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11 Jun 2019 21:24:30
Breaks my heart, but i am glad scotland are getting beat, love my country and used to love the national team, they are so anti Rangers, the SFA can't help putting the boot into my club. Hate posting this, but am really annoyed by it. Used to love cheering on scotland, but at the moment, i don't care. Am i wrong? What do you think Bears.

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11 Jun 2019 21:37:40
Yeah your wrong but I guess you know you are with the majority of your wording, donít worry youíll get loads of support on here from the anti-Scottish rubbish which is posted on here every international break. Iím Scottish by choice and British by rule and Iíll support Scotland and Rangers until my last breath!

11 Jun 2019 21:49:38
Sadly, I'm in total agreement. At my age (67) I never thought I would be so disinterested in my national team and the last thing I want for them is success. It's what the SFA deserve from me. Rangers first and always.

11 Jun 2019 21:51:53
Laudrup no1, I am like you, I never missed an international in the past, but what really has killed our international team is the lack of home grown talent being given a chance, we settle for mediocre players from lower level English football. That is why I want to see players that Rangers purchase in Scotland get the chance to show what they can do at Ibrox, not at any other Club on loan, and as such they may develop into International players far quicker, look at the player Kamara has developed into already for Finland, just one example.

11 Jun 2019 21:56:13
Good post and I agree 100%.

11 Jun 2019 21:56:57
I don't know what to feel mostly annoyed at the anti rangers thing they have got going on. I used to love going to pub with my pals for a few pints and watching Scotland now I not even bothered but still love my country.

11 Jun 2019 22:22:52
can't agree, want Scotland, my home nation, to do well.

11 Jun 2019 23:00:30
That's not entirely true though is it? Are you forgetting old firm last season where Morelos should of been sent off but brother Beaton prevailed?

Or how about SFA postponing league restructure so that it was 3rd division you's dropped down to as result of liquidation and not out SPFL set up altogether?

11 Jun 2019 23:11:00
You are wrong. in my opinion anyway. . your country is your country and you should never want them to get beat. The pride should never leave you and win lose or draw being Scottish is something special and our support is loved everywhere. Your not supporting the SFA itís the team and what they represent.

11 Jun 2019 23:23:23
I was never the biggest Scotland fan. Sure I would want them to do well but the day Ryan Jack got booed was enough for me. Too political and thatís why Scotland will never get better.

12 Jun 2019 00:19:09
Iííll say this . I am sure last year we were linked with a possible loan deal with Ollie Burke . praise the lord that never happened.

12 Jun 2019 00:07:55
Probably a bit extreme wanting them to lose but it is easy to be indifferent to the team when they are such garbage.

Another dimension is that the nationalist movement have stolen my country from me. You are either for them or you are not a real Scot.

Their constant moaning and manoeuvring for power and ultimately independence, has caused me to feel more British than Scots.

12 Jun 2019 09:06:38
@cool - you've hit the nail on the head. The SNP are tearing the Country apart. Which is now filtering down to the national team. Even online, the venom displayed against anyone who disagrees with their policies is OTT. They are talking about boycotting Tunnocks because he accepted a knighthood!
Back to football - is any Rangers player worthy of a call up?

12 Jun 2019 09:58:16
You've hit the nail right on the head coolatballet. Couldn't agree more and it is exactly the way I feel too.

12 Jun 2019 19:04:10
And anybody who thinks everybody loves the tranny army I can assure you that's not the case. Especially when they are seen exposing themselves, scratching their arses with hat feathers and pissing in front gardens.

12 Jun 2019 22:04:57
Thought this was a rangers forum? Talking about the Scottish National team, fair enough its football. What has politics got to do with anything?



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