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21 Jun 2024 07:46:07
Delighted with Barron robust full of energy with good legs young boy who will captain us in the future get Bailey rice in beside him and an experienced pro like Kenny McLean to bring these boys on.

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21 Jun 2024 08:27:47
That sound terrible if am honest. Am not sure barron is a starter for us but more a squad player to fill european quota. He was in and out aberdeen side last season not a nailed on starter.

21 Jun 2024 09:02:49
I'm sure Barron was only out the team because he wouldn't sign a new contract. Their results improved when Barron was playing again. 42 appearances for Aberdeen last season.

21 Jun 2024 09:37:49
Barron isn't getting 15k a week to warm the bench.

21 Jun 2024 09:40:16
Correct one again Gal.

21 Jun 2024 09:34:14
Still think weed better in the to control middle of the park. Nit any stronger in there than last season and celtic controlled us pretty comfortably.

21 Jun 2024 10:32:54
Paul, Barron was the best player on the park in Aberdeen semi final against them.

21 Jun 2024 11:07:56
15k a week? Surely not?

21 Jun 2024 11:08:43
Lammy for the record matondo gets 28k a week to warm the bench.

21 Jun 2024 11:23:51
And you would hope he is only going to get better / good energy, tenacious with decent shot nice passer think he ticks most boxes tbh a starter for me ??????.

21 Jun 2024 12:06:00
Matondo getting 28k is mismanagement from previous board members Paul. We are giving Barron more a week than O'Riley is getting at Celtic. He's seen as a starter on these wages. Rangers are cutting the wage bill and 15k will be a starters wage from here on in.

21 Jun 2024 12:06:14
That’s the alleged weekly pay which does include signing on fee spread over 4 years, apparently 600k signing on fee. Imo that’s fair.

21 Jun 2024 12:08:43
Thought Barron did well against that mob last season.

21 Jun 2024 12:39:39
If he’s free he’s for me.

21 Jun 2024 13:04:04
Lithium he's not free. Likely half a mill.

21 Jun 2024 15:02:04
Half a million. this day and age. nearly free. Bargain all day long!

21 Jun 2024 15:33:47
Barron is a great young player we missed out on Ferguson because certain people didn’t think he was good enough and look how that turned out. I think he’s been bought as a starter and I’ve seen enough from him to say imo he’s better than Raskin with far more energy than lunstrum and he’s a Scotsman witch is great ? I hope he absolutely smashed it at Ibrox!

21 Jun 2024 18:36:54
Highland bear the only people who matter re Ferguson was the managers and dof.

21 Jun 2024 22:52:24
I’m well aware of that John but they are also people. And the fan reaction is similar to this I don’t know if it’s because these guys played for Aberdeen? But like I said I think Barron is better than Raskin and I also said way back when, that Ferguson was better than anyone we had! Let’s get behind the lad!



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