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03 Jan 2020 00:17:43
Im totally behind Alfredo and think we are privileged to have such a talent. The more you knock this young man down the harder he will come back. Okay he doesn't come from the 50s tenements of Glasgow which produced some fine footballers but there is a similarity to his back ground and his mentality. He has is a survivor and still has the inner protector instinct for everything that he cares about that can come out in a second but 99% of the time he is a caring gentle person. i'm from the tenements, i'm from poverty but not now however I recognize the mentality, the resilience, the knock me down, you better bring a mob the next time frame of mind and if you touch my family.

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03 Jan 2020 15:22:07
Does anyone remember DiCannio making snap you like a twig gesture to Ian Ferguson. Was anything done about it at the time? No.

03 Jan 2020 18:14:37
TJBB, Your line he doesn't come from tenements and Tommy Sheridan garbage you spouted. He's a class find who originated from one of the poorest countries in the world and luckily to us. Probably makes Gorgie look class. Smell what your shovelling mate.

03 Jan 2020 18:18:45
Blue bear i get your point but refrencing something that happened almost a quarter a century ago is a bit mad.

03 Jan 2020 20:36:23
Millerbrandwilson, WTF are you on about. Tommy Sheridan WTF! I am pointing out Alf is from a very deprived background and the fact he made it out shows he is a resilient successful character with a lot of drive and a never say die attitude. I make the analogy that we and still have a lot of resilient kids that come from poverty and succeed due to there resilience in Scotland. My conclusion and its based on my own personalty that when you come from such a background with that kind of drive and determination that it can sometimes boil over due to a lack of experience and maturity. Edd please post as I don't know unless i'm missing something what Miller is on about.

04 Jan 2020 14:33:28
TJBB regarding MillerBrandWilson's answer to your post. I am with you there. It was obvious you were making the point of them being cut from the same cloth.

04 Jan 2020 16:54:15
Change of tack somewhat. Your initial post said nothing of deprivation but do guess that if he was a tenement boy his skill level would be astronomical. You also make a he'll of a guess like you know his personality, background even that you and he are background buddies. These are ludicrous statements. Gers 4 life can't talk bout same cloth. YOU DON'T KNOW. Caring, gentle person is a stretch given his record. Finally your rubbish bout how protection of his family is his be all. YOU DON'T KNOW his personal issues unless I missed something. I stand by what I said.

04 Jan 2020 20:28:44
Miller up to you mate but trust me your way off the mark, as you say I don't know then man but i'm only posting my opinion and perhaps some sort of explanation to why us humans boil over sometimes. I ain't no poet laureate so you will have to excuse my lack if intellect when it comes to putting my ideas on paper. I meant no harm, I was and still am perplexed by your Tommy Sheridan remark, I know nothing of the man apart from he exists. I maybe touched a nerve which was not my intention, my apologies. let's leave it there and move on supporting the Gers and Alf. ATB.



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