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01 Jul 2024 07:24:09
Transfer market has Igamane signed for us today for £3m. Fingers crossed.

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01 Jul 2024 11:41:26
Can't see it went on seen nothing about this went onto transfer market ???.

01 Jul 2024 11:45:53
Ignore my last post Dado found it hope your right mate then get rhamani in would be great as well ??.

01 Jul 2024 11:49:39
Have you seen this guy play before? Is he any good?

01 Jul 2024 12:14:07
Never seen him play but just about to play for Morocco lammy, can't be bad eh, raved about by many, Koppen is top level at buying youngsters with quality.

01 Jul 2024 12:34:28
MyStar you said this all last pre season aswell. Morocco ain't that good btw.

01 Jul 2024 12:43:42
They were World Cup semi finalists Lenny? I’m not what your expectations are for Rangers signings but that’s a good standard in my opinion.

He looks a big lad my star, looks physical and I’m sure he’ll give your centre half’s a fight Lenny.

01 Jul 2024 12:46:41
Morocco done very well at the last World cup top four, but according to you there no good, have you got anything positive to say about Rangers? this is why many think you're from the darkside.

01 Jul 2024 12:48:20
What did i say last year that Koppen signs many talented youngsters that we'll make coin from lammy?

01 Jul 2024 13:14:05
Lammy Morocco are listed as 12 in uefa world rankings mate, wouldn't say they aren't that good.

01 Jul 2024 13:52:45
I honestly don't really care what other people on here think I am. It's not the school play ground it's a fans forum. When fans don't say things positive it usually means there isn't much to be positive about. Rangers are a shambles at present and I'll post what I believe.

01 Jul 2024 14:02:08
Ask again, have you seen any of these cheap players lammy? you just said Morocco aren't a good side, but making a semi final in the wc tells me you ain't got a clue about them.

01 Jul 2024 14:22:52
I watched Morocco in the last African nations cup and they weren't a side top 12 in the world. They lost to a poor SA side. The WC was nearly 3 years ago It's a different batch of players now.

01 Jul 2024 14:48:04
Perhaps the start of the transfers arriving as we’re now in a new financial year.

01 Jul 2024 15:01:43
Morocco ain’t that good semi final of last World Cup you got to laugh ?.

01 Jul 2024 15:39:03
Some people will always be negative,
PMA bears.

01 Jul 2024 17:53:48
Never a bear Wilkins, not in a month of Sundays.

01 Jul 2024 18:39:21
You don't get to 12th on fifa rankings if your a crap team, there 12th now not 3 year ago, still be mostly same player's.



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