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24 Nov 2019 19:10:19
I know i stated weeks ago i wouldn't come back on here, i've decided against my decision back then because in general i enjoy this facility that the ED'S provide us with and all our different views, as we're all bears together wanting what's best for our beloved rangers.

I was just sick of passing on info that i'd heard and sharing it with everyone on here and getting shot down for doing so. Surely that's what these pages are for and all about, whether we agree or not is a different matter. Now to more pressing matters and onto our game against hamilton accies today.

I find myself totally agreeing with the super one ally mccoist. Our centre halfs are very short of pace and have to be more concentrated on their positional sense more so as they're worryingly exposed for pace regularly. Michael beale has stated that he thinks george edmundson has the potential to be better than our other 3 centre halfs, connor goldson, nikola katic and filip helander.

So what's happening with edmundson i wonder, as he's not getting a look in. He's most definitely faster than the other 3 and i must admit i've been impressed everytime edmundson has played for us.

Although at the beginning i was raving about goldson, no player should be guaranteed their place especially if they're not playing to their full potential. Like most i thought the two ryan's jack and kent were easily our best two players against hamilton today. We can now all see kent is getting closer to match fitness now and we can see he's class and our most creative player within ibrox.

We must sharpen up defensively for our upcoming Betfred league cup final against celtic or they will punish us. I am concerned about our lack of pace in the centre of our defence. Good to be back on here and i've missed it. Coldo like many but you in particular mate always stated how good ryan kent is and i always agreed with you because kenty is quality pal, no doubt about it.

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24 Nov 2019 19:34:45
Welcome back mate 👍.

24 Nov 2019 19:34:54
Welcome back Coop Katic is far and away our fastest CB and inho the best.

24 Nov 2019 20:14:30
There he is😁. Welcome back mate. Kent is class and katic is our fastest and best CB, it astounds me how he doesn't play. I was very disappointed in aribo again today and ojo did nothing when he came on. Kent is a class above! 👍.

24 Nov 2019 20:19:09
I think edmundson is easily our fastest centre half Bluepete36.

24 Nov 2019 20:24:26
Welcome back Coops, some people will find fault in anything a body has to say and will ridicule them for saying it. My advice, don't let them get you down. So what if it turns out to be duff, it's the Rangers rumours page, not the Rangers it's set in stone 100% pure dead on true page.

24 Nov 2019 20:38:24
Could be a toss up between katic and edmundson. Both are quick👍.

24 Nov 2019 20:57:10
I can only assume sg sees something in training with regards to the centre halves. Welcome back coop, missed those really long posts of yours😉.

24 Nov 2019 21:28:53
Welcome back Coops, the forum's been too dull without you pal. Keep believing, and posting 👍.

24 Nov 2019 21:30:44
Welcome back SGL, we've missed your comments. As for our CB's, SG has tried a few permutations, and seems to have settled on Goldson and Helander, let's just leave it to the gaffer, he's seeing the same as us, he'll sort it, don't worry, onwards and upwards for the Gers.

24 Nov 2019 23:17:55
Coop I have been called a tim, a naysayer, a racist etc. Some people will go to extraordinary lengths to try and find any excuse to gain some ground when you prove them wrong👍.

24 Nov 2019 22:58:30
Welcome back coops!
You've been badly missed.
Keep posting my man as we need more bears like you on here. 🔴⚪🔵👍.

25 Nov 2019 00:08:38
Welcome back Coop you have been missed✌️🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧.

25 Nov 2019 01:03:47
the only thing coldo can prove is a welcome back coop. and me too.

25 Nov 2019 06:27:30
Totally appreciate all your comments guys, i really do so thanks very much for that. We are afterall, all bears together on here with different views and different rumours/ stories. 👍.

25 Nov 2019 08:19:20
Chill coop u know what people r like here, me included
Welcome back.

25 Nov 2019 09:07:43
Welcome back SGL have missed all the rumours you put on this site. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇦🇺⚽️👍.

25 Nov 2019 10:30:27
Welcome back SGL👍.

25 Nov 2019 10:31:34
When was the race to find out who our fastest CH is?
Or is this just based on opinions watching a game of football and someone sprinting for 2, 3, 5 or 10 yards? 🤔.

25 Nov 2019 10:58:02
Well, after all that. Kent is apparently class. Well blow me, your Crystal balls are operating at full steam. We are in debt ( Morelos will clear all debt) and still invest 7mil on. yip a class player. What a revelation!
Oh. Edmondson fastest and future CD. I've got a crystal ball too.

25 Nov 2019 11:52:00
Think it's back to KFC for the colonel😉.

25 Nov 2019 13:42:22
Welcome back Coop and don’t be so thin skinned. Hear what your saying about central defence and although a few poor decisions yesterday the current pairing look confident dealing with set plays and have decent record Believe the problem position to be at RB where Tav continues to underperform as player and captain.

25 Nov 2019 15:56:49
I think the rub of it is that you can't take it when someone calls you out for being wrong, Coldo. Your howls of disaproval at our own players on the back of GREAT results are telling of your over-entitled part-time fan status. Mon the Gers.

25 Nov 2019 16:21:54
Extraordinary lengths indeed souness, keep up the trolling😂👍.



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