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07 Jul 2024 14:36:02
If we sell dessers we can get rhamani?

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07 Jul 2024 14:53:11
I suspect we’ll try Wilkin.

07 Jul 2024 15:17:31
Wilkins 100%.

07 Jul 2024 15:45:04
What I can't understand is this fascination with foreign players. Are proven Scottish Players no longer suitable for our club? We've wasted millions of pounds on foreign duds over the past few seasons.

07 Jul 2024 16:12:50
Portger, what proven Scottish players would you go for?

07 Jul 2024 16:16:10
Unfortunately, the evidence is there in front of us at the Euros, portger. The foreign players are miles in front of the Scottish players.

07 Jul 2024 17:32:51
John, is there any concrete interest in dessers?

07 Jul 2024 17:49:38
My personal choice is Miovski, not sure if we are interested and there is interest from other clubs, no doubt Aberdeen will try to get as much as they can for their top asset and that’s understandable, he’s proven he can score goals up here and is a tidy finisher, with a bigger club he will get better.
If we are going for a striker for around 6 I would test Aberdeens resolve.

07 Jul 2024 19:03:25
Cmac I’m told we have accepted two offers and given the player permission To talk to them, however I believe he’s lookin at france and Spain as well.

07 Jul 2024 19:12:52
Would not be giving Aberdeen 6 million he’s a decent player aye but better out there.

07 Jul 2024 19:47:18
I agree, Miovski would be my choice as well. We have just signed a prospect, we don’t need another. We need tried and tested and with Miovski we are guaranteed 20-30 league goals (maybe more) .

Give them the £6M and try and mend some of those bridges at the same time. Fed up with the amount of rivals we have as a club when others only have 1.

07 Jul 2024 20:02:38
zikos, every club is our rival, they all want to beat us more than that other mob and always will, I personally take great pleasure in it, even when we are not the best team in the country we will always be the biggest club.

07 Jul 2024 20:36:22

It's not fascination, just reality. I realise Scottish contingent a must but this rule hampers us. We're a party little country who should play who we want, not be hampered by EUFA rules, regs. They will see error ways when larger population countries like France, Germany begin dominate.

07 Jul 2024 20:36:39
Yes go for Miovski, but bridges being mended, that just won't happen, their hatred of us runs too deep, plus you know they will jack the price up.

07 Jul 2024 22:00:51
Coopersdad, if we are to start signing the best talent in Scotland then we need to have good relations with other clubs- at least off the pitch.

Some of the best Scottish players we have had came from other clubs. Goram, Gough, etc. even Cooper!

07 Jul 2024 23:18:36
Hi guys, I was thinking in particular, Shankland or Miovski and possibly Armstrong from Killie, basically guys who know and have done well in our league, and also whom I feel would improve with better players beside them, just an opinion folks.

07 Jul 2024 23:22:51
Zikos I absolute hate Aberdeen mate. More than Celtic.

I’ve a lot of Celtic minded friends and family.
Don’t have any Aberdeen n I just hate that club.

However I totally agree with u that we should be starting to try to put these past problems behind us and as u out your mend relations in order to both better our relations and better the league and country as a whole.
Maybe that’s just too much common sense mate eh.

08 Jul 2024 08:19:11
Mend relationships? With hate. good start!

08 jul 2024 14:04:39
lol colonel, i thought that.



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