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09 Jul 2024 13:23:01
Think we need to breath as fans. I posted a couple of weeks ago that signing will slow down. We have spent over 8 mill already and with 5 players leaving for nothing. So cash will be tight. New signing will be made, but we first need to move on certain players that don't have a future at the club and also the small matter of a poss 40 mill for CL qualification.

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09 Jul 2024 13:42:39
Aye Stewarty let’s try all breathing as fans and singing Kum ba ya. We don’t have a stadium to play in and it’s one disaster after another at Ibrox with no communication from those in charge. Take the blue specs add pal and wake up ????????.

09 Jul 2024 13:50:21
Where have we spent £8million? Cortes loan, Jefte, Kelly, Nsiala free, Barron fee not decided yet and Igamane £1.7 milion . I suppose we add in Diomande £4.5 million but that only takes it just over £6million . Don`t know the details but would be surprised if we are writing cheques for full amounts all at once, payments will be spread. . Pretty sure we will know who we are selling and what kind of money we are likely to bring in and as for the CL money we won`t get past the qualifying rounds with the squad we currently have . We need some of the more experienced players in before those games.

09 Jul 2024 13:59:36
Really need to wake up and smell the coffee. This season looks like a disaster waiting to happen.

09 Jul 2024 16:48:24
Stewart we won't get cl money unless we can improve the 1st 11 I'm unsure the signings we've made do that with exception cortez.

09 Jul 2024 16:50:31
Wsl diomande was 5 mill euro imagame
Was 2.36 euros and jefte was 800k euros we will also have to pay the sheep between 500k - 850k so very close to 8 mill pounds. With no player sales. We all want signing in but not going happen until players are sold and it's established, what level we get from Europe, either CL cash or Europa cash. This will dictate what level of players we go for.

09 Jul 2024 17:03:01
Well what a contrast to last season when we were all high on Beale optimism and bull. Phillip Clement is a good manager and will provide us with a team to be proud of, it might not be the finished article at the end of this window but I believe he will bring back success. The players we brought in over the last two seasons will take some shifting unfortunately so this is going to impact who we bring in. Construction projects overrun it’s not the first time. At least we will begin this season with realistic expectations.

09 Jul 2024 19:04:37
Stewartyblue12, so what you are saying is we`ve spent 8 million euros which is a lot less than £8 million. I just assumed that we were talking pounds . We haven`t spent anything on Barron and by the time we need to we probably will have sold some players anyway . Who did we pay money to for Jefte, I thought he was free as well, so I`m right we haven`t spent 8 million pounds or euros or should I say committed to paying 8million pounds or Euros.



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