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01 May 2019 11:20:53
Are we supposed to be grateful now that the compliance team have let Defoe "off the hook" for assaulting Lewis. It's becoming so pathetic and transparent now.
I guess every single collision across the league will be getting reviewed each week then. Defoe is trying to veer away from the keeper and Lewis continues forward with his elbows out to collide with Defoe, where's Lewis' attempt to avoid the collision. The BBC and some of our voluntary compliance officers in the East end actually have the bald face cheek to say Katic has went down with minimal contact to his face yet you'd think Defoe had just laid a Haye-maker on Lewis and broke him in two. Don't remember anyone calling Brown embarrassing or dramatic when he went down holding his face when he clearly got hit in the chest. It's getting so pathetic now, the public put so much pressure on Brown to get cited so they do but in such a pathetic way that it's just swept under the carpet, yet several replays and a mention of it on the BBC and some whining on twitter and this had made it to the compliance officer, in what must've been a day at most, over something that must happen across the whole of scottish football on a weekly basis. If that's not evidence of what we're truly up against I don't know what is. Thought it was Morelos that had his card marked but this is getting silly now.

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01 May 2019 13:13:14
No one likes us, we don't care! It's actually becoming embarrassing how blatantly the BBC and some journalists try to taint everything the club does. They are still bitching about Morelos when he isn't even playing. Two stone-wall penalties and a goal wrongly chopped off and Rangers are the bad guys!

01 May 2019 13:38:26
I found McInnes’ comments on Katic hilarious. Listen to his interview again when he’s slaying Katic. In the SAME sentence he says Ferguson should go down (dive) then he says Katic has went down too easy (he dived) . So if an Aberdeen player dives that’s completely acceptable but if a rangers players dives then he’s an embarrassment.

01 May 2019 14:15:53
McInnes should be questioned over his remarks about Rangers players and also about expecting his player to dive.

Also, never understood that when broonie went down holding his face in both hands after being touched on the chest by Morelos, why the compliance officer did not ask why he was holding his face?

01 May 2019 14:19:41
SG said katic went down easy and wasn’t a pen and sheep player shouldn’t have had 2nd yellow and he is right was never a pen in a million years, it was a disgrace what katic done.
Also Defoe has no reason to throw his arm up at the keeper tho they weren’t much in it to be honest and the sheep keeper could have got out the way.

01 May 2019 15:29:26
McInnes is a fanny.

01 May 2019 15:33:25
Gannet - Katic did what almost every European player would have done - go down. Even Andy Walker stated at the time that Katic was right and that it WAS a penalty. You do not have to be poleaxed to be given a penalty - obstruction is enough.

01 May 2019 17:07:37
Can't believe some of our own fans swallow actually this s***e from the BBC and journos and turn on our own players - Gannet, are you actually Tom English in disguise?

01 May 2019 17:14:07
Take no notice of what anyone says about our team, just remember " WE'RE SIMPLY THE BEST.

02 May 2019 08:09:21
The katic pen was soft, but considines arms did catch him, therefore it's not a dive. He gives the ref a decision to make.

Brown should have been booked for crowd incitement. I hope that when we take care of them at ibrox next week, we make sure that our celebrations are clear for ALL to see.



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