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24 Jun 2024 12:30:17
The Armstrong incident was never a penalty he was looking for it by launching himself against the defender.

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24 Jun 2024 12:45:44
Lithium, I thought the same.

24 Jun 2024 13:18:37
It was a stonewall penalty he got in front of the defender who kneed him in the back of the leg . I would be raging if that had not been given to Rangers in a game.

24 Jun 2024 13:23:48
Clear initial contact from the defender into the back of Armstrongs knee.
Was a clear cut pen for me.

24 Jun 2024 14:34:54
It was more stonewall than the Great Wall of China. It has become pretty clear that not only does VAR never give Celtic any decisions but also Scotland. Please don’t get me started on Argentinian refs as well because he clearly hates bagpipe music hence the no award.

24 Jun 2024 15:16:29
Was a penalty all day long.

24 Jun 2024 15:18:23
Incredible to think there are people out there who don't think that's a penalty. An absolute stone waller, as clear a penalty as you are likely to see anywhere.

24 Jun 2024 15:18:35
The defender ends up in a rugby tackle position over his shoulder of course it’s a pen Armstrong in control of the ball.

24 Jun 2024 15:52:23
Armstrong initiated the contact by jumping in front of the defender. No penalty, not even a VAR case.

24 Jun 2024 16:05:11
Definitely a stonewall penalty for me.

24 Jun 2024 16:17:28
He was looking for it but doesn't mean it wasn't a pen. Stonewall for me. Though doubt would have mattered as we'd still probably found a way to pass it sideways or back to defence.

24 Jun 2024 16:31:27

24 jun 2024 16:40:19
he attempted to drag the defender onto him. , ref saw it clearly, why didn’t he shoot?

24 Jun 2024 16:58:48
Three Cheers, are you sure you've got your post right, you mention Celtic never getting any VAR decisions, lol.

24 Jun 2024 17:23:52
Initial contact was staying pulling the defender strip down and it’s pretty obvious when you see it from behind the goal.
Don’t know how anyone can think it’s a pen because it’s not.

24 Jun 2024 18:55:04
Strong, opticians mate. might still be doing that 2 for 1. Another saying he initiated contact by jumping in front of him, jeez some poor knowledge of football on here.

24 jun 2024 19:01:52
clark steadfastly refuses to acknowledge armstrong committed the first foul by pulling the guys jersey onto him, he tried fir a pen instead of having the balls to stay strong and shoot, ref saw it and now clark can’t accept it for one very simple reason, because he knows there will be thousands screaming same thing, but var didn’t even look, it was a uruguay free kick if anything.

24 Jun 2024 19:08:34
Armstrong got in front of the defender which he is perfectly entitled to do and the jersey pull is after the defender fouls him.

24 Jun 2024 19:12:40
If Harry kane or Ronaldo goes down like that it would be given as a penalty. England got a softer 1 in the last euro semi against Denmark.

24 Jun 2024 19:29:17
Some say penalty some say naw. So why no VAR. just to clarify. Robbed!

24 Jun 2024 19:50:32
There is Sollof ?.

24 jun 2024 20:13:52
poor knowledge of football must exist in the ref and var too then.

24 Jun 2024 20:51:05
Armstrong had the ball so he was entitled to slow down and cover, the defender was clumsy and his knee went right into him. penalty every day of the week.

24 jun 2024 20:54:43
and “ poor knowledge of football “ has zero to do with an opinion on a foul or not, ridiculous thing to say, again i believe armstrong lost balance and grabbed out first.

24 Jun 2024 21:05:21
Scotland are rubbish always have been! But it’s a definite penalty! I was born in Scotland like most on here. And I support Scotland

24 Jun 2024 21:06:17
Tom it definitely wasnt a free kick to Uruguay ?? definitely a pen his knee hits armstrongs calf takes his leg away from him. Every pundit says pen after game, even shearer said He Couldn't believe it Now commentators in Italian game saying it was a farce. Shearer likes to have a we dig at us aswell, that's when you know it definitely was,



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