutes to go, Kent and Aribo were a wasted jersey tonight. If I was a Rangers Director, I would be asking a few questions of the Manager tomorrow, he CAN'T continyue with 1 up, I don't recall us during our winning times playing consistently with 1 up front. Sorry guys, I'm absolutely disgusted that we've blown any title chance we had tonight, we should be better than what we're showing since that break.

12 Feb 2020 21:52:15
Ok Theswagman who do you want to replace steven gerrard as rangers manager mate. For me as i've said from the offset, gerrard should be given another season and i did state since he became our manager, he needed in all probability 3 seasons at winning the title, taking into account where we were when he came into the job! I personally still stick by steven gerrard at this moment in time! All about opinions!

12 Feb 2020 21:52:57
Theswagman, Gerrard has brought a lot to Rangers apart from trophies and that's what a football manager is judged on. So far, not good. Is getting rid of Gerrard the answer? I wouldn't like to say. But what I will say is the league now belongs to Celtic AGAIN!

12 Feb 2020 21:53:05
Totally agree, we learned nothing from last season! And he doesn’t know how to change a game but more importantly when to change it. Everyone could see Kilmarnock were coming into the game but he doesn’t do a single thing to counter it! Time to go!

12 Feb 2020 21:58:43
Hate to say you might be right Waggy!
He will jump ship to another club to save reputation😡.

12 Feb 2020 22:01:45
We were incredibly unlucky not to win the League Cup. He's completely changed our fortunes in Europe and we now go into Old Firm games knowing we have absolutely nothing to fear.

Yes, we're all gutted tonight but progress has been made and SG is still learning. To call him a celebrity rather than a manager is out of order.

12 Feb 2020 22:02:40
Said two weeks ago I would accept the apologies for the abuse.

Blue Billy - please show me any evidence he knows what he is doing as I see none.

12 Feb 2020 22:09:43
I’m beginning to hear ya pal. Although not sure I’d say he has to go just yet, but his tactics are shocking. As you say, that’s every single team now got the measure of us and playing the same way. Celtic lost one single game to us and treated it as a crisis. They changed formation and haven’t dropped a point since. I’m not saying Lennon is a genius, but I am saying SG cannot keep doing the same thing and hoping for different outcomes.

Against hearts we went one up. I said there and then, we are lucky here, let’s get Edmunson on and try and see out a victory. Same tonight, scoring is harder than protecting a lead. We need to learn that 1-0 is acceptable. After the game then look at why we are struggling going forward and address it during the week in training. Maybe change formation, maybe go long with two up top? That’s not for us to know, but it absolutely is for the manager and coaches.

Tonight wasn’t a shock to me. Was it therefore so impossible for the management to predict? That’s nearly two years of similar results against killie and their likes. It’s completely unacceptable.

12 Feb 2020 22:11:44
Geronimo - no progress has been made are you kidding! This Jan/ Feb has been an exact rerun of the same time last season! On what planet is that progress?!

13 Feb 2020 09:24:45
I totally agree. first time poster but as you can see by my user name I am 100 percent behind you. McKinnes has got the better of him, Steve Clarke got the better of him every time. haven’t seen a manager more out of his depth since the bread man. Shocking performance once again. I agree there has to be an enquiry into the officials in Scotland but come on. anyone defending the manager tonight has to have a long hard look at themselves. Out of our own hands by mid February. absolute disgrace .

13 Feb 2020 09:33:56
Agree he should go, cannot best killie or hearts and others despite the money he had at his disposal. He had been found out!



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