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04 Jul 2024 23:14:55
Dessers cost 4.5 million and in today's market that's not a lot for a striker scoring 20 plus goals a season. If he scores all those chances he misses he wouldn't be at rangers! He's what you get when shopping in the market we shop in. I reckon this season coming up he would score even more. Got a shockingly hard time from some fans. Guy never hid even when he was having a shocker. Good luck to him if he moves on. Alfie scored less and he was idolised.

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05 Jul 2024 00:34:42
Alfie got abuse as well and was far from a lethal striker, cost us countless points with red cards as well and missed some sitters, not many get off with no abuse.

05 Jul 2024 01:01:46
I'm looking at Nicola Sturgeons coupon just now and i must say that it brings back memories of Alfies wee huffy mush and it's brill. Hopefully she has a nice wee room in Cornton Vale shortly.

05 Jul 2024 03:29:44
Amen Three Cheers.

05 Jul 2024 05:04:55
Am listening tgo Sturgeon and she she says it's the Gazza effect well i thank you Paul or as Gerry Mcnee called him No.8.

05 Jul 2024 05:05:26
Like i posted the other day there, i would be happy if cyriel dessers remained with rangers as part of our first team squad ?Big nice one isn't anywhere near as bad a striker as some would have/ want you to believe ?I wouldn't say he should be our no.1 striker for the new season but most definitely part of our squad and undoubtedly a good part to play ?If big dessers does move on, i wish him all the very best ?.

05 Jul 2024 05:41:12
Thing is Pierre, Celtic have strikers who would bury the sitters that Dessers missed so how can you say that "Dessers wouldn't be at Rangers" if our rivals can attract strikers that can finish those chances? The amount of BS that folk come away with to defend Dessers is unreal. Nevermind stats, use your eyes. £4.5m wow just wow. Who cares if he never hid, that won't win us titles. The same folk that idolised alfie are the same folk defending Dessers, is it any wonder why we are called serial losers. Our fans pandered to alfie for years when it was clear as day his attitude was stinking. Just look at the chaos he caused in Brazil, called out again for his fitness, being fat and general attitude. Some fans wanted to bring him back and touted him as quality and would play in the top 5 leagues. Some of us kept in touch with reality though.

Dessers is not good enough for our bench if we are serious about winning titles.

05 Jul 2024 05:49:14
If you don't think he should be first choice then why do you want him at the club? That mentality is exactly why we are 2nd. We should have 22 'first choice' players fighting it out.

05 Jul 2024 06:12:23
Never mind stats? So a supporter isn’t allowed to look at stats? Our manager waffled on about stats quite a bit in his interviews towards the end of the season. Maybe he should use his eyes?

05 Jul 2024 06:48:47
We had a half decent striker then the manager would have used his eyes and Dessers would be benched. We had no one else, that's the only reason Dessers played. Managers say a lot of things azul, don't take it as gospel. Stats don't always paint the full picture and the manager won't exactly come out in the media and throw him under the bus will he.

05 Jul 2024 06:58:58
Lanza, if you read my post i've explained why my friend ?.

05 Jul 2024 07:04:04
Playing sterling as a winger and a defender who can’t defend when there was a defender who could defend wasn’t exactly using his eyes either. it’s hardly all Dessers fault. what about the defence who couldn’t defend? Did he notice that?

05 Jul 2024 07:14:28
Lanza how do Celtic have strikers that would bury those chances? Dessers outscored Celtic strikers last season so your post is bs.

05 Jul 2024 08:12:32
Lots of twisted knickers on here and wringing of hands, 7 weeks left, chill fgs.

05 Jul 2024 08:36:38
I don’t wear nickers fork I’m more of a kilt and baws out kinda guy ?.

05 Jul 2024 09:17:15
? Lanzager (cc) Dessers scored more than any celtic cf last season, kyogo missed as many sitters as him.

05 Jul 2024 09:22:31
Each to there own azul???.



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