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08 Jul 2024 08:54:55
Can’t see Dessers in the photos rangers media just put up for the trip to the Netherlands so as reported on here it does seem like he’s away. Also all the players are wearing these long socks does anyone know that that’s for? I’d guess it’s some sort of compression sock.

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08 Jul 2024 09:18:23
Pics yesterday Dessers definitely 100% travelling with squad.

08 Jul 2024 09:20:20
David dessers travelled with the squad.

08 Jul 2024 09:28:24
David, i'm sure i seen by dessers yesterday in photos with his rangers travel t-shirt on ?.

08 Jul 2024 10:06:01
You’re right he is was just the photos they put up this morning he wasn’t in.

08 Jul 2024 10:19:32
David the socks are compression socks, to keep the blood flowing. They are quite a common thing especially on long haul flights. Being in a confined space for any number of hours, makes it difficult for the veins in your leg to circulate blood to your heart, because of your limited movement.

08 Jul 2024 10:23:05
Boy Blue, due to limited movement? I’m in trouble?.

08 Jul 2024 10:47:31
You ain't in any trouble orygbmb, a heard you've got the moves like mick jagger ?.

08 Jul 2024 11:09:06
Compression socks for a flight to the Nether regions, not sure that’s the only reason.

08 Jul 2024 11:17:14
Anyone know the whereabouts of Sam Lammers? Not seen him in any pics or videos.

08 Jul 2024 11:36:20
Sima, that's my understanding of them, I think you can get a couple of different kinds mate. I know the rangers flight isn't long haul, but any flight can cause swelling in bottom half of your leg, maybe trying to stop that if the boys are training soon after flight.
Ed, do you know anything about them?

{Ed001's Note - as I have poor circulation, I wear compression socks a lot. What happens for me in normal life is the same as most people suffer with on a flight. The blood ends up pooling in the feet and ankles, rather than being pumped round properly. Compression socks, of all kinds, put pressure in areas where the blood would otherwise pool and hopefully stop it from happening. They do work to a degree, certainly they reduce the problem, but they can get painful, hence why you see a lot of players cut holes in their socks to reduce pressure.}

08 Jul 2024 12:01:31
Thanks Ed ?.

{Ed001's Note - very welcome.}

08 Jul 2024 12:15:59
What I didn't get from the pics. Why was there no rangers branding on the travel wear? I get castore are our shirt maker but surely you use club branding.



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