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02 Feb 2020 16:49:06
I think it's going to be massive tst for SG from now till the end of the season. Again I'm going to say it. Judge SG as our manager and not A player. I think tactically he is clueless if I'm honest. Well you can say we beat Celtic at Parkhead but they beat us in that cup and won it. The Parkhead game is now over. We are 7 points behind with a game in hand. We need to change our tactics for a start. Morelos needs more support. Its time to start going 2 up top. People will say well that's not our game. Well something has to change and change quick. If Ojo comes back on that park at any other game then SG should go back down to Liverpool with him and coach the under 18's or whatever it was. In the 18 months that he's been here it's clear that tactics are clearly not his strong point. I actually can't believe he brought Ojo on yesterday. The way some of our guys have been treated is a disgrace. Sorry that's my own opinion. Aribo should be dropped or moved position. Kamara needs dropped as well. Play a 4-4-2. Other than a great run in Europe has SG realky done much more than other managers? I don't think so. We haven't won any silverware. If he doesn't win anything at the end of the season I think it's time up.

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02 Feb 2020 17:41:50
As1974, I try to be positive about most things but I also try and be honest to. Facts are we've been poor against Stranraer, St Mirren, Hearts and Aberdeen with no signes of improving. What do you do when things are broken? - You fix it. Unfortunately nothing has been fixed and dare I say it - that's down to the manager. No more mistakes Gerrard, this can be fixed.

02 Feb 2020 17:50:15
Thankfully the club doesn't agree with you AS1974. We've come on leaps and bounds this season compared to last. Has the games since the January break been disappointing/ poor? Yes. I think that's down to players being out of form, not that the tactics are necessarily wrong. Kent, kamara, aribo, Davis aren't suddenly bad players? No
Does that mean I think SG hasn't made mistakes? No I think he's made a few. His unwillingness to use his first team squad. Docherty, Jones, even Middleton could have been played, especially in the league games. If they're not good enough why sign them?
I still think we can win the league this season, if we can get back to playing like we were before Xmas.

02 Feb 2020 18:04:29
I like your reply and I'm the same as you. Tell me how it can be fixed? You think SG will change formation? Drop his pals? No chance. Sorry but he's not done it from day one. Why would he change it now? His tactics are the same game in game out.

02 Feb 2020 18:15:12
Mr grumpy your kind of contradicting yourself. Your saying if they players aren't good enough then why sign them? Well who signed them or at least advised the board to buy them. That's got to be SG. Aribo has done next to nothing since signing. Kent was bought for 7m. Yes 7m. He was worth 3m at best. he's also done next to nothing since coming back. So explain why we've came on leaps and bounds? Yes we, ve done well in Euopre but the minute we get near the top of the league we blow it. Davis been brilliant but we can't play a guy week in week out at his age. I said we need to utilise our squad. We didnt. 2 huge mistakes as now we are starting to get injuries. If you think we can win the league with that squad mate your in cloud cuckoo land.

02 Feb 2020 18:28:35
Total mince As1974.Gerrard has improved us big time since he inherited a total shambles. We've beaten celtic 3 times in 18 months under him and much closer to celtic.
So there's improvement alright unless you're blinkered? It was always going to take time and i actually stated on here it would take around 3 years all being well, to challenge the ANTHILL MOB seriously. Gerrard has closed the gap quicker than i thought.

02 Feb 2020 18:30:26
Totally with you mrgrumpy 200% pal.
I agree with everything you posted above mate.

02 Feb 2020 18:38:29
God some of the posts on here are beyond belief the formation we play got us within two points of Celtic with a game in hand yes form has dipped since the break but that has nothing to do with the formation it’s down to players loosing form Kamara, Davis, Oribo all lost form Kent has fell away even Katic who has been a tower has fell away Barasic has struggled we have lost Jack, Tav, Defoe we don’t become a bad team overnight I think our problem is we have a good starting eleven when fit and on form we have two or three decent subs but we don’t have strength in depth in our pool and that’s down to finances we are not awash with money hence two loan players in the window so to talk of getting rid of the manager is plain crazy we need to stay with the team and support them.

