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30 Aug 2019 21:14:18
Doiger, Without being personal, i'm intrigued in what you think might be wrong with unfurling a pope John Paul Banner during the game. Also the alleged trouble with Celtic fans was outside the ground and therefore not within UEFA jurisdiction. I still believe there is a deep misunderstanding in what is right and wrong within the grounds of a football ground. I moved away from the Glasgow area in 1990, 29 years ago, and came across lots of walks of life during my time in the armed forces. I realised my initial experience of life was naive and ill informed. I hope that people who are still in the Glasgow bubble may reflect and strive to look outwards. i'm honest with myself and add if I had not been forced to move away then I would probably still be shouting ya ca^&**ic Bas*&d. Its easy for me to say. Perhaps we need a bigger enemy to rage against. Why not just constantly sing against Aberdeen FC or the SFA regardless of who we are playing, nout wrong with that. Weve got to be more cute these days.

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30 Aug 2019 22:04:40
don’t Uefa frown on banners or songs of any religious / political nature at games within their remit?

I can’t really see how a banner of the Pope can be anything other than religious?

whilst i personally do not have an issue with anyone’s religious beliefs, and a flag of the Pope is also not particularly offensive to me, but in the context of a European tie, Uefa feel its place is not at a football ground

that’s their whole point, and I tend to agree.

30 Aug 2019 22:49:25
Trev. That's a valid point. I don't know the ins and outs of Ueafs rules. Just of the top of my head though I think the planet would be onto a looser if we started banning pics of people unless its Charles Manson, Hitler etc. Would have thought wede be okay if we had unfurled a pic of the arch bishop of Canterbury for some random reason. If they'd unfurled Gandhi would we have have the same question. Prob Not. So I suppose that's the answer to your OP. ATB.

30 Aug 2019 23:10:47
TJBB - a lot of the Glasgow bubble moved East in the 60s and 70's if you think the problem lies just within Glasgow you are deluded, just like those who think it's only the UB who sing the hate songs at the Big Hoose.

30 Aug 2019 23:43:40
Bar, I agree. We are all pissing in the wind when guessing on the cause of the problem with only anecdotal evidence to back up our suspicions. I can only speak of my own experience. Its a world wide problem not just C against P. However we have a burden as British and Rangers FC to take the lead and fix the problem as best we can.

31 Aug 2019 00:11:26
TJBB, you ask Doiger what he thinks might be wrong unfurling a banner of PJPII during a football match? Its a football match, who did PJPII "play with" or "manage"? Its obvious to all this was a feeble attempt at winding up the Rangers support but to no avail.
I'm hearing that Legia have made a statement that they have surveillance to suggest it wasn't the Legia Warsaw Fans that brought in the banner or pyrotechnics, it was a celtic supporter who played for Bournemouth he seemingly smuggled them in under his baseball cap.

That's some street outside the ground where the trouble was, looked like a football ground to me? Maybe the television crew were hacked and the footage was photoshopped.

No one likes us we should care. and still we follow on.

31 Aug 2019 08:37:34
A lot of the trouble happened inside the ground but the pictures I've seen it looked more a case of over zealous, shall we say, policing than fighting.

31 Aug 2019 13:21:27
TJBB. I'd object to any religious or political banner being flown at a football match. The fact that it was at Ibrox and that everyone (unless they've lived on Mars for the last 100 years) would know how inflammatory such an action would be makes it a blatant attempt to incite.

I was brought up as a Church of Scotland protestant but since adulthood have not practised or been interested in religion, nor have I ever cared what religion Rangers players might be. I sang all the songs when I was young including the Sash and Derry's Walls but then I grew up and have been married to a Catholic for the last 40 years! I love Rangers dearly and want them to get back to the top again but this religious sectarian nonsense must stop.

I just wish UEFA and the SFA would treat all teams the same. If Rangers fans unfurled a banner of the Queen or John Knox at Celtic Park would anything be done? Probably! Focus on tomorrow now and I think it will be 3-1 the Bears.



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