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09 Jul 2024 13:36:44
Voting rights reinstated to Easdale brothers on their 20 million shares.

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09 Jul 2024 13:53:36
I thought these guys were part of the problem as to the deals we had back in 2014 but a lot of rangers man speak yo speak highly of them, perhaps they aren’t the fat man’s puppet.

What’s your thoughts John?

09 Jul 2024 14:02:06
Should we be worried John? Could the rumours of them buying the club be correct?

09 Jul 2024 14:15:07
Funny that there was a news paper article about them at the weekend and they spoke about how they enjoyed their time at Rangers. Makes you wonder.

09 Jul 2024 14:22:35
They won’t get near the club John. Perhaps they could join this page ??????.

09 Jul 2024 14:28:03
Interesting John has this just happened today?

09 Jul 2024 14:31:00
Gaz u reply to this thread or question I asked u on other thread re fox Easdales et al

Sunshine I wrot last year we were headed for worrying times, told not to scare monger, you decide What last year has been like

Dado I think they r no puppets but sided wwith mA.

09 Jul 2024 14:44:08
Carluke the court case decision announced yesterday, has been pending for few months, . I believe we did not contest it, no reason to imo.

09 Jul 2024 14:44:42
Gut feel, is the fat man looking for a way back? Or these guys want a fresh start?

09 Jul 2024 14:45:30
I remember you posting it John, but rest assured, I took on-board what you posted.

FLB, I've just said the exact same to 2 Bears in my work. That media article is now looking like a well placed piece to try to project them in a good light. Very worrying.

Would the Park's, King, Bennett etc sell their shares to these guys after what they done?

09 Jul 2024 15:06:36
John I replied on the other thread however I shall reply here. John Halsted looking to invest heavily and become major shareholder. This relys on King, Park, Bennett playing ball. Coming from same source who told me Anthony Gillinski was to become our new head scout ??????.

09 Jul 2024 15:11:14
Long time no see gazgers ma bhoy ???? you bored?

09 Jul 2024 15:24:00
I have Big Diddy. Bored of finishing 2nd like the rest of us real supporters ??????.

09 Jul 2024 15:27:23
Gaz good stuff,

King is working with fox and brothers.

U picking up on Gibson, joining board by next agm. Imo this would be very positive.

09 Jul 2024 15:42:42
King is categorically not working with the Easdale brothers. They hate each other.

Not picking up anything on Stuart Gibson however he backed Stewart Robertson and Ross Wilson so I am not so sure ????????.

09 Jul 2024 16:05:43
Cheers for update gaz.

09 Jul 2024 16:37:02
Cheers for that update mate. Sounds like Halsted is a major driving force?.

09 Jul 2024 17:31:59
Thankyou wise John.

09 Jul 2024 18:48:14
Do you think that Ron and Reg will lay on Mcgills f. o. c if we go to murrayfield or hampden.



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