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11 Feb 2020 16:45:49
This site used to be very entertaining about Rangers fans talking about football matters before the winter break.

Since then not much going on - have I missed something boys?

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11 Feb 2020 17:01:41
It's going to get back to that now Stubbs, Killie tomorrow, wait for it.

11 Feb 2020 17:10:58
You missed a great game of hide and seek that started on the 29th December!
There are still some folk missing though? Glad you could come out from under your rock and say hi.

11 Feb 2020 17:24:31
Should have went to the "Celtic Post" not the "Banter" one!

11 Feb 2020 17:38:44
Be a tough game for you at Killie Bluebilly but you might just edge it.

87henderson - nice of you to stay classy with the rock comment son - courtesy costs nothing you know. Listen, as far as hide and seek champions are concerned let me tell you that I retired one of your keyboard warriors after the last cup final. It was the last time I posted on your sites (I did not come on here to gloat after we stole it) . I had a gentleman's agreement that whoever won the cup final the loser would be on here to congratulate the other team. Since then nothing so the gold laurel for that belongs to one of your own mate.

11 Feb 2020 19:06:17
Is there a reason why your on a Rangers forum lol

I had a mate who used to be a Celtic fan and turned into a Rangers fan
Never a true fan - but could possibly see you doing this or maybe you are and that’s why your in our site lol

No offence - but welcome the Rangers forum 😉

On a more serious note hope your old captain makes a quick and swift recovery
Had a friend who died of this in his early thirties

Football aside but you never know the minute something like this can happen or anything else
So best wishes Jackie and his family and like I say hope a swift a speedy recovery.

11 Feb 2020 19:41:27
A Celtic fan on a Rangers website taking the moral high ground a day after a 12 year old was charged with shouting racial abuse at a Rangers player!

I really have seen it all now son!

11 Feb 2020 20:56:48
Thestigno1 - If I was to become a Rangers fan my Father and sister would think it was Christmas come early! I have a friend who went from diehard Hearts to diehard Aberdeen so go figure!

Thanks for your sentiments about Jackie - and all other fans who have done such - we stand together at such moments (well almost everyone! ) .

As I said it is about 3 months since I last posted and this post was not intended for the banter page. The Rumours and Banter pages should be the preserve of you guys - but the Celtic Posts is another matter - as the name Implies. Unless I miss my guess? On that page the Rangers fans were giving it the Big'Un (and why not as you had a game in hand and only 2 behind) but the dynamics have changed somewhat along with the "chat".

Why am I on the Rangers site - well actually I intended to ask for help from you guys! Not psychiatric before one of you jumps in!

I was in the attic and came across an item of historic (Rangers/ Scotland) football iconography that I had not seen in years and was going to canvass you guys if you had been to the Ibrox/ Hampden museums. Never having been I would have no idea of what is contained in either!

87henderson - you're spoiling for a fight - put your toys back in the pram. I can only take the moral high ground for myself and not a team. Guys like you give me the boak using the actions of a silly 12 year old boy to further your agenda. Is he a plum - yes. Are there plums in all teams supports - yes. Calling each other out for the actions of a few is ridiculous. Now if you want to continue with your diatribe please go for it. There are many right minded and balanced Rangers fans, if you think you are one of them then step away.

11 Feb 2020 22:24:46
Hi stubbsieshorse

What is it that you came across - don’t think you mentioned in your post
Never been too the Hampden museum myself
Been plenty to Ibrox and done tours of the stadium and such
But interested to know what it is you found

Chat definitely changed since winter break - I’ll be honest god knows what happened once again during winter break
We have dropped away again but hoping we are now getting back into the swing of things and hoping tomorrow night will see my team play well na spit a few goals away against Kilmarnock and get the confidence going again in time for Europe game etc

Tour team playing well and have to admit you have a better depth to your team than we do at the moment but you have had a few years now while we we’re out the top flight to win league easily and get the champions league and Europe games money in the bank and not having to spend much
Think since Stevie has came in, our board have put up as much as they can to support him and I definitely salute them for it as long as it’s not more then we can afford since that’s a lot to do with what put us in the position we were in there for past few years

Anyway from my point of view along with the rest of the Rangers fans on here hopefully tomorrow night puts us back on track and hoping Your team have a little bad spell like we’ve just had lol
And hopefully we can win the remaining old firm games that may make break each sides chances of winning the league 😊 👍.

