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14 May 2019 20:43:31
Fellow Bears

Great result at the weekend and let us savour our victory. Upgrading Flannigans to a red proves that the compliance (and I use this term lightly) is totally biased, corrupt and is no service to Scottish football other than make Scottish football a laughing stock. No wonder we can't get a better slice of the TV revenue from SKY, BT or anyone else

Simanovic did the same to Defoe, but no response. There was more coverage of the pigeons than that incident shown by the BBC. (Blatantly Biased for Celtic)
How'many issues have been raised not just on Rangers incidents but the whole league. Now look at the stats of the "Always cheated never defeated brigade" and not once have they been cited.
The odds on that happening to any team are the same as winning the lottery.

What I'm saying is, out of every tackle from every celtic player in the whole season the ref seen every one clearly enough that it did not require to be reviewed . F*****G B******T

Time to expose this rubbish and complain under the trades description act that the SFA are corrupt and not providing the service they are promoting.

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14 May 2019 20:49:36
If that was any other team then that would stay a yellow. Surprise surprice; let's punish Rangers yet again.

14 May 2019 21:07:24
Skyblue the CO NEVER upgraded a thing. Incidents are reported to the CO. The CO then asks the ref to look at it again as its been reported. The ref has clearly said in retrospect its a RED and therefore its been upgraded. If it’s reported the CO must ask the referee to look again. That’s the rules I’m afraid. IF the ref hadn’t changed his mind there would’ve been NO further action.

14 May 2019 21:30:20
Yes but who reported it to the CO. Lowell, celtic the BBC . My point is why have Celtic never cited.

14 May 2019 21:31:51
Paranoid. boo hoo everyone's picking on rangers.

14 May 2019 22:01:58
A typical answer from someone of lesser intelligence.

I assume you are the typical celtic fan in total denial and spend your time on Rangers Forums. Ask yourself honestly, have you seen any tackles carried out by your players and thought “ Oh rubbish that’s a red” and nothing came of it.

Take the green tinted glasses off watch and listen to Sportscene have an honest review and you will understand.

Unfortunately I know that the words, watch, listen honest and understand is completely beyond your intelligence especially in the one sentence.

14 May 2019 22:02:50
The CO said she looks at all incidents reported NO MATTER THE SOURCE and then makes a decision. I have reported several incidents involving mhanky players this season and not a single one has been acted upon. The corruption is rife.

14 May 2019 22:50:13

Your team got picked on badly on Sunday. 2-0 going on 5-0. Boohoo to you too.

Pucker up your bum and get ready for next season.

Also, a poor Hearts team are going to take you twice as they are hungrier.

No treble and 3 points gap at the season's end.

14 May 2019 22:55:01
Col, the master of the one liners. Don't you know any more words? I blame the schools.

15 May 2019 08:20:31
Bottom line is we should focus on things that rangers players can influence such as behaviour and discipline because if they did we would not have to put rangers in a situation where they are punished. In my humble opinion we focus on our own issues rather than focus on other clubs or governing bodies.



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