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02 Feb 2020 01:21:58
Yet again the manager chucks the players under the bus, saying 'individuals let us down.'

I’ve been saying for ages this manager isn’t cut out to manage Glasgow Rangers. He doesn’t understand what is needed. He has been sticking for the same formation for 2 years despite it having already been proven that it doesn’t work breaking down deep lying defences. He refuses to change his set up. Everyone can see that against teams who come just to sit in we need 2 up front from the start except him.

He is simply a poor rookie manager with a celebrity name. If we had picked another recently retired footballer with minimal coaching experience to manage us we would have hounded them out by now. We are blinded by the “Stevie G” propaganda.

2 league titles, 2 league cups and a Scottish cup he has lost us. That has never been acceptable for any other rangers manager and shouldn’t be acceptable for him. He is arrogant and can’t accept his own failings, throwing the players under the bus after every bad result.


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02 Feb 2020 06:42:15
Embarrassing post.

02 Feb 2020 07:58:54
I said something similar last night, but a wee bit less brutal. I think a few of our fans think Gerard is beyond criticism because of who he is. As you said, when we went through periods like this under Warburton, Pedro, Murty and even McLeish if you cast your mind's back (queue the how can you compare SG to those 3 - I'm not, it's the circumstances which are similar), the knives were out.

I think people are blinded by who he is. He's destroyed Docs confidence, he needs to bury whatever problem he has with JJ, Katic has a couple of errors today and gets thrown under the bus yet some players who can do no wrong.

I read a post last night that he needs the full 4yrs of his contract to get it right - however, remember that lot are going for 9 in a row this season (which they probably now have after yesterday) . So, the question is, are we happy to let them get to 11 before Gerard gets it right?

02 Feb 2020 07:59:39
Behave and BELIEVE 🖐🖐.

02 Feb 2020 08:00:11
Theswagman, there's no doubting that steven gerrard has made mistakes as rangers manager. On the other hand and we all have our opinion, he's without question in my eyes improved our team to challenge celtic.

He inherited a total shambles which was we all practically agreed when he got the job, was going to take time to rebuild our club, all the way through. Of course he has to find away of breaking deep lying, defensive teams down, but i didn't hear one peep when we wiped the floor with celtic in december there.

Before gerrard became our manager we couldn't lay a glove on celtic.
Gerrard has outplayed them in most old firm games since he came and more importantly has beaten them 3 times with ease in those games. let's stick by gerrard and i'm quietly confident he can take us where we want to be!

Almost forgot to add his european results for a rookie manager, who we all know is still learning, are exceptional. We're all desperate to win the league and hurting when we lose form, but i back gerrard to get us through this.

02 Feb 2020 08:07:49
thewagsman, That's just drunken havers. There's been a massive improvement in the team and in performances since SG took over. Has there been disappointing performances and results of course, but that happens in football. There's plenty of things to be optimistic about going forward and since the club got SG to sign a new contract till 2024, the club agrees.

02 Feb 2020 08:11:23
It’s true what they say about how fickle football fans are. I’m sorry but reality is SG has done an amazing job as our manager. Kamara and Aribo are now suddenly not good enough, rubbish. They are just in bad form.

It’s like listening to Celtic fans winging about Forest when the guy contributes the best goals and assists of any winger in the league. Kent was better the last year I’m reading, was he? I’m not so sure.

His numbers in terms of goals and assists is on course to be much better than last season I’m confident he will come good. If Hagi meets expectations then Kent will get more space and will shine again for me at present Kent is coming to deep to get the ball so in some ways SGL I agree with you he needs to hold his position on the wing at times.

Finally It’s showing how big a miss Tav is. To his credit Polster has tried his best but Tav driving forward and his crossing opens up space elsewhere.

I accept we now need to win 5 or 6 on the bounce and we need to hope other teams in league turn up against that lot. It’s not impossible as some on here seem to have given up. Keep the faith! Fine to have a wee moan but some of what I’m reading is over the top!

02 Feb 2020 08:49:48
Totally agree mate it's his famous name that's blinding the fans.

02 Feb 2020 13:01:36
HE has lost us nothing. Does he go on the park and play? No he doesn't . He chooses the team formation and subs . He does his job to the best of his ability and resources. is it his fault when we can't take our chances. is it his fault when the opposition park an 18 wheeler truck in front of the goalkeeper? No its not. Its fans like you that piss us off .

Could you do a better job? No you couldn't you're probably a pencil pusher evicting single mums who haven't paid that last 50 pence on their rent. get a grip. Second in the league game in hand . still to play them twice and a load of games still to go. so why not take a chill pill. he can't force our guys to score goals. he doesn't have a magic wand.

he can't grab a controller and put it on easy mode. this ain't fifa 20.you sing his praises when weer winning yet want him gone when we've only lost once in 4 games. apart from letting ojo play stevie's doing his best. and i for 1 wouldn't want him to change the way he's doing it. No matter what he does or who he plays. at ibrox teams including celtic will park that truck to stop us.

02 Feb 2020 13:04:38
Theswagman a very passionate post. I don't agree with everything youve said but Gerrard again publicly belittling the players is not on in my opinion. I posted last week about how often he was doing this and whilst the players need to be told they are not performing to an acceptable standard most of that has to be behind closed doors.

We don't have a plan B and every team we come up against know exactly how we are going to play and that we probably won't change shape until its to late in the game.

02 Feb 2020 13:09:32
I think we all knew, or should have, that he is untried and inexperienced, but he is what we have. He is OUR manager and we owe it to him to stick by him and his judgements.
I know there is an obsession with 9, and 10 for that matter, but remember we are financially a mile behind the other lot, have ing had everything flung at us for 10 years or so. its surprising we are so far along the road.
keep the faith. what will be, will be.

02 Feb 2020 13:17:36
If it wasn’t for Europe he would have been gone already. 5 attempts to win a domestic trophy and he has failed. No other Rangers manager in recent history has been allowed that rate of failure. Scottish Cup wine is a bare minimum.

02 Feb 2020 14:36:23
S, g, l, Well in mate, it seams most of our support have mega short memories,

03 Feb 2020 11:52:48
funny because the same formation was rather good at breaking down teams before the winter break, in fact Aberdeen were pumped at Ibrox earlier in the season. too many people quick to turn on the team and manager when things get rough, every team has a bad patch during a season, celtics will come, we just need to make sure we are within touching distance when it does and take advantage of it.

2 old firm games and a game in hand, those 3 games mean we still have a chance to make an impact on the title race so how about we all get behind the team rather than turning on them?



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