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02 Jan 2020 20:25:25
Hey guys with transfer window open now. If teams come in for our players what would you price tag them at starting value.

Barisic - for me right up there with the best LB in Europe just his pace at times let's him down ( if wee KT turnstile goes for £25m I think borna is more gifted too him I'd say ) £25m

Goldson - £15m
Katic - £20m ( I like this guy more haha )
Tav - £25m+
Helander - £8m

Jack - £10m - 18m
Davis - £4m past his time
Arfeild - £8m+
Airbo - £6-7m
Kent £9m

Morelos - £30m ( easy proven goal scorer although not scored against Celtic but he bullies their defenders )

I know what people will say fifaguy stick to FIFA with these prices. but why should we be scared to slap a big price tag on our players. Down south most of these players would go for double that amount.

Thoughts and prices on these players guys?

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02 Jan 2020 21:32:14
15 million for goldson? You value him higher than jack? Our players our prices. But no consistency in your prices. Arfield valued more than aribo and only a million more than Kent? When you think of age and ability none of this makes sense. Need to have a rethink and repost I think.

02 Jan 2020 21:59:37
Tav 25mil c'mon mate behave yourself. 👍.

02 Jan 2020 22:05:51
25 million for tav? 🤔.

02 Jan 2020 22:24:44
No rethink mook. Just think arfeild has done more then both them at this time. Be interesting too see what u value them at.

03 Jan 2020 00:29:35
I must say this is the best laugh i have had in a while on these pages. Talk about blue tinted specs. would be lucky to recover more than the 3 mill we paid out on goldson. Tav 4-5mill at a push. Katic literally only just back in team. would still command an good 5 or 6 mill would expect. Helander has shown he's worth 3.5 never mind 8 very slow. jack agree. Nobody pay over a mill for davis due to age. He will b with us till retirement and right now priceless to the team. Again arfield way off. Kent break even, morelos 20mill. barisic 20mill.

03 Jan 2020 02:28:11
Goldson - £6-8m
Katic - £5-7m
Tav - £8-10m
Helander - £4-6m

Jack - £7-10m
Davis - past his time
Arfield - £4-6m
Aribo - £5-7m
Kent £7m+

Morelos - £18m+
This is solely what i believe they're worth or what we would accept if clubs came in for the players. Some of your prices are crazy mate 😂😅.

03 Jan 2020 03:04:19
Arfield is 31/ 32. Aribo/ Kent are about 22. That alone affects value. Same with the Barasic/ Tierney comparison. I love Borna but he’s about 5 years older than Tierney.

As for £25+ for Tav, I don’t even know where to begin with that. He’s 27/ 28 and can’t defend.

This is a mental post from start to finish I’m afraid.

03 Jan 2020 08:22:11
Barisic- £18m+
Tav- £8m+
Goldson- £8m+
Katic- £14m+
Kamara- £10m+
I'd like to point out I don't want any of them sold.

03 Jan 2020 09:33:12
McGregor – No real value / Not for sale
Fod – £1m
Tav - £8m
Goldson - £5m
Helander - £3m
Barasic - £15m+
Katic - £6m+
Jack - £10m
Davis – No real value / Not for sale
Kamara - £10m
Aribo - £3m
Arfield – No real value / Not for sale
Kent - £10+
Morelos - £25m+
Docherty - £500k
McCrorie - £500k
Jones - £1m
Stewart - No real value / Not for sale
Flanagan - No real value / Not for sale.

03 Jan 2020 11:38:13
McGregor – No real value due to age
Fod – £0.5m
Tav - £5m
Goldson - £4m
Helander - £4m
Barasic - £15m+
Katic - £5m
Jack - £7m
Davis – No real value due to age
Kamara - £7m
Aribo - £7m
Arfield - £3m
Kent - £5m
Morelos - £25m+
Docherty - £0.5m
McCrorie - £1m
Jones - £1m
Stewart - £0.5m
Flanagan - Free.

03 Jan 2020 12:08:43
Our 2 full backs are very important to the way we play under steven gerrard. I rate james tavernier and borna barisic very highly indeed. I reckon if i was putting a current price on their heads, in the current transfer market and their value to rangers i would say tavernier is in the £12million-£15million bracket and barisic is in the £15million-£20million bracket! Two superb attacking full backs, with both more comfortable going forward than defending. In saying that tav has improved over his years with us, at his defending, but i think barisic is the better defender of the two!
Both are equally as good as each other in the attacking sense. I think to date tav has 12 assists this season and barisic has 13 already this season. that's superb at the half way point, in the season!

03 Jan 2020 13:48:47
If Tav was as good as Barisic on any level England would look at him. Barisic is world class. Tavernier cannot lace his boots.

03 Jan 2020 14:23:50
I like you coops and enjoy your stuff. No way imo we get close to that for tav. Couldn't see more than 8, that's at pub league prices. Think the 15 for borna is spot on, 1st choice for croatia with the euros coming up pumps his values up 👍.

03 Jan 2020 14:25:40
Cambiger, Buy your estimates Kent has lost aalmost 30% his value since signing? In this time has played well, setting up goals in europe and scoring against celtic? Both Katic and Kamara players i would value higher and would be keen to hold on to until after the euros.

03 Jan 2020 18:20:50
Dunfermline loyal he could have a point. Bar celtic game he's not really been producing. Think 7 mill we paid a bit over the odds. he's no really justified the 7mill since being back.

03 Jan 2020 18:57:39
Give ryan kent a wee bit more time as he had a bad hamstring injury right away when he signed permanently for us. Kenty is a class act, don't worry about that. The doubters will be on here saying the£7.5million we paid for him was an absolute steal, in the not too distant future!

03 Jan 2020 20:44:23
Cheers Paul, that was my point . I do think we overpaid for Kent, while still valuing him at £5m I’m by no way saying he’s a bad player and is a def starter for me I just felt we overpaid and if we were to resell would be lucky to get our mny back at the moment . I also tried to be a bit more realistic with values as some think every player in team is £10m plus .

04 Jan 2020 00:06:39
Paul86., kents goal at parkhead is good enough reason for big spend.

04 Jan 2020 12:05:13
Csmbi, he was at the airport on way to Belgium for same price when we bid. definitely didn't overpay we will make money on kenty.

04 Jan 2020 13:49:45
I think some of the valuations people are putting on our players are a joke, remember they're playing in Scotland, 20 million barasic not a chance he's had one good season.



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