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20 Jul 2019 09:46:03
I was all happy this transfer window when we were brining in players and getting rid of those we don't need, but now I'm getting worried that in the last half of the window we are going to lose some of our best players.

This morning's need got me worried about Alfredo and Tav and it got me thinking. Would people be happy if we sold both of them and made enough money to buy Kent, and then spend 5 million each on a right back and a striker? Do we have the confidence that with that money we would bring in the same level of quality?

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20 Jul 2019 11:14:43
I’m not sure, but you’re never sure when you buy new players.

Defoe is not going to give us 30+ goals. Polster is not the right back to replace Tav. However replacing Tav and getting a similar player will cost us closer to 10m or above
So that’s a problem, his goals, delivery and style of play costs money, so we should be charging big bucks if we let him go or he wants to go.

If they go it must be now not in 2 weeks and it must be for at least 30m combined.

20 Jul 2019 11:21:43
If tav goes for over 10 mill that
Is a result the guy can't defend
What he brings we already have players in place that do what he does.

20 Jul 2019 11:24:05
I don't want us to make wholesale changes to our first team. Were supposed to be building on last season not rebuilding the whole squad.

20 Jul 2019 11:24:38
Why are you so worried - are you the manager?

I believe that SG is in control and if he sanctions moves for Tav and Morelos it will be because he is comfortable with it and think it will not affect his chances of success this season.

20 Jul 2019 12:13:21
A don't understand peoples obsession with bringing Kent back. I feel we are more than strong enough to cope without him👍🏻.

20 Jul 2019 12:13:58
I honestly think it’s just paper talk to be honest. Both are good players and will no doubt have great seasons up here but I don’t think either are EPL class or are worth the money we expect. What’s good to see is neither player appear to be pushing for the transfer (I’m surprised by Morelos as I’d have expected him to throw his toys out the pram) . I honestly think both will still be at Rangers until at least Christmas. Going but to your point, I don’t think we should over pay for Kent, he’s a very good player but not worth double figures, from my point of view, I wouldn’t be happy with us over paying for Kent regardless of the other two positions.

20 Jul 2019 12:29:11
I don’t know it’s seems to me if we don’t sign Kent we’re doomed get a grip guys.

20 Jul 2019 12:47:00
spot on royalblue99. I have said on numerous occasions that I do think he is a good player, but not worth the money being asked for.

20 Jul 2019 13:07:47
polster may be better than you think. just needs games and confidence. not saying he is equal to tav, but a replacement, yes along with flan. probably need a backup left back tho, although barisic could move too.

great to have players good enough that teams want them tho. its been a while tbh.

20 Jul 2019 13:04:30
Both bring way more than Kent to the team. We definitely couldn't bring the same level of quality straight away, it's finding people who are raw or rough around the edges and making them that quality.

Could lose Alfie and cope I think, as who better for someone to learn from than defoe - Tav though would be a big big loss.

20 Jul 2019 14:39:33
Would tend to agree that the price for Kent is to high for what he is worth, but I do feel that after a debut season he would kick on in Scotland and could be one of the best players in the league.

Totally agree in that this window should have been about adding qualityy to an already decent squad but I feel if Tav and Morelos go, it will feel more like another rebuilding job.

I've think for us to win the league we need the majority of the squad to not be in their first season in Scotland. That's the key yo consistency and grinding out results.

20 Jul 2019 15:24:11
A small question to you macbow. Who does as good a job at right back at rangers that tav does mate? I'll answer it while i'm waiting on your response, absolutely nobody. No current right back at ibrox comes anywhere near james tavernier, who without a doubt is easily the best right back in scottish football, easily pal! So macbow sorry for being blunt, but if you or anyone else for that matter thinks we have anyone that can do anywhere near as good a job as tav does then you're very much deluded and void of playing position knowledge.

20 Jul 2019 17:35:51
Totally agree sg loyal he's arguably our most important player as we have cover for most other positions but nobody near as good as tavernier.

20 Jul 2019 23:01:54
Well said SGL I really don’t understand those who can not see what Tav brings and his value. He has won us games! A right back winning games! Enough said.



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