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26 Jun 2024 20:42:06
Someone was telling me there that England will avoid Italy, Germany, Spain and France, could only play one of them in the final, but will avoid all of them in the run up to the final, because they're all on one side England on the other side.

Can anyone confirm this? That's unbelievable if true. Every single tournament they get the easy draw, never been in a group of death in their life, even their qualifying is always a breeze.

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26 Jun 2024 21:01:08
They can't play Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium or Germany until the final.

26 Jun 2024 21:04:44
Aye it’s true on ssn ??.

26 Jun 2024 21:19:26
Stop this England are lucky nonsense - I read it all the time with us and Celtic. It's the luck of the draw. We should be looking at our own weaknesses because that game with Hungary was a real hard watch- they gave us the ball and we couldn't do anything with it, no creativity in midfield and a toothless attack- how Adams played most of our games is beyond me.

26 jun 2024 21:40:43
yip bb it’s a long held mystery to me, not long ago the scarcely lost a goal on a etc group, they couldn’t have picked easier opponents in fact one of the pundits said on the eve of the first game england wouldn’t even draw one game, he was correct, some of the lowest ranked countries in the world seems to be england’s only opponents at major tournaments, one of life’s mysteries.

26 Jun 2024 21:44:48
Yes the pundits spoke about this on ITV the other day and looks like they'll be playing Slovakia in the next round rather than Netherlands.

26 Jun 2024 21:46:01
That's correct and just got easier with Georgia beating Portugal means they get Slovakia instead of Holland.

26 Jun 2024 23:26:56
Lanzarote, are you telling yourself to stop saying England are lucky? As your the only one on this thread to say it mate. We are all talking about the easy draw they get all the time, you just need memory to realise mate.

27 Jun 2024 00:06:37
Boy blue- they got lucky this time but they are not lucky all the time- look at last euros when they had Germany in quarter finals.

27 Jun 2024 01:20:52
They play Italy or the Swiss if they win in the last 16.

27 Jun 2024 02:01:03
Tbf boyblue mate I less they improve dramatically I wouldn't be worried about them reaching any final.

27 Jun 2024 02:57:29
Italy will do them in.

27 Jun 2024 07:26:37
Think if they get past next round then they play Italy if they get through also.

27 Jun 2024 07:46:23
It called seeding and what pots teams r in, also it them impacted by group position and other teams positions.

27 Jun 2024 07:51:42
A win against lowly Slovakia and the English will be world beaters once more - the press/ media will then be asking who they get in final and all will be rosy in the English Garden and football will be coming home YET AGAIN- just hope that Tallies can do them in semi should quarters go as expected - dread to say it but could see them getting to final - its groundhog day ?.

27 Jun 2024 07:57:23
If you tell people they should support the country of their birth fair play. When some of us say we can no longer bring ourselves to back scotland you don't understand that point of view fair play. Where though does supporting your team come with an obsession of what another team are up to. Well i know a team that supporting them comes with an unhealthy obsession of what others are doing. England are not playing well but i hope they do well but i can't see past spain. These opinions are based on football though not a victim mentality that causes excuses blame and conspiracy.

27 Jun 2024 08:27:53
Funny thing is if they hit their stride they could win it.

27 jun 2024 08:32:01
“ stop this england are lucky nonsense

“ it’s the luck of the draw “ you should be on the stage mate.



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