12 Feb 2020 00:41:23
Thestigno1 - I said before we lost at Parkhead that I was enjoying the challenge this year. And a few other fans of Celtic have admitted as much as well. Winning the league at a procession is not good for anyone and certainly does not excite as much as a close run thing. having said that I feel Rangers will come up short this year too for the reason you mentioned - but I would say that!

When I was a wee lad my dad brought home a Scotland football top - . It was from 1967 when Scotland became unofficial world champions remember. To cut a long story short (ha! ) my dad was a bouncer at some unsavoury night clubs in Edinburgh run by a famous/ infamous gangster in the 60's (name can be supplied! ) . One of the clubs was a gambling joint and a certain Rangers player who had a problem with gambling couldn't pay his debts so he gave this shirt in lieu of part of his debt.

Now this gangster gave it to a fellow bouncer as he was a Gers fan (name can be supplied! ) . Now my father was/ is a big Rangers fan too and indeed he had served with this gambler in the Black Watch, played in the same team as the gambler in the Army and knew him well. So the my father was given the shirt by his friend - I don't think they put the same store on memorabilia as we do now.

So I think by now you might have joined up the dots about what shirt number it is and who wore it on that day and of the great game he had that day taking the total P**h outa the English.
I know they only issued that type/ style of shirt for a few games before changing it so there could not have been more than say half a dozen in existence.

As a kid I would wear it everywhere and even boiled it once to clean it which resulted in the blue dye running onto the white six etc. Also pinned it to my wall so it has holes in the sleeves etc.! There is a show on TV called The Repair Shop and they fix artefacts and I was thinking of going to apply for it with this item. I can come up with a better back story than I have expressed here!

I was wondering though if there were any other shirts kicking around claiming to be the same before I applied. I believe my story is water tight as VERBAL provenance as the man himself told my father of the great day after he learned my father had ended up with it - he didn't seem particularly bothered that he had given it away at all - must have been some debt! That is where the Museums come in and if any of you have any knowledge on the subject.

Now I really don't have a clue what I would do with the thing if / after I got on the show but I feel I should at least try to get my story straight first.
I would be grateful if you could put the word round if you ever visit the museum again or canvass the guys on this site etc. I feel that this post is probably way down the list now to be viewed by many.

12 Feb 2020 08:09:07
Wow would’ve interesting to know how much it would be worth imagine a fair bit of it was proven to be the official top wore by Baxter

Never heard of the show before
Will have a look now though

How much repairing does the top need now?

If was the official top and worth a lot would you sell it or would you keep it

I think I would keep it
But great back ground story on how you ended up with it 😊
One too keep us posted on if you get any further with it.

12 Feb 2020 13:31:08
I think its historic worth is more important than its financial worth to be honest. I am sure there would be a market for it to the right person/ organisation.

Like I say I am not sure what I would do with it - probably enjoy it for a while and then possibly donate it to a good home where it belongs - Ibrox/ Hampden. ASSUMING they don't have one already! Hence my request for help. I think it would look great in your museum as a tribute to one of your greats.

Can you do me a favour? if you or someone else you know goes to the museum can you ask on my behalf at all?

Damage - All the stitching is great and there are no rips/ tears/ fraying. Like I say I boiled it as a boy and the blue dye has come out the heavy wool (?) and slightly tinged the white collar/ cuffs/ number 6 and the whites on the badge. I believe it is not too difficult to remove that with the right solutions.

Of slightly greater concern is a few holes in the cuffs / collar. shoulder - maybe 6 or 8 of those where I tacked and stretched it to my wall - my brother and I thought it looked ace! I am sure there are specialists that could patch these up without it showing. Hence the show The Repair Shop - BBC 1, I think.

The maker UMBRO - has made them of great quality though and I can see how players may have struggled in them when they got wet as they would have been heavy.

I wish I could/ knew how to upload a picture of it on here.

Like I say - I think this thread is too far down now to get read by many so I might try again another time to get it to the top.

Anyway - good luck (but not too much! ) today.



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