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29 Jun 2024 22:14:17
See Cantwell called a rangers fan a weapon on Instagram because the fan told him to do his talking on the pitch after he posted a reel.

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29 Jun 2024 22:30:08
Good job he’s not on here then eh? Full of them.

29 Jun 2024 22:56:48
I take it you mean fans Capt.

29 Jun 2024 23:03:38
Bang on tav.

29 Jun 2024 23:13:50
Don’t know who the fan was but couldn’t agree more, I read Cantwell comments and thought just be quiet and demonstrate what you mean, the fans are tired of talking it’s time for the delivery phase.

30 Jun 2024 02:08:30
It was my sons mate who he replied too, the boy just saying what we are all thinking.

30 Jun 2024 02:59:49
Captain tav, full of what on here, fans or weapons?

30 Jun 2024 06:22:37
Pretty obvious it’s full of fans on here so you work it out Einstein.

30 Jun 2024 09:22:38
Never took you for a keyboard hard man, CaptainTav! Weapons?! C'mon, just because you don't agree with posters, doesn't mean their "weapons". I take it I'm in there because of my views on Tav? Love it! ??.

30 Jun 2024 09:58:38
Obviously Tav was talking about himself ?.

Cantwell shouldn’t be getting involved but he can’t help himself.

30 Jun 2024 09:58:56
Sunshine 100%.

30 Jun 2024 10:15:09
Captain Tav your 1 of the weapons that wanted us to back Beale.

30 Jun 2024 10:47:55
Cantwell is an up his own arse wee tadger who is nowhere near as good as what he thinks he is. Get rid of him, he is not what we need.

30 Jun 2024 13:36:08
Cantwell is one of the few players in our current side worth watching and until we sign much better than we have got, should always be a first pick. He is allowed to post on Instagram and if " fans" want to slag him off then they should be willing to take it back. His input is criticised but he has scored some great goals and assists and his goal count is almost more than the rest put together, maybe people should start slagging them off instead.

30 Jun 2024 14:34:59
Captain tav, why are you and your pal livi on here if it's full of weapons? Why don't you both go somewhere where everyone will agree with you, that's obviously your problem, people having a different opinion.
Couple a Hot totties ?.



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