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04 Jul 2024 12:22:48
We question guys as most of our fans want either shanks or the boy from the sheep. Both of these players take the pens for their clubs. What would dessers numbers be if he took our pen last season.
My guess would be well into 30 plus goals. A certain Mr mccoist and Mr Hateley missed lots of chances but where normally bailed out with other players in the team scoring.

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04 jul 2024 14:03:42
i wouldn't put a single pound coin on dessers to even not mishit from the pen spot mate and i mean that, i also wouldn't have put a penny piece on morelos to score from the spot

in fact when morelos was about to take a spot kick v celtic i was almost apoplectic that we were throwing away a wonderful chance, 30 secs later i was correct, i knew he wouldn't score, he wasnt very good and neither is dessers, that's why we still sit runners up.

04 Jul 2024 14:08:04
cannot have Dessers on the pens, he’d want to dribble it round the keeper.

04 Jul 2024 14:17:46
Dessers has scored from a penalty for Rangers, i agree stewarty he'd have scored over 30 goals last season.

04 Jul 2024 15:12:26
Scored 13 in his career, missed 4
76% success.
Rangers got 21 penalties last season meaning Dessers in all probability would have scored 16 of them.
Which would have taken his total up to 37 for the season.
And for the SPFL would have meant him nearly being a 30 goal a season striker.
Comparable with any striker in the league over the last 20 seasons who has taken penalties apart from The Thumb.

04 jul 2024 15:35:56
i never once said he hadnt scored a penalty

i said i wouldn't put a pound on him to do it,

04 Jul 2024 15:57:26
If he took penalties, my god we're clutching at straws now. Need far better than Dessers for our bench.

04 Jul 2024 17:58:53
Dessers has 100% record from the pen spot for rangers 1 out of 1. He has took 17 in his career and scored 13.

04 Jul 2024 18:02:10
Same rule applys to if he was better at finishing he could have had 30 in spl. if the rest of players chipped in with more goals, we could have won the title. Dessers done more than most last season, but trying to add penalties that he didn't take to his tally, make it look better, does nothing.

04 Jul 2024 19:22:32
Dessers mentioned in the same sentence as McCoist and Hateley, he wouldn`t even have got near the bench in those days. Every striker misses chances but not the easy ones Dessers does and very few go out of their way not to shoot like he does. Those two legends contributed massively in other ways not just scoring and Dessers can only dream about being half as good as either of them.

04 Jul 2024 20:10:43
Wsl that’s bs every striker does miss easy chances now I don’t think he should be number one striker for us but to say stuff like that is nothing other than utter bs .

Every striker missed chances but not easy ones like dessers ???? yes they do.

The place is nuts.

04 Jul 2024 20:54:05
They don't miss as many sitters as Dessers and if you think they do then you are nuts and talking BS??.

05 Jul 2024 02:01:05
Dessers would stray offside taking a penalty.



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