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05 Jan 2020 07:49:28
If you sell goals (captain or not) you deserve stick. Unfortunately for Tav Early on on the season he was costing goals. Hearts and Young Boys spring to mind.

He also missed a couple of pens which didn’t help his confidence. If we are quick enough to heap praise on him when he is performing (like now) then he should also take criticism when he isn’t.

Comparing him and Barasic is ridiculous. One has been here for years, is British and skips the club, the other coming here was a brand new culture, lifestyle and style of play. It’s taking Barasic a season to adjust which is fine. Again last season he wasn’t performing and quite rightly folk questioned him. The difference now though is Barasic has turned in to a very VERY good left back with all the attributes to go right to the top. That’s been shown with him now being the first choice LB for Croatia!

While I rate Tavernier and don’t want to see him leave, I think it would be foolish to compare both players as one has probably peaked whilst the other (unfortunately for us) will leave the club in the coming seasons.

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05 Jan 2020 10:38:31
87, my point is not about ability of each player.

Issue for me is why only Tav is constantly slaughtered by the usual suspects no matter how well he plays just because he has made say 5 big errors in 2 seasons.

Barasic was found wanting last season and in the first part of this

Jack was clearly at fault for Celtics goal last week as well as a few other basic mistakes over the last few months and yet he is hailed as the next captain fantastic.

Have a feeling that there is an underlying unpleasant bias that applies to Tav and Goldson but not to Katic or Barasic.

05 Jan 2020 10:48:45
Dk19 if it was only five big errors might just be ok. to get better u need to I’d better players than you have no matter who.
Also remember accounts clearly say our business model needs us to sell high value players to improve that income stream.

05 Jan 2020 11:49:55
I counted 5 goals in 2 seasons that Tav was directly responsible for.

A few other close shaves but his role in our tactics is to get forward at every opportunity and for Jack or another midfielder to slot in behind.

Say we sell Tav for £7m - we lose someone who has more assists over the last 2 seasons than any other player. He plays every game (never injured) . He is trusted 100% by our manager to lead our team even when he is going through a dip in form. He is admired and respected by the whole team including stalwarts like McGregor and Davis.

Who is out there that will do better but cost less than £7m?

05 Jan 2020 12:04:26
DK it’s not only Tav though. If anyone is playing poorly then they should be able to take criticism.
The reason is looks worse with Tav is because has made more glaring errors than anyone else hence more criticism.
Your right Barasic was found wanting and quite rightly dropped, went away worked hard and is now reaping the rewards!
Bit harsh blaming Jack, the Celtic player turned 2 Rangers players then the goal was deflected hand ball. That’s by the by though.
Again Goldson has played played more games therefore has more chances to make mistakes like the Celtic goal at Ibrox, I’ve been critical of Katic before and how he is over eager sometimes. I give an honest and fair opinion regardless of who itnis.

05 Jan 2020 14:37:01
Tav is a liability. Has been since day one. I’ve said any full back in our system should be getting lots of assists. As soon as we had an actual left sided full back playing week in week out he surpasses Tav’s assist numbers. Said it before, we could replace Tav for £5m, easy. Anything left over for further strengthening would be a bonus.

05 Jan 2020 15:08:34
Ok swag, give me 3 names that are better than Tav that are worth less than £5m and would play for no more than £15k per week.

Actually, just send them direct to our manager - you should get a generous commission payment since no other scouts have noticed him!

05 Jan 2020 15:54:13
Dk like you we are allowed our opinion.
Plenty bosmans out there, that’s what we pay Wilson for to find the gems.

05 Jan 2020 16:16:44
Dk there is no underlying bias towards goldson and tav, except from gerrard. They got stick because they deserved it. They both were rank for weeks but were undroppable yet katic who is the best CB we have was getting dropped for no reason. Hopefully gerrard has realised now that katic plays. It was the same with kamara, dropped for aribo who can't lace Kamara's boots. that's what caused kamara's dip in form. Again hopefully gerrard has learned because his tinkering is not blameless. Maybe if you took your lips of gerrards backside you'd see that👍.

05 Jan 2020 16:50:16
Not arguing that point John but I feel strongly that supporters should get behind the players (especially captain) and manager and give credit where it is due.

It feels like a witch hunt from some on here when it comes to Tav - such as "Tav is a liability" REALLY?

