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09 Jul 2024 09:10:32
Disgusting post yesterday from football Scotland. Have since apologised but nobody who works there cannot be that niave that they had no idea what they were posting.

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09 Jul 2024 09:47:31
What was it.

09 Jul 2024 10:02:58
Paul what was it about mate.

09 Jul 2024 10:32:27
They knew what they were doing with that post, Paul.
As you rightly said, disgusting.
But doesn’t surprise me in the slightest as Scottish football is very toxic at times now.

09 Jul 2024 11:16:42
Hi Paul, what did they say?

09 Jul 2024 11:21:48
Could you be more vague ? what was said?

09 Jul 2024 11:38:44
Absolutely disgusting Paul I saw that. The editor should get sacked for allowing that headline.

09 Jul 2024 11:41:23
Shocking from the Scottish media as usual ??????.

09 Jul 2024 11:45:30
Mph, since it doesn't look like Paul is going to be forthcoming with what was written, could you enlighten us?

09 Jul 2024 11:49:49
Picture of the back of the copland with all the building work ongoing. Headline. IBROX DISASTER. even celtic fans were calling it out. And the headline quickly changed. Too late.

09 Jul 2024 12:12:16
Sorry for late reply hubby. I am actually on shift at work albeit not very busy. I didn't state what was said originally as thought majority would have seen or heard about it.

09 Jul 2024 12:24:07
Was a complete and utter disgrace seen and they changed it rather quickly nothing but filth.

09 Jul 2024 12:35:55
Never seen or heard that but if that’s true then it’s despicable and the writer should be reprimanded. Do we expect anything less from the media in this country though. Even that I’m not even surprised.

09 Jul 2024 12:38:07
Shocking beyond belief, but then we seem to be fair game for any neanderthal that fancies having a pop.

09 Jul 2024 12:40:48
Since they're part of the D Record, this doesn't surprise me. Having worked there for 6 years, I can assure you, this place is riddled with filth.

09 Jul 2024 12:41:06
Never been on the site. Never will.

09 Jul 2024 12:47:00
Agree mph, that can't even be up for debate, they knew exactly what they were doing. Scum!



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