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26 Aug 2019 10:14:02
Just read the union bears statement and I despair no mention of their ranks that shame our club, they are victims in all this!
If they truly have the best of intentions in supporting our great club, weed out the offenders don't give us you're the voice of ibrox! get over yourselves to go to war with our board who gave us gerrard who are backing him to the hilt financially at this critical juncture and in particular this season
Of all seasons defies belief!
UEFA are serious this time and all you're doing is supplying the ammo they need
If this season unravels because of sanctions applied because of the idiocy of certain fans it will never be forgotten or forgiven if you're not happy go! there are waiting lists for your spaces we don't want or need "fans" who seem to be on a mission to bringing our club to its knees.

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26 Aug 2019 10:52:30
Oh yeah I forgot it was only the union bears signing songs at the European games.

26 Aug 2019 11:00:30
Settle down!
Last season we were blaming Morelos red cards for losing the league, conveniently forgetting the goals he scored.
This season it looks like people are already lining up to blame the Union Bears in case we lose the league when the UEFA sanctions will only apply in Europe.
Some people on here live an over reaction to everything.
Whether it’s team selection, transfer news or team / individual performance.
The Sectarian / Bigotry issue will not be solved overnight by banning the UB!
You are naive to think it will. It’s a society not just a football problem.
The club is trying its hardest with its Anyone, Everyone initiative. But this is no quick fix solution.

26 Aug 2019 11:03:37
The hysteria is not dying down and I don't think finger pointing is helping. UEFA have found the club guilty which right they have but they should make public what the guilt is, which song or songs or wording within them they deem sectarian and offensive. Spell it out it's the least we deserve and can then act upon. Lots of posters are asking the question and no one answers. I did and was called stupid. Never had that accusation against before but the poster found the time to insult and still didn't take the time to answer the question. If singing the British national anthem is deemed offensive I give up.

26 Aug 2019 11:11:11
Well DUNFERLINE LOYAL there happy to take the plaudits for creating the atmosphere but when criticised they hit out with the victim card instead of weeding out the wee neds in there group who ware there hats low and cover there face with a scarf so as not to be identified stupid wee boys that have watch one to many football casual movies RANT OVER!

26 Aug 2019 11:41:31
Kfraser the billy boys the add ons to simply the best add ons to super rangers anything that mentions the Pope, fenians ok Dunfermline loyal given they are the voice of ibrox why can't they use that voice to denounce the sectarianism they most certainly are not my voice as for the argument it's only in Europe! ! We're becoming a laughing stock and it's far from hysteria we are at a tipping point here.

26 Aug 2019 11:51:12
@g4rry - I think you’ll find they wear their scarves over their faces as the police continually shove cameras in their faces! Their only ‘crime ‘ is singing songs at football matches and following their team home and away.
Singing songs many on here have said they used to sing👍.

{Ed001's Note - so their crime is one of hate and certainly is not worthy of '' around it. It is a crime and being a dick about it, like you are, is not going to change that. If they are worried about cameras being shoved in their faces, perhaps they should try behaving themselves like civilized human beings? Then it wouldn't matter if they were being filmed as they would be caught in the act of behaving like adults.}

26 Aug 2019 11:55:25
Spot on g4rry. Wee neds who are needing to do some growing up is the work mate. By all means sing proper rangers songs and create that great atmosphere by doing that. God its not as if we don't have very good rangers songs to sing. Stop being childish and take the blame, like every fan who continues with these songs should be doing. The victim card ain't working and stop being like small puppies, feeling sorry for yourselves. Grow up and get behind our club in the proper manner instead of hurting the club.

