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09 Jul 2024 01:49:38
I don't get the whole drama with stadium not being ready.

This isn't the first or last time these types of things happen, not just in Football but all over the world on any construction job.

I for one am glad the club listened to FANS and put their hands in their pockets to make the improvements. And I like others hope they don't stop there and fill in where the screens are to increase capacity. Making Ibrox bigger, better and more accessible to our differently abled fans.

I don't get why this is perceived so negatively. We play somewhere else for a bit. Big woop.

ST holders will be given tickets to wherever we temporarily secure.

And I don't see any advantage/ disadvantage to our playing staff tbh. We should be ready to play in the car park if needed IMO so those screaming DOOM need to calm down, u will live longer.

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09 Jul 2024 06:13:24
Penny it's the fact the club aren't telling the fans anything and it's creating space for others to talk nonsense. Come out tell us what plans the club have where we wil likely play our matches and when will fans get back to ibrox.

09 Jul 2024 07:29:16
OWS, i'm not in the least bit happy that it looks like we'll be playing our home games at hampden, until october minimum ?I truly think it will go on beyond october tbh and i hope i'm wrong, as i like the rest don't want to be going to hampden to watch my team play our home games, who does ? But until everything is sorted and decided officially ie. where we're playing our home games and until when, i think the board bennett and co are quite right to not announce anything until all is known ?.

09 Jul 2024 07:31:28
They can't do that till any deal for alternative stadia is finalised, also believe they are doing a feasibilty study re-3 stands/ determination of the length of disruption. Patience.

09 Jul 2024 07:34:17
Think they were waiting until they had some concrete news too tell us but after it kicked off a bit yesterday online a think we might here from board today, wither if anything is 100% confirmed I doubt it, agree with penny to an extent but everything building up between losing league, transfers not going quick enough for some and building work, if we were sitting with league trophy in cabinet then it wouldn’t of been as bad among supporters.

09 Jul 2024 08:14:49
OWS so say for example the club announce we’ll be playing at Hampden for the foreseeable future before signing a deal only for the SFA to move the goalposts and we can’t use Hampden and the club then need to announce another statement saying we’re not playing at Hampden can you imagine the criticism they’d get?

09 Jul 2024 09:17:33
It would be a bit silly of the club to tell us where we are playing at the start of the season if the deal hasn’t been signed would it not one Walter?

09 Jul 2024 09:24:11
Anything the club say will IMMEDIATELY be jumped on and twisted, misconstrued, slated torn up for arse paper.
So in the words of Jeremy Clarkson Say "Diddly Squat".

Yes fans need to know especially those affected, plenty of time for that to happen yet.

09 Jul 2024 10:23:46
Years ago did we not play with the Govan / Centenary stand incomplete?

It would be a PITA for those who lose their seats temporarily, but would save a few quid and some compo could be devised.

09 Jul 2024 11:50:54
Clarification would be good mate. Silence is deafening ??????.

09 Jul 2024 12:26:00
They will clarify when they have a deal in place.



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