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21 Oct 2019 18:38:35
Think it time for ojo to go and for Tav to be dropped. Not saying i want him gone, but he needs a little time on the sidelines. His game is way off just now. I also still think he should be played on the wing, he is not a defender. Worked for players like Henry and Rickson, why not Tav.

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21 Oct 2019 19:45:37
Ricksen moved from RB to centre mid. Henry started a winger and moved to world class CF. Don't see the comparison to be fair. Tavs whole game going forward is pause for a 1-2 and then out run his man. Won't have that on the wing. He is a RB all day, just a limited one.

21 Oct 2019 20:02:25
I prefer wingers who can deliver into the box for strikers!

21 Oct 2019 20:34:00
Tav undoubtedly is on a poor run of form and probably needs dropped for a few games, but some on here want the guy hung, drawn and quartered. Give him a break . He's playing well below his form granted, but he's not murdered someone. Get behind the captain and i'm quite sure given time, he'll come out his bad run of form. He's a footballer, not a robot.

21 Oct 2019 20:50:17
Which one of the comments above suggested that coop?

21 Oct 2019 21:07:35
In general since yesterday on here the majority of posts regarding tav have been way over the top and i stick by my above post Snell. Have you read these posts since yesterday mate? Its been way too much and way over the top imo anyway.

21 Oct 2019 21:26:25
SGL look at the goals he has cost us simply not the standard we require.

21 Oct 2019 21:36:13
Tav has played a lot of games past three / four years . as many as anyone in Scotland I would imagine.

21 Oct 2019 21:33:39
I agree with you cooper.

22 Oct 2019 05:29:47
I agree that everyone makes mistakes but he's cost us single handedly a massive 3 points in Europe and cost us points in the league resulting in us dropping back to second putting them back in the driving seat.

I'm not going to rip him apart, but he is the captain and the one who is supposed to inspire the team, but he's having a dip in form and think he needs a rest.

Maybe he is in his own head, could all have started with the missed pens and getting worse.

Give him a couple of weeks off to sort it out and bring in Flanagan.

Borna is playing well enough at the moment to accommodate that.

22 Oct 2019 05:57:35
Gersman, i honestly now think its becoming a witch hunt against tav,
which is shocking IMO.

22 Oct 2019 07:58:09
For everyone saying Tav should be dropped, can we not see that, that is just not going to happen. He is the captain (granted, a poor one), but Gerard will not drop his captain. Same goes for Ojo, his loan is most probably like Worrall - if fit he will play. Like it or not, we're stuck with both in the team.

22 Oct 2019 08:39:02
i wouldn't drop him quite yet. I might play polster in deep midfield on thursday to assist tav defending tho, as we will need tav to get up the field with the ball amap.

22 Oct 2019 11:27:44
Well sir struts acceptance of finishing second again mb no cups.

22 Oct 2019 12:52:05
John25, I'm not accepting second best, just merely pointing out the reality of the situation. Nobody on here picks the team, Gerard does and there are certain players he just can't see past, and Tav and Ojo are just 2 of them. If we finish second, it will be because Gerard couldn't make the big calls which needed to be made.

22 Oct 2019 14:17:28
It’s not a witch hunt fans are just fed up with his constant mistakes which he isn’t learning from. Most fans want him dropped not hung drawn and quartered as someone suggested.

22 Oct 2019 14:52:39
Page is honestly full of wet blankets, Tav has been a consistent performer for years for us, he's had a few bad games and a couple costly errors (that's football), but the abuse is ridiculous, its October we're joint top of the league and there's plenty of goals and assist which he has contributed to help get us there. He is clearly the best right back at the club he offers great support going forward and he is the captain for a reason, cut the guy some slack and get behind him we're joint top of the league with plenty of games to go! Drop Tav is nonsense, he's just everyone favourite scape goat atm. We scored 1 goal on Sunday and tbh we were lucky to get that we were rotten, they hit the bar a few moments before their goal and that wasn't enough to wake us up.



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