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20 Nov 2019 13:03:42
Nice January winter break booked ten days in Dubai.
Wonder if I'll see any football, between golf.

{Ed001's Note - hope the weather is better for you than today mate, it has been raining.}

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20 Nov 2019 13:36:22
Ed. Cheers mate. It will be warmer than uk
U in Dubai. Do u know venue and date for Hamburg game.

{Ed001's Note - true, it is still in the 20s, yes I am out here. I don't know but it won't be difficult to find out. Try the Dubai Calendar app on your phone and it will keep you in touch with what is on where. There is loads to do. Whereabouts you staying?}

20 Nov 2019 14:13:15
Beats working anyday John, or so they say. I have 2 companies and am working as hard as ever! Any buyers?

20 Nov 2019 14:14:23
Ed that’s unlunlcky getting rain in Dubai. I’ve been there for a week every year for the last 6yrs. Mind you I go in July or August when it’s about 44 degrees and you’re sweating like a Celtic fan sitting a spelling test!

{Ed001's Note - it rains a fair bit in Spring time. I moved out here a few years ago due to being ill and told to go somewhere sunny and by the sea to recuperate. You get the odd day in Autumn (this is the second so far this month) and a fair bit in Spring, but the rest of the year is nice and sunny and dry.}

20 Nov 2019 14:33:19
How do you manage all summer in that heat? I’m submerged in the pool like aqua man for a week 😅.

{Ed001's Note - air conditioning mate. You don't get used to it that's for sure.}

20 Nov 2019 14:50:32
I didn’t think I you could get used to it. Worse places than that to live though, hope the heat’s been good for your health mate.

{Ed001's Note - it's been great mate, I have gone from barely able to go a day without getting sick to rarely getting ill. It is a good place to live, I would happily stay here forever to be honest.}

20 Nov 2019 14:57:14
Match is on Saturday 11th. Team not confirmed yet. Could be a local team, Hamburg or possibly Benfica. Should be released this week.

20 Nov 2019 15:14:02
Ed the Address, been to Dubai many times, seeker sell up, we only live once.

{Ed001's Note - which one? There is one of those in most areas. Bit out of my budget those places though. They look really nice.}

20 Nov 2019 15:26:34
Dubai mall.

{Ed001's Note - ah Downtown Dubai, very nice. Defo doing it in style then mate.}

20 Nov 2019 16:38:44
Head to Jockies Bar in bur Dubai and catch Gers matches plus also pick up a nice lady, for approximately £70😭🇬🇧.

{Ed001's Note - £70? You have been getting ripped off.}

20 Nov 2019 18:36:52
You're right John. Not getting any younger 👍.

20 Nov 2019 19:19:18
It’s no raining in springburn, disnae rain in the morven bar anyway,

20 Nov 2019 20:45:10
Ed. I’m a fortunate person. Hard work like many. Then we got taken over. Yahoo.

{Ed001's Note - enjoy it mate, that is what it is there for.}

20 Nov 2019 21:00:28
Superb John. Enjoy it mate 👍.

20 Nov 2019 21:49:22
Alloa ger, like a Celtic fan sitting a spelling test? Unlunlcky. Thanks for the laugh.

21 Nov 2019 02:47:56
should be 28 for me in Miami at the weekend. might go boating after game.

21 Nov 2019 08:57:17
Going to be 37 for me up in Broome Western Australia at the weekend, Might just chill by the pool, With a small refreshment in hand. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇦🇺⚽️👍.

21 Nov 2019 18:29:34
Ed, as someone who has serious health issues I’m happy to hear your in the sunshine, I unfortunately got a bad diagnosis on Monday and went straight home, via the pub, and booked a week in Antalya, in January, may not be roasting, but i fancy seeing as much as possible, I spend a lot of time in split Croatia but January is basically shutdown there, good luck buddy,

{Ed001's Note - sorry to hear about your bad diagnosis, I hope your time in the sun helps.}

21 Nov 2019 20:23:50
Sorry for your news tomster chin up mate, best wishes.

21 Nov 2019 23:43:51
Thank you both.

22 Nov 2019 13:42:24
Tomster mate, I've got my fingers crossed you get your health back. I was ill with Cancer 2 years ago, and am now in good health, don't know your problem pal, but chin up, all the best.

23 Nov 2019 13:03:30
Tomster get well, take care.



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