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01 Jul 2024 20:37:59
Having again watched the uninspiring france this afternoon, i think the winner of the euros will be the winner of the spain V germany quarter final on Friday. ?I think spain will beat germany and it's the speed and attacking football that spain play with a very high intensity that is superb to watch and very difficult to stop. ??

? If they convert the many chances they create with their superb football style they won't be stopped imo ? At the moment spain are levels above france, portugal and germany for me ?.

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01 Jul 2024 20:56:45
Levels above but never beat any main nations, big difference when up against France Germany England, have an off day and your out in knockouts, hopefully French for me.

01 Jul 2024 21:19:50
Sws I'm expecting a Spain v England final.

01 Jul 2024 21:22:58
Can’t argue with that sir Walter.

01 Jul 2024 21:38:50
England are my pick, not due to thier form I just have a feeling that it all fall into place for them.

01 Jul 2024 21:54:34
I can’t see England beating the Swiss and I hope am right.

I bet Spain but they played well to begin with World Cup and got pumped by Morocco still hope they win right enough.
France could end up clicking at the right time same as England could also.
Too hard to pick a winner at the moment.

01 Jul 2024 21:58:42
Spain for me as well SWS.

02 jul 2024 00:58:36
always have to laugh when i hear the old “ levels above”

usually nonsense.

02 Jul 2024 05:12:10
TT12,i know it's an old saying mate but imo to what i've seen so far, spain are levels above ?.

02 Jul 2024 06:42:29
Thought home advantage and a side on the up wd do it for Germany.
Their big midfield enforcer misses out through suspension against Spain though doesn't he?
Must confess to having some on France as well.
They have the look of a side playing well within themselves, very athletic outfit.
They will have to 'show' at some point if they have any aspirations to win the thing though.

02 Jul 2024 08:51:28
Spain are playing the best football by far and have the two in form players at the tourney with Lamal and Williams. I hope Portugal win it as I love ronaldo but failing that I’d be happy with Spain or England. Just anyone but France.

02 Jul 2024 08:52:23
Think the big Arsenal defender who plays for France is the best CB out there at moment, if I had to bet my house on it then Spain for me so far, they just create a lot of chances while others struggling too, Austria a dark horse tho.

02 Jul 2024 09:28:49
Anyone else you fancy to win the euros wishy.

02 Jul 2024 09:49:56
I didn’t say I Fancied more than one team if you read it again. I said I fancy Spain but I want Portugal to win it. I also said I’d be happy with either England or Spain winning it too. If your going to come back with a smart arse comment read it properly boo?.

02 Jul 2024 12:01:26
To summarise the above, France Spain England Germany Portugal or Austria could win the euros, always good to get the inside info from the people in the know.

02 jul 2024 12:22:49
theyre good coops, but certainly not levels above germany, italy, france belgium even switzerland austrua england or romania fir that matter, jus a bit better than most.

02 Jul 2024 13:28:01
Austria have been very good so far.



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