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23 Jun 2019 14:13:56
Just read an article about aribo and the reaction of the charlton fans on his move to us. The arrogance of fans down south is unbelievable. Most of them are saying that its not a progressive move for aribo coming to scotland, the usual comments about the standard of our league etc. From epl fans I could accept but from fans in any league below the epl I just can't accept. A lot of players that can't handle it at us go on to do well at mediocre teams down south, what does that say about their standard when our rejects do well for them. They just can't accept that we are bigger and better and their best players will cast them aside when we come calling. Its jealousy. Not one team in england outwith the top 6 epl sides could lay a glove on us in terms of history and club size and if it wasn't for tv money they'd be nowhere. let's be honest, chartlon derby leeds portsmouth or the famous? . Every fan from down there creams themselves when they know we are coming for a friendly game. As I said the majority of these clubs and their arrogant fans are mediocre at best. ?.

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23 Jun 2019 14:19:18
Coldo the championship in England is by far a better league than ours and apart from us and them league 1 is better than our league.

23 Jun 2019 14:44:21
Competitive wise yes Gannet, but quality and standard wise compared to us and celtic? I'm not sure. Waghorn windass garner etc couldn't meet our standards but have found their feet in that league. Many players from them leagues have come up here to us and failed spectacularly, particularly over the last 3 years. Mckay hopeless in spl but decent in the championship.

23 Jun 2019 14:52:44
Coldo 100% correct. I get a bit angry when reading the usual nonsense from down south. I put it down to ignorance and arrogance. This is reflected in SOME English players (eg. Worral) coming to us all a bit yes what ever its just Rangers and the old firm, I've played in big matches at Forest (LOL) what's all the hype about kind of talk, then 2 months in they realise they are in one of the biggest clubs in the world and their attitude changes pretty quickly. When Windass and Worral are in their 70s will they be saying to the Grandkids look this is what Grandad used to do and watch clips of Wigan v Huddersfield and Forest v Barnsley or will he say do you know Grandad used to play for the famous Glasgow Rangers, what! Aye boys, here, this is what 50000 fans sound like when you pump Celtic.

23 Jun 2019 15:36:18
Very true TJBB, although windass can't say that because he never pumped celtic the useless t?@t that he is.

23 Jun 2019 15:39:42
Funny about worrall tho, down in his league he was worth 11mil but up here our league made him look like an 11k player. Better quality my @rse. Another one that couldn't handle it at the famous or in scotland.

23 Jun 2019 16:25:29
The Championship is a far superior league to ours in terms of money. It is the sixth richest league on the planet. They can buy £10 million players down there without breaking sweat. Rangers and Celtic are the only two clubs in the SPFL who have and can buy players. Name me the last time outside of the old firm that a club in the SPFL bought a player. It is made up of loans and free transfers.

The English teams have tradition just like up here. The fact that they don't win much does not mean the tradition is not there. A lot of there teams are as old as ours. Speak to any one of their fans from any club and they will tell you so.

We are now competing with the Portsmouth's and Oldham's of this world. Long gone are the days when we could buy the best.

23 Jun 2019 18:30:08
worral cost us the league!

23 Jun 2019 18:34:36
Saudi Arabia is one of the richest countries in the world still wouldny want to live there, in a second tier league money is an interesting commodity, what's it for, what you going to win, nothing! its all about promotion get more money and even then win probably nothing. The big clubs have stolen a March on everyone and its very unlikely anybody will ever catch up in terms of finances unless FIFA step in and even the playing field to pardon the pun. Andy Robertson is valued on TM (I know I know) at 54 million, he's a very good player but he's no Roberto Carlos.

23 Jun 2019 18:39:59
Was hoping nobody picked me up on the Windass oversight, putting Aberdeen didny have the same effect LOL, still he will probably play his Celtic goal over and over to his Grandkids and who could blame him, to hear the roar is worth it on its own.

23 Jun 2019 18:57:09
They might have money but does their money in transfer fee's represent quality? No it doesn't. Worrall is not worth 11mil and waghorn is not worth the 7mil. Both were useless in the spl. Just because they are as old as us means nothing. They will never be as big as us, that's why their players would rather sign for us than the likes of charlton etc. Even kent would rather come to us than go to villa. As I said, their leagues might be richer and more competitive but the quality of these leagues does not reflect the money that's there. Their clubs are mediocre in stature compared to the famous.

23 Jun 2019 20:19:31
The Old Firm, with current squads, would have no issues competing in the Championship. And as soon as we had the TV money players would be crawling over each other to come to us.

23 Jun 2019 21:44:09
Regarding Aribo signing for us. I've never heard of this guy but going by reports there were a host of teams looking for his signature. Championship, Premiership, Celtic and some foreign teams. This guy must be a player and i'm excited to see him play. Credit to Gerrard and his team for bringing him to Rangers.

P.S. i'm not going to check hģm out on YouTube!

24 Jun 2019 12:20:45
Coldo, that's utter garbage. Down here there not dissing his move to gers as retro step. They know Charlton and Euro football far apart. Rangers every season. He'll play in front of nearly 50k at Ibrox every second week. Posh 20k at best.
Training facilities etc. I could go on. There English, yeah, but there realists, not fantasist.

24 Jun 2019 12:27:27
Yes they are miller. Have you read their twitter comments? I suggest you go and read them before coming on here and talking nonsense.

24 Jun 2019 12:49:05
Coldo, these just twitter. I speak to Addicks fans one to one every day. They know Robins to Rangers no brainer. Most twitter @@@@ your reading just media outburst. English media trying to show their superiority.

24 Jun 2019 16:00:59
No miller its charlton fans and most of englands mediocre clubs fans.



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