02 Feb 2020 18:56:20
Gerrard has changed his tactics many times ., I kn we are all hurting but some of the posts on here are not very rational. but I suppose that is the west of Scotland mentality .
Last 32 Europe . realistically still challenging for three competitions. very very unlucky in the final we lost . The team value soared by around 500%
Football people have said Stevos tactics at Parkhead we’re brilliant
Players have just dipped in form . simple
It’s how stevo responds to it and posts like have been posted on here the past days that will determine our future.
Like it or not it is an absolute fact that the boo boys get the players rattled.
This post is not directed at you grumpy, but what I would say is Middleton got a good chance to shine . He was very very predictable and in the end up I agree that he wasn’t good enough .
Ojo has to do more though, if he wants to progress.

02 Feb 2020 19:00:02
SGL So we've beat Celtic 3 times in 18 months? what did that win us or won us? Nothing. I couldn't care less if we beat Celtic 3 times. Weve lost to a piss poor hearts team, dropped 2 points against a poor Aberdeen team and struggled to beat St Mirren and Stranrar. Performances are terrible. SG plays players who are letting him down with also the same formation. When was the last time he changed formation? Has he got a plan B? These are the question you have to ask. We are not going to win the league with these results. That's the bottom line. Let me tell you if this was Caxhinia he would be getting slaughtered!

02 Feb 2020 19:01:49
So Twacos if players dip which it does happen do you keep playing them and drop points or do you drop them and reintroduce them back in to the team?

02 Feb 2020 19:04:24
We have started the year a bit off form, and 2 or 3 key players are under performing, the players not the manager. Kent is our heralded gem, show it for gods sake, take your man on and beat again and again. Once he starts firing I believe the whole team will improve.

02 Feb 2020 19:19:38
How far in the game has that coaching knowledge of yours taken you AS1974?
Celtic only beat us in the cup because we never took our chances in front of goal - nothing to do with Gerrard’s tactics.
And Morelos gets plenty of support - we play 4 - 3 - 3!
And if he didn’t get support he wouldn’t be on nearly 30 goals for the season already. So stop talking nonsense!
And who’s your preferred choice to replace Gerrard? Remember the profile of the club has only risen since his appointment and his achievements in getting is closer to Celtic and getting us to the group stages in Europa League considering the previous basket cases we had as managers!
Be careful what you wish for 👍.

02 Feb 2020 19:44:31
As1974 for god sake we have only been back from break for just over a week we have about six or seven players who have lost form for whatever reason as I said in my post we just don’t have the players to cover that number loosing Jack Tav Defoe is huge what I read on here I don’t see why we need a manager this site is full of experts who talk tactics and formations as if they are experts why didn’t you all apply for the job when it was vacant.

02 Feb 2020 20:10:44
Folks disagree If you want. It's my opinion as you have yours.
Celtic only beat us on the cup because we didn't take our chances? That the best you got? Does that matter? We lost so that's just excuses.
I played football at a decent level but coaching I didn't do.
A blind man can see that the personel needs changed. Am I wrong? Aribo? Kamara? . I am all for giving SG a chance. So hers the question. End of the season and nothing is won. What then?

02 Feb 2020 20:21:48
Donno wether it’s deja-vu or I’m getting you mixed up with someone else but Jesus wept you don’t half repeat yourself. Stop going on man. Yeah we’ve not been great and are clearly suffering from a dip in form but some of our main players have been missing and I feel we will come good again.

02 Feb 2020 20:47:20
I’m 100% in agreement with 1974. SG has had 5 attempts at winning a domestic trophy and delivered 0. If we don’t win the Scottish Cup it will be a double treble of failure.

Ask yourself this - if Derek McInnes or Billy Davies or one of the other names that were bandied about at the time had come in and had the exact same results - would you be as in love with them as you are SG?

We have to take the celebrity blinkers off before it is too late. A couple of good European runs has papered over the cracks.

