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30 Jun 2024 14:19:28
TikTok Tod. calling a fan a "Weapon" . Time to move this player along . Such a shame as his skill is never deniable. The fans pay your wages pal. Less talk and more action. Take a leaf out of our new signing Connor Barron and dump social media. watch your mindset instantly improve .

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30 Jun 2024 15:37:37
Players are allowed social media. If a fan giving it to him he's more than entitled to give it back. Just like butland did face to face with the guy outside ibrox when butland called him a pr**k.

30 Jun 2024 15:56:32
Totally disagree . making 30,000 quid a week should require earplugs . obviously the fan has mental issues . if every player jumped around getting into arguments with fans it would be a sad state of affairs. ignore and get on with your very well paid job. but hey each opinion to their own.

30 Jun 2024 16:13:35
Tod is young and only doing what the rest of us would do on a sat, few beers . Should he k ow better prob yes, but so what . Live ya life .

30 Jun 2024 16:43:04
The boy asked him to do his talking on the pitch, nothing more and is not bothered about the comeback from Cantwell, he is chuffed he got a reply from him maybe not so happy his mates calling him weapon now tho, mountain out of molehill.

30 Jun 2024 17:47:09
The boys hardly having a go he's just stating the obvious, obviously hit a nerve though, way that reply. Maybe if tod concentrated more on football than tiktok dances, he'd be fist on team sheet in big games.

30 Jun 2024 19:52:43
The players under no circumstances should be required to take abuse off anyone, every player is within his rights to tall anyone where to go when they start that nonsense. Well done Cantwell.

30 Jun 2024 20:20:34
I really like Todd as a player, However he has to widen up and decide what his priorities are, pc won’t put up with this nonsense imo.

30 Jun 2024 21:57:08
We do have our fare share of weapons to be honest.

30 Jun 2024 22:25:33
Saying do your talking on the park isn’t abuse but calling fans weapons is get him out Sharron.

30 Jun 2024 22:26:22
Point out the abuse sima you can’t because he didn’t get abused. Stop making excuses for a player calling our fans names aka real abuse.

30 Jun 2024 22:27:44
Celtic fans absolutely love Cantwell. he’s another Morelos can’t do anything against them but acts the hard nut lol. no rangers player should be dancing on tik toc.

30 Jun 2024 22:29:15
Deee how does the van have metal issues for saying what we all think. Absolutely horrendous comment considering it’s a member of this pages son.

01 Jul 2024 01:13:53
Raskin a didn't get that either, that the fan has mental issues, for telling someone to do there talking on the park. Not like decee though, no sure he ment it like that.

01 Jul 2024 06:18:05
Weapons mmm, that was getting called out 2 days ago on here, when another poster, nameless, accused this site of been full of Weapons, does he have mental health issues. ? people need to chill?.



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