05 Jan 2020 17:21:59
Coldo, I haven't quite managed to read your book on football management so in the meantime I think my opinions are as valid as anyone else on here.

Katic has great potential but is still a bit too keen and rash.

Goldson is by far the best CB as he controls the box and has a great understanding with McGregor

Kamara was a slow starter this season both in training and in his first 8 games - nothing to do with Aribo

Kent. You disappeared when Ryan lost form for 4 or 5 games - is he untouchable unlike Tav?

05 Jan 2020 18:14:13
You still trying to pass off this book as patter? Goldson is nowhere near katic, no one is as dominant and commanding in the air as katic, goldson actually plays better when katic is in there. Kamara was dropped to make room for aribo at the start of the season, that back fired. Who disappeared? If it was up to you we would still have ojo playing and kent would never have been signed. Kent has been class and worth every penny of that 7mil. 👍.

05 Jan 2020 19:59:07
DK, I’m not a full time scout, but the full time scouts we do have got us Barsic for what, £2m, Katic for £1.5m, Kamara for £50k, Aribo for £300k - do I need to go on? All those players either better or will be better than Tav, for a combined total of less than £5m so in summary yes, you absolutely can find a replacement for £5m.

05 Jan 2020 20:32:34
Am sorry coldo but all dk19 and others are doing is supporting ALL our players. what disaster occured while aribo was playing instead of kamara? Qualification to the Europa League? I can understand why you and some others didn't rate Ojo, I think I even said when everyone is fit I didn't think he would play much but he wasn't as bad as you made him out too be and I know you don't like stats but his contribution to the team, actual goals and assists help the team get where they are. Happy New year by the way 👍.

05 Jan 2020 21:39:04
Ojo is a terrible player, never good enough. Aribo is average, don't get the hype. There was people saying he will make us tens of millions and will play for england - he will do neither. If aribo was sold tonight our starting 11 wouldn't be weaker, jones and stewart could easily fill his void. If we were to lose kent kamara jack etc, you'd notice👍.

05 Jan 2020 23:56:04
Tav has been brilliant for us past 4 or 5 games . avtrue captain . and has repaid the managers faith.

05 Jan 2020 23:58:07
Aribo for England? He plays for Nigeria and has been playing fantastic. have you been asleep?

06 Jan 2020 08:59:08
Aribo will definitely make us money (millions) am genuinely amazed you can't see a player there 🤔.

06 Jan 2020 09:53:17
Aribo won’t play for England as he already stars for Nigeria and scored a cracker of a goal against Brazil. 👍
If you think he’s average then you’re entitled to your opinion but you’re the same poster Coldo who said the recent Cup Final against Celtic was MEANINGLESS!
Unfortunately institutions like Rangers aren’t built on meaningless Cup Finals and certainly not against our biggest rivals!

06 Jan 2020 11:51:39
Aribo was also going to go to Brentford for 5 million, it’s why Bowyer was raging we nicked him for feck all (£300K) 👍.

06 Jan 2020 10:24:09
If Katic doesn’t cut out the naive mistakes like giving away unnecessary penalties for shirt pulling he will lose his place in the side to Edmundson or a fit again Helander.
And statistically Goldson wins more aerial duals Katic - it’s a miss-conception he is better in the air due to his rawness flying into into tackles / headers.

Now don’t get me wrong we are stronger with him in the team and I love his passion and commitment for the jersey.
He just still has a lot to learn and if he doesn’t then we all know he will be the one that Gerrard drops.

06 Jan 2020 13:31:06
I know he plays for nigeria, but people said he was a future england star in the making, prior to him switching to nigeria. I'm simply saying that he would have no chance in getting near an england team. The league cup final was meaningless, diddy cup. The only thing that made it a game was that it was old firm game, I couldn't care less about it. We played aberdeen celtic young boys in that week. The celtic cup game was the least important. And aribo was going for 5mil because the compensation rules are different, not because he is worth it👍.

06 Jan 2020 14:32:05
Think your well in the minority (if not one of the only few ) to hold that opinion. Would confidently say tens of thousands disagree . Stevie G and his coaching staff, and all the Nigerian coaching staff at the top of that list . but hey your entitled to your opinion.

06 Jan 2020 14:52:49
The majority said we didn't need kent because we had ojo, stevie G persisted with ojo and persisted with aribo instead of kamara🤷‍♂️ but hey you are entitled to your opinion to👍.



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