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19 Jan 2020 10:31:43
Totally agree with the originality post
@ foreverthegers

Why do you all think we shouldn't try to strengthen this window
We play one up front - the one up front is missing next few games - and Defoe 38 years old can't keep up and is not on same level as morellos Defoe best years are behind him that's why he warms the bench

Stewart should be ahead of Defoe but rarely gets brought on so Steve doesn't seem to see him as his first pick when Morelos is out

Celtic panic buying how do we know if there duds or not
Why not just think there adding quality and we should do the same and make sure we win the league than just sit and hope it works out in our favour and nothing g is going to happen that's silly and naive mentality

It's not negative either to be saying on here we need to strengthen its pure love for our club and the willingness to win this league that's in our own hands only if we win the games and to win games you need a squad not an 11
Without Morelos we struggle big time to pose a reall threat he does a lot up front not just score goals he opens up defences and runs them ragged Defoe can't do that

We need another good young quick strong forward and who says he needs to sit on bench get the right guy we could play 2 up front

Any way either way I agree we need to strengthen and stop sitting back thinking it's all a stroll in the park and we're going to win league so easily is really naive

And even our manager has came out and said the players like Halliday and ojo and barker jones he said it himeself pmsl
So your actually going against our manager when you come in here and say these players will see us through on time of need and players I'm referring to the FRINGE players the ones he wants to step up and give him some options when he wants to change things
Right now with 12-13 he can rely on doesn't give him many options at all
Guys why can't you see this and hear even what Stevie is saying when he said he was disappointed HE was disappointed and BORED!

Please if everyone on here is a real rangers fan please let's get in same page and face reality we need to win games to win a league and to do that we need a SQUAD of players Stevie can rely on

And please stop with the petty nonsense replies

If your going to reply, reply with some constructive criticism and explain your point without the silly nonsense that I'm against Stevie I'm against the team etc

I love gerrard best manager we have had in a long long time wins this league he goes down in history books for me
All I want is for him to have everything he needs the club can give him to help him achieve this
And I back him 100% no question
It's a shame some players are not showing the attitude he knows we will need going into the 2nd half
1st team solid best midfield bit one or 2 injuries and we will be rocked
That's all I'm saying

Folk don't want to come and warm the bench I get that
But in cup games and Europe he could maybe use the extra help to do a bit of rotation
And have the ammo needed during injuries bans etc.

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19 Jan 2020 11:39:00
Maybe there is something to be said about not disrupting a healthy dressing room . We did that last tine against killie and suffered . It’s not that easy ( especially at this time ) to bring in this or that who is guaranteed to hit ground running .
I noticed Lennon and Frimpong having a spat at end of thistle game about the pen.
New players can disrupt the dressing room to a critical degree.
To be honest I would be well happy if we manage to keep our squad intact with anything added a bonus .
In Stevie we trust ( or should do )

19 Jan 2020 11:41:21
Pretty sure that our manager knows what he is doing. If there was an opportunity to bring in someone that he felt would make a difference at a sensible price he would be able to.

We’re doing pretty well so far and we don’t need to bring in players who might upset the rhythm - no matter who Celtic bring in it will take time for them to settle and adapt.

My opinion, Stevie G has forgotten more about football that I will ever know and that goes for majority on here who think they know better.

19 Jan 2020 11:47:05
Great post I totally agree we need to strengthen especially up front we have four good central defenders but only two players get played up front one is missing for next two games the other is 38 and his best days are behind him we are in a good place right now and may not get this chance again so goals wins games and I fear another suspension for Morelos or a bad injury for him and we are in real trouble I just can’t understand why we wouldn’t strengthen up front we are talking to Defoe on a new contract is that worth the money wouldn’t be better getting a young player who will be with us for three or four years at 38 you haven’t got many mikes left in the tank and we need to be ready if we loose one of our strikers to injury or suspension Alphie walks a tightrope every game if he farts it a booking.

19 Jan 2020 11:55:32
Oh dear . scarey . once again DK I’m with you 100%.

19 Jan 2020 11:56:40
In saying that . I would love to sign wan Yama just for a laugh 😂.

19 Jan 2020 12:20:31
Moalsgoals haha yeah would be good lol

Did see that spat at end of last nights game
Surprised Lennon let that be seen in public was good though haha

If there is an opportunity to strengthen would be great

If not like others have said please let Alfie get through all games unscathed and no more crazy bookings if he can help it

Thanks for reply’s guys 😊 👍.

19 Jan 2020 12:25:30
We ain’t cash rich guys, stop panicking. Celtic currently can afford to spend 3/ 4 million each on 2/ 3 players we don’t. But it does nt mean who they are getting is any good. we ll buy if the right player is available and we can justify it. Jan is difficult, to get the guys you may want in. League is in our hands.

19 Jan 2020 12:35:42
Why would we want to sign anyone? Have you got a spare few quid sitting aside? Most importantly we need to offload the dross and then see where the squad sits. It’s just as easy as to buy one or two in January as it may seem as most are overinflated in price and no decent team would let anyone slightly decent leave in this window! Let SG decides who he let’s go and also who his sights are set on to buy 👍.

19 Jan 2020 14:02:48
Thestigno, who's panicking here? Given current standard of other SPL teams not much to beat. The only available player you mentioned was Stewart and his playing up to SG. There are numerous others to turn to. Barker, Coulibaly, Murphy. Mebude and even Kent if pushed. So nowhere near panicking into purchase yet.

19 Jan 2020 16:47:05
Millerbrand. What you talking about re Murphy and Coulibaly.

19 Jan 2020 22:30:36
Thestigno1, we finished the last few games. Of last season without alfie, during his five match ban, some good high scores to boot, players are settled more now, with that years experience mate.



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