26 Aug 2019 12:01:58
Ed spot on 👍👍.

26 Aug 2019 12:28:43
Thanks Blue blue sea. That helps a bit. I haven't been to Ibrox for a couple of years. Still a big Rangers fan but no longer live there and so don't know what some of the add ons are. I like most grew up with the billy boys and there was a more acceptable line of we're off to meet fenians now. I agree up to our knees in the blood is not on. Same with . The green brigade proudly displays banners calling themselves the fenian army and proud of it and surely that term can't be deemed offensive if they're not offended. We're guessing, we're speculating and arguing among ourselves and casting blame, none of which is good. As I said to the simple solution of addressing the crisis UEFA write to Rangers and spell it all out. Rangers can post it on their website and also email all supporters' clubs. Word will travel fast. Hope Ed posts this as I mean no offense.

26 Aug 2019 12:30:18
We can debate this all we want point fingers at others but the truth of the matter is we are guilty and we all know it the question is what are we going to do about it, we can carry on singing this crap and land up standing outside while our team plays inside then it thrown out of Europe which in turn cuts finances standard of player drops as we can’t afford them or can’t attract them or like most fans will stop these songs sing the great songs we have change some words miss out the add ons and keep pushing the team forward we are in the last chance saloon please I beg you all put the club first I applaud the UBs for helping create an atmosphere but please let’s see yous cut out the crap.

26 Aug 2019 13:18:32
@ed001 - let's get one thing straight . I know the songs of hate need to stop but not every song the UB sing is a song of hate. That is why in other posts I’ve said it’s all about education and it’s a society issue.
I’m playing Devils Advocates in counter acting certain posts. Too many on here believe that by banning the UB we will suddenly eradicate Sectarianism and Bigotry. I don’t believe it’s that simple.
Plenty on here have admitted singing these songs in the past - some as recently as the last Old Firm game at Ibrox. Are they no longer welcome at Ibrox either?
And the police have been filming them for a few seasons now. Why are they doing nothing about them? Probably because it’s a legal nightmare in Scotland with some people getting acquitted and others getting fined for similar offences.
We had the OBFA - this was recently scrapped .
Dick? We are all entitled to our opinions. 😘
P. S. Keep up the good work 👍 Healthy debate is what keeps this site the best without all the excess baggage you normally get associated with Rangers / Celtic which unfortunately we are having to discuss in an important week for the club on the park.

{Ed001's Note - it is the way it is worded that is dickish mate. The ' around crime, like it is not really a crime, when it is. I get you are giving the other side with the rest, but just because the police are not able to get convictions does not mean these people are not committing offences.

You are right about people admitting to doing wrong, but the first step to making change is to admit it is wrong. Until people hold their hands up and admit that, which is clearly still not happening in every case, then change will not happen as they don't believe they need to.

There is more the club could do, especially with the supporters buses etc. Why not doing something similar to what Liverpool have done with Jamie Webster? He performs all over the world in a capacity that is pretty much official now, teaching the fans the lyrics to the songs to sing on matchdays. Just find a songwriter who can put lyrics into well known songs for singing along to that involve the club's great moments or the player's in. Surely someone could come up with a song similar to Allez Allez Allez (or even rewrite that for Rangers) revolving around Helicopter Sunday as it has become known? Then the club could make all the official buses play a playlist of those songs on trips to the ground or lose their official backing. The fans then learn the songs, sing them on the way and they become a part of the matchday experience. If there is a fan zone, like there is now at Anfield, get that singer/songwriter to perform the songs s/he has written for the club. Or someone else. The next step after telling people what they are doing is wrong is giving them an option to do something right instead. So give them songs to sing.}

26 Aug 2019 13:27:49
The Union Bears are stupid children who come to the game simply to behave like neds under the fake auspices of being a Rangers fan. Those of you defending them are just helping to further damage the club. “Fans” like them are a cancer on football not just at Ibrox but around the world.

26 Aug 2019 13:58:01
@ed001 - I’ve seen Jamie Webster on YouTube etc.
Problem is finding someone who is as passionate and sounds as good as him for Rangers!
You couldn’t loan him for the season along with Kent👍😂.

