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22 Dec 2019 18:56:05
Fellow fans, youse must be fed up like myself about the way our club is being treated, from assaults on our player to object throwen at our players, the only way we can try to stop this is by taking action, the officials have treated us like allians this last few years, moreso now because they know we are. Ready to challenge for honours, the only way to sort this is by boycooting away games, cause if we done so it wouldn't take there c. c. t. v. Cameras long to find the culprits, the s. f. a. Would see the smaller clubs struggle without our money (away support) so it wounldn take them long even the officials to get there houses in order i. m. o. the officials are all taken there orders from shhh you know who, his mob wouldn't struggle but the noise coming from the smaller clubs would make people sit up and take notice, failing that we wil l need to win all our games by 4 or 5 goals so as they wouldn't be rul ed offside, or foul commited before disalowing the goal, c'mon lads show them our strength, show a bit of backbone, let's try something our celtic will definetly get to 55 before us.

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22 Dec 2019 21:11:59
You cannot want to be challenging for honours AND boycott all away games. Our away support is incredible. Mand if we had no fans at away games that gives a big advantage to the home side imo.

22 Dec 2019 21:41:14
beenPaul86. , as we have seen in our away european games, you mean, we don't need an away support in all games, i just think people are afraid to rebuke anything the s. f. a wouldn't like, why not, we get nowt off them. we will need to do something mate, or we will always be second best, with the people running the game, as we have seen moreso lately, why. Do nothing, to suit them. they've got everything sewn up, media, officials, complience officer, all. Ex. Members of a certain club, if we don't waken up and smell the coffee, s. g and his backroom staff will get fed up, and head to pastures new, let's make a noise now that we have got a good managment& backroom staff at our club.

23 Dec 2019 00:14:29
Stop sounding paranoid like the celtic fans.

23 Dec 2019 01:30:30
Herewego55. , its you that's sounding para, if you are trying to defend the officials that is. Paranoia, highest degree, its okay to comment mate, the s. f. a don't read this site, well i don't think so, barasic, offside goals winning cups, morelos triped on 18 yard line, penalty not giving, i could go on and on, but if you think that's para, well mores the fool you.

23 Dec 2019 09:02:25
Stop this victim thing that some fans are running with.

All of our problems over the past few years have been our own doing.

Too much debt built up by DM
Risky strategy using EBT’s
Morons on the terraces singing songs that went out of fashion 20+ years ago

We are Rangers, traditionally better than the rest but now followed by bleating, moaning, hate filled fans (vocal minority) who don’t match the standards set by the club greats.

23 Dec 2019 09:59:29
dk19,how many players can you name that were sin die from scottish football and what team did they play for, how many players in scotland can you name that have been sent to jail for on field actions and what team did they play for, how many players in scotland have a criminal record for on field actions and what team did they play for. Ill leave you to research that lot before I come back with more if you like.

23 Dec 2019 10:09:35
Totally agree DK. We also have a minority who talk up Celtic and there players wtf.
It’s all about Rangers.

23 Dec 2019 11:43:44
*sine die*.

23 Dec 2019 12:11:35
People need to calm down. Every team gets decisions against them. I was at Partick v Dundee yesterday, there were about 10 handballs by Partick players that the ref just ignored, including a clear one in the box, do you think Dundee fans are on their forums going on about a pro-Partick Thistle conspiracy in the championship? Get a grip. It used to be only that lot in the east end that were para. There was no conspiracy against them then and there isn’t one against us now. Get the tin foil hats off lads.

23 Dec 2019 13:14:00
Dk, the only part of your post above that's true is the fans singing sectarian songs, the rest of it is guff, for want of. A better word.

23 Dec 2019 14:30:30

I am grateful for your words of wisdom but your guff has less truth in it than mine.

23 Dec 2019 14:30:30
Jyf I only remember Duncan Ferguson going to jail, for his fourth assault in under two years. Sorry but the lad deserved it.
Woods butcher ended up with criminal records no jail sentence.

23 Dec 2019 18:39:11
Psulellen, I'm sounding para,? Scottish refs are terrible, no more no less. Remember the game last year we got 4 pens, how many of them were actuslly pens,? Every team could pick out decisions against them every week, more often than not they even themselves out over a season. The amount of people churning out conspiracy theories on here is ridiculous.

23 Dec 2019 19:05:53
You're at the wind up john 25 I take it you have not seen what he did. Name some non Rangers players then.

23 Dec 2019 22:47:16
Dk and all others that disagee with my post, fair enough, let's just wait and see how the season unfolds, and maybe then we will come back to my post, i hope we don't need too, but let's wait and see, anyway lads i will finish this post passing on my christmas wishes to all the edds for the great job youse do, and to all my fellow bluenose posters, hope youse all have a good christmas, and a good new year when it comes,



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