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09 Jul 2024 15:20:39
The biggest concern for me right now isn't the stadium, it's going to be extremely difficult to shift average and injury prone players such as Dowell, Lawrence, Matondo, Hagi etc since they are all on good wages there won't be any incentive for them to leave. No club is going to match what they are on currently which could see them running down their contracts or leaving on the cheap.
It's clear as day we can't sign many more, especially experienced players, until we shift some. Looks like we still need a spine of the team (CB, CM, CF) along with a couple of wingers.

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09 Jul 2024 15:36:13
Correct blue. I was saying this yesterday mate. Our player trading model is shocking. Just last year this board allowed Beales expenditure ?.

09 Jul 2024 15:47:27
thats our main problem shifting players that are on big wages for
a lot of othr teams.

09 Jul 2024 16:19:07
Probably going to be criticised, but I'd sell these players below their market value just to get them off the books.

09 Jul 2024 16:25:48
Do these players have a decent "market value" lol.

09 Jul 2024 16:45:07
Selling players not wanted has been a big issue since sg days and I agree we can't add till we get Rid of some guys.

09 Jul 2024 17:25:45
Mark I agree, will have to take hit on some players to get them off books. no point on keeping if they are not going to play.

09 Jul 2024 17:29:22
Yes, getting rid will be tricky but footballers know their career is short and some want something to show for it. eg Butland.

09 Jul 2024 18:04:27
This has always been a problem for Rangers for as long as I can remember. Will probably have to loan the guys out till the end of their contracts and hope they have a purple patch like Lammers did to generate some interest.

We shouldn’t allow that to hold us back tho!

It didn’t hold Celtic back when the still had Barkas, ajeti etc on the books.

09 Jul 2024 18:30:02
Am sure players can wangle some of the transfer fee into their own pocket to soften a wage drop and possible longer contracts at other clubs, a lot can come down too family and out all the players that might be leaving Ben Davies might be the one that might want too stay on to suit personal reasons and can’t blame him, others will probably move on one way or another.

09 Jul 2024 18:56:43
So Carluke, were the board not supposed to back Beales expenditure? If they hadn't and the team started badly, they would have been blamed for not backing him.

He was an imposter, but he was the guy a lot of the Rangers support wanted. Personally I never liked the guy and thought they were right to sack him but of his signings we should be able to get our money back for Dessers and Lammers, Sterling has been a great free signing, Butland is now valued at £15 million and he was a free.

Sima was a loan but a bargain loan and Balogun was a free who we've just given another year. Dowell hasn`t done much but he was free and we should be able to get some money for him and Cifuentes was poor but didn't cost much and we may recoup most if not all of it.

That leaves Danilo and he had two bad injuries so the jury is still out. Guys like Matondo, Hagi, Lawrence and Davies were not signed by Beale or the current board. So move on to your next negative post.

09 Jul 2024 20:28:49
Great points 4ever even Celtic have dead wood they can’t shift like Scott Bain etc every club has and half the folk said Beale was the brains behind sg.

09 Jul 2024 20:37:22
Wslgers it’s been failure after failure with them though.

It’s been 658 days since we heard from our chairman.

In that time he’s:

Sacked 2x managers and watched our rivals win 3 titles in a row.

Overseen a stadium upgrade which now sees fans being locked out of Ibrox with no real timescale as to when we’ll be back in, all after paying for Season Tickets.

There’s a lot more that could be questioned but I don’t want statement after statement but when it’s an issue which effects 50k of us who invest in the club each season and we still don’t know what is going on it is nothing but a fecking disgrace. Take yer blue specs off brother ??.



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