I’m putting this out there now, and I really pray I’m wrong but if not I’ll be back on to say I told you so - SG will leave Rangers having won us precisely ZERO trophies.

We’ll lose the Scottish Cup, we’ll keep him around next season then eventually fire him when we get knocked out the League Cup and fall behind in the league.

We should never have been used as a nursery school for a rookie manager.

02 Feb 2020 20:50:31
Lots of ifs as1974. I think SG will be managing rangers going into next season.

02 Feb 2020 21:00:43
Posted this instead of replying here wasn’t thinking


I see where your coming from - if it was another manager it’s true they would be a lot more folk agreeing with you than arguing with you.

I love Stevie g great player and want him to become a great manager for our club.
but how long does he get is the question
I’m not sure - but there comes a point where I put the club in front of the manager Stevie g is Liverpool through and through
Let’s remember guys we’re all on here as we’re rangers through and through
And end of day it’s our club history and future we care about
I really think we need to wait come end of season and see where we’re at
Did we win the league happy days amazing achievement in 2 years
Did we lose it by a point or two let’s get going Into the following season
Or are we adrift 10 point or more behind then I think the club needs to look at things seriously and decide what our next move is.

02 Feb 2020 21:30:40
So swaggers you don’t like the manager, you publicly slate the players all of the time, you can’t stand the songs we sing on match days so why not go and follow thistle every week and give us peace.

02 Feb 2020 21:46:45
Mr grumpy your in denial.

Thanks Wagsman. exactly my point. SG is being judged as the man, not the manager. Your right. If that was anyone else he would be slated. It's only my opinion but we will win nothing this season again. Overvl and out. Sorry to be negative but shown Wags is right. Our run in Europe is only covering the issues.

02 Feb 2020 22:36:35
Gerrard is still the man for the job but I do think the league title is gone for another season. I do think we should have spent the money available more wisely around the squad rather than pin our teams Hope's on 1 man to do everything and that is now showing with injuries etc.

Gerrard has brought a lot of his own players now he wanted Barker jones polster flanagan Stewart edmondson Grezda ojo king Murphy and the majority of these signings are not contributing much to the team there have been a lot of mistakes made in transfer market and we are paying the prise now as squad players not good enough to replace under performing players.

Also gerrard has still not learnt to make changes when things are not going our way we could all see for weeks that we need changes in team either that be personal or tactic wise Lennon has done it at celtic went 2 up front that is the diffrence that could decide where the title goes we need a plan b when things don't work.

03 Feb 2020 07:32:33
Think it's another great point but do we give SG more money to waste? He wants and buys players and doesn't give them a chance. That's what I can't get my head around. Its baffling. We also bring a guy in (King) from a title winning Leicester. Boy didn't get a sniff.

Yes he makes changes too late and thats down to inexperience. I am all for people learning from mistakes but he's been doing it for 18 months. he's not learning and that's my point. Well he's got till the end of the season for me so please SG start turning things around.

03 Feb 2020 09:38:56
When king was here our midfield were playing outstanding. Maybe that’s why he didn’t get a sniff. Think you need to get off the sniff.

03 Feb 2020 12:48:16
Every Saturday - bet if you were given a choice between the two and you had to pick one you would rather sing your nonsense about Northern Ireland and have Celtic win the league, than not sing it and have Rangers win.

That’s the difference between a bigot and a fan. You’re just there to get drunk and revel in the hate, I’m there to watch my team win, which right now they are struggling to do.

Also, why don’t I go support Thistle if I don’t like the songs? That’s like saying to a German in 1939 if you don’t like the persons move to another country. It takes good people to stand up to the hatred and bile.

03 Feb 2020 13:42:30
So basically I’ve to read about you bitching and complaining about all things Rangers on here all of the time but when I reply I get accused of being a bigoted alcoholic? Who do you think you are and what a ridiculous post that was. Rangers winning comes before any song. And btw my 8 year old son sits with me at ibrox and I drive to the games so no time for drink. Don’t even know why I’m trying to justify myself to the likes of you.



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