{Ed001's Note - there must be someone in the Rangers support who could do it? I would hate to loan him out, those Boss Nights are a thing of legend now.}

26 Aug 2019 14:18:32
@theswagman - so if they cut out the vile songs or naughty add ons to traditional songs you still believe they have no place?
What about the many banner / tifo displays they have produced over the years?
So who are you to say who is and isn’t a ‘real ‘ fan?
Because they have proven in the past when they decided not to participate in any singing the rest of the stadium failed to get the songs going 👍
Are you going to step up and be The choirmaster?

26 Aug 2019 14:43:35
Letsgo you make some cracking points very valid however there is an underlying inability to condemn them by all means sing create atmosphere but in the correct manner

26 Aug 2019 16:00:21
@bluebluesea - I’ve condemned the singing and song choices. What I can’t do is vilify young guys ( many under 16 ) who are easily impressionable and we’ve all been their at that age and done stupid things.
And I’ll keep on saying it - if you think the Sectarian / Bigotry issue is going to disappear by banning the UB you are very naive.
Our highest profile signing Catholic was Mojo - these boys weren’t even born then! And can you remember the drama that caused?

26 Aug 2019 16:37:18
There's no chance it will go by banning union bears, 100% agree but if these 15/ 16 years olds are as impressionable as you say take away the impression get the union bears to come out with another statement where they actually are willing to tackle this head on and give the correct impression to the younger ones as they tell us they are the voice of ibrox use that voice instruct the members what's acceptable and what's not, educate the ranks surely that's not naive to expect that from grown men and women
All the best bud great points all round we all want what's best for rangers👍.

26 Aug 2019 16:48:57
Ed1, very good and constructive recommendation Sir. I think you make perfect sense. Opportunity here for a blue nose in the music business to make a positive mark and cultural change.

{Ed001's Note - and make him/herself famous too.}

26 Aug 2019 17:47:24
Letsgo - a real fan would care more about his club than his own desire to sing hateful songs with his idiot pals. They are just wee idiots who think they are a “firm”. Aye, let’s excuse the bigotry because they can knock up the odd banner. I’m sure at KKK picnics they put on a lovely spread, we’ll let them off too shall we? Because that is your moral equivalency. There’s no difference between about slaughtering Catholics and the songs the KKK like to sing about hanging and burning black people. There are no grey areas, no middle ground and no “tradition. ” It is **** behaviour full stop.

26 Aug 2019 18:31:20
@bankie - that's the full point I've been badly trying to make.
Only @Ed001 has come up with anything constructive in this argument and he's a Liverpool fan.
Every Rangers fan has been ban the UB, we don't need them etc etc.
We all know the singing is wrong. All I'm looking for is positive solutions to a thorny issue that if isn't handled correctly will keep on causing us problems for years to come.
Does anyone think the UB won't be in attendance on Thursday just because their area of the ground has been closed?

26 Aug 2019 19:49:01
@theswagsman - I think you are needing to go and take a wee lie down when you are comparing the KKK to the Union Bears! 16 - 19 boys out watching the football singing songs to a notorious group who murdered innocent black people? Jesus wept! 😩
I actually despair of some of our supports grasp of the full situation.
Haven't you been reading the thread where you can't come up with anything constructive to the issue but to ban the UB thinking the problem will disappear overnight?
I think any dialogue between myself and you is at an impasse👍
That's the beauty of this site, we're all entitled to share our opinions. It's a pity you've already hung, drawn and quartered the young lads of the UB👍.

26 Aug 2019 21:43:40
Explain to me how murdering Catholics is different o murdering black people?

27 Aug 2019 09:16:57
@theswagsman - so you’ve somehow got the Union Bears progressed from singing songs to running about the streets of Glasgow and beyond murdering Catholic’s?
Are you for real?
I’ve condemned the songs etc.
What I object to is Rangers fans vilifying fellow fans, especially young impressionable kids when plenty have admitted to singing these songs in the past.
I thought debate was about about coming up with ways of helping the club move forward. Not petty name calling which has been your only solution to the problem so far. 👍
And I’ll say it again - the UB have lost their seats for Thursday. But you can bet your last pound they will be in attendance.



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