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02 Jul 2024 23:24:28
Keith Jackson has just done some hatchet job on James Bisgrove in tomorrow's record. He then goes on to say that we have nearly got a deal for Hampden, but could still be murrayfield or a 3 stand Ibrox. So in other words Keith doesn't know. PS hope we got that £800k upfront and the saudis don't read the daily record lol.

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03 Jul 2024 10:43:09
Bisgrove did a runner before the you know what hit the fan over the stadium and spoke many words but never actually told you anything there's no doubting the great job he did with marketing but as CEO was a failure.

03 Jul 2024 13:03:34
One Walter how do u do a runner and get between four and five times your salary, getting employer you r running from 800k.

03 Jul 2024 14:35:43
He did a runner by leaving us in the rubbish with a stadium not finished in time where he as cep was in his remit and a squad thar needed rebuilt and I'm sure you'll know John Bennett was unhappy.

03 Jul 2024 14:43:46
John with the greatest of respect why is it no1 in. power at our club can be critisced on here without you going against it. Let's be honest here we build ed house way over budget that many felt was a vanity project we failed to back sg after 55 have hired 3 managers since then wasting millions in the process had the debacle of old firm game in Oz have been to court more times than Ironside and from what I understand lost many of those cases have a what was minor build new looking like being months behind schedule and whilst Bennett wasn't chairman during all that time was on the board and as for bisgrove he was at fault for the Oz debacle and backed MB whilst having no dof to help him and as I say now he's left us with a stadium behind schedule prob costing the club more money so I respectfully ask do any of the named deserve critiscm.

03 Jul 2024 15:20:27
Deserves an apostrophe now and then? ran out of breath reading it. Walter chill bud, different strokes for different folks mate, it's all about how people see things.

03 Jul 2024 15:32:20
Made a archie if that meant comma, Diddy that I am?.

03 Jul 2024 16:25:07
Go read my criticism of board members,

We backed sg, he said he would resign if board sold Morelos Kent kamara,

The vanity project you refer to, to help address ffp u need to create revenue streams, so is knew restaurants and sports bar also vanity projects

U do know these capital outlays actually assist us re ffp

Upgrading stadium and achenhowie capital projects also offset against ffp

Had we played game in aus we would have made millions, now having to pay back millions, first game off four we need to play with out getting a penny, it was board who approved it, park park Robertson, Bennett voted against it

If dof did not back manager many would complain,

03 jul 2024 16:55:10
must be a great life supporting rangers, apart from the daily deoression and impending doom, almost every club on the planet have made poor decisions or done something wrongly, but we survive and now move on, i have absolutely no concerns with the work being done, nor do i give a flying fek about gerard, or morelos or kent, all water under as far as i'm concerned

walter, try to get it 8n yer head, nithing will ever be smooth, its a football club with very deifferent scenario than other businesses but a business none the less, there was a hiccup in materials, so what, we are currently making big changes to bring in better revenue to assis5 in ffp rules, let them get on with it, bisgrove left fir a fortune, not because the stell was going to be a couple of days late, i watched 3 stands being knocked down and rebuilt long ago, didn't worry me in the slightest.

03 Jul 2024 19:55:52
I mind that back in the day too, TT and crossing the mate upgrade when it was dirt, all on the way to being lifted over the turnstiles, David Holmes and Lawrence behind that if I'm correct.

03 Jul 2024 20:32:35
"M 8" predictive txt's a Diddy. ?.

03 Jul 2024 20:38:15
Tom, I felt angry because I genuinely feel our board have got away with a lit because they're rangers men and decisions they took have set us back 5 years at least, I am passionate about our club but I won't apologise for my views or posts I make.

03 Jul 2024 20:41:03
Tom with respect it's not a couple of days late it poss months but our board don't bother to come out and tell us what's going on but I respect your opinion mate.

03 jul 2024 23:01:40
theyre trying to run a very high profile business, and i respect you, just take a step back because its like reading a post from a conspiracy theorist sometimes.



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