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05 Jul 2024 23:41:15
Really wish Cantwell would quit this social media nonsense. Looking like he's desperate to leave, and again won't be on great terms sadly the way he's going. Can be a cracking player on his day but not enough. This never change for anyone mantra does my head in. Never heard of self improvement. Without changing you never get better. Maybe why he's never hit the heights expectated when breaking thru and likes of Spurs and Liverpool were interested. c'mon son knuckle down and learn from others and you could still be a star with fans who adore u.

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06 Jul 2024 05:42:42
There’s always some sort of valid reason when fans dislike a player when they leave particularly when they came through the youth academy. Not saying it should’ve stopped us signing him but the way Norwich fans viewed him means this isn’t really a shock to me.

06 Jul 2024 08:27:19
I think Cantwell is one of our best players and if he knuckles down, listens to PC and plays for the team and less as an individual he could be great for us this season if he stays ??????.

06 Jul 2024 08:39:35
Time for him to go. some of these footballers are incredibly immature, he seems to call into that category.

06 Jul 2024 08:55:19
I really can't stand the wee idiot, and more fans are turning against him. If we can get a buyer, get him out the door.

06 Jul 2024 09:56:01
Never change for anyone?
Well he hasn't been good enough, often enough, and if not willing or more likely able to change, get rid, asap.

06 Jul 2024 09:59:46
he has the ability but he clearly has his demons and unfortunately he has a bad habit of irritating people that detracts from his game. If he put all his energies into his 90 minutes on the pitch he would be excellent and that would be the best way for him to show people like Sutton.

06 Jul 2024 10:08:34
TC is the very definition of flash in the pan. He needs to learn humility and he might have a successful career somewhere.

06 Jul 2024 10:26:08
Reckon cantwells trying to work his ticket out the door.

06 Jul 2024 10:35:16
He's 26 and will be 27 in February, so, even though he acts like one, he's not a wee boy.
He should maybe take a look at the other man child who played for us (Morelos), and take stock of where his career has ended up.

06 Jul 2024 10:55:20
Just another player who is not as good as he thinks trying to keep his self relevant,

06 Jul 2024 11:20:21
To be fair on Cantwell he works hard on the field and can look special at times but needs to get his numbers up big time, would not mind keeping him if others can be sold but if the right bid comes in then it’s thanks and goodbye.

06 jul 2024 11:34:56
the oubs in glasgow are full of guys who had cantwells talent, a few even better, he should think about that and how lucky he is, imo, he does a lot and very little at the same time.

06 Jul 2024 12:41:04
PC didn't pick him in a few big games last year, when he did pick him I think it was because there was nobody else tbh. According to many he's been like this his whole career, he isn't suddenly going to knuckle down and play best football of his life, the annoying thing is he probably could. Needs to go imo.

06 Jul 2024 13:51:54
I`ve said it before there are a good few players we should be wanting out the door before Cantwell . More goals and assists than any other midfield player has, if we think he has underperformed then what about the rest. By all means get rid of him if we sign someone better but if we are keeping Lawrence and Dowell then god help us. Clement should be working like crazy to get the best out of Cantwell and Lowry who both have talent that others can only dream about.

06 jul 2024 14:18:10
altho, having thought about cantwell, he has had nothing in front of him, i mean nobody with the intelligence, sharpness or knowhow to move into the positions he should be finding

maybe with a quality player ahead who can move, adjust quickly and shoot on sight, cantwell would do much better.

06 Jul 2024 15:15:07
What’s Lowry done like wsl? Absolutely nothing.

06 Jul 2024 16:23:08
Interesting seeing your responses guys, thanks, wasn't able to come back on earlier. doesn't seem like there's that many coming on to defend him which is a pretty good indication of feelings about him.



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