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18 Jun 2024 19:24:33
They come over here all cloak and dagger,
But they'll never fit in because they've no got the swagger.

Rangers this, rangers that,
In a dark room way a celtic hat. ?

Why not stay on your own little site?
Where it's 'we hate Rangers' day and night.

First there's Kev, who swears we are dead,
Our 55 titles have went to his head.

Wee Joe n Mally, have had too much to swally,
Even they had a bet on our ally.

Then there's the curious case of Enrico annoni,
Who thinks he's Italian and eats macaroni. ?

Buzz bomb 10 is one of a kind,
Just can't get the Famous out of his mind.

Can't believe yous have faith in Brendan,
Who'll ditch his club first sign of attention.
You all seem to think he's a sensation,
Forgetting about his relegation.

I do get why you lot are so obsessed,
55 titles is a world's best.

Stay away from our site, you're nothing but pests,
You'll never be a part of simply the best.

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18 Jun 2024 20:07:15
???Excellent prose BB4, " An Ode To Lunacy"??.

18 Jun 2024 20:47:32
Outstanding BB4, absolutely outstanding mate.

18 Jun 2024 21:39:03
Absolutely brilliant mate ????❤️??.

18 Jun 2024 22:36:56

18 Jun 2024 22:43:55
Marks oot a ten boy blue superb best in a long time lovin it.

18 Jun 2024 23:18:20
?? bravo my true blue friend.

18 Jun 2024 23:18:29
?? bravo my true blue friend.

18 Jun 2024 23:42:56
William McGonagall has a serious rival.

18 Jun 2024 23:58:07
Very true blue.

19 Jun 2024 02:29:17
I read that with the tune of "forgot about dre" in the background. ? the lyrical miracle is here. ?.

19 Jun 2024 06:24:19
Absolutely superb BB4 ??Sums the obsessive lot up totally pal and so true in every aspect ? They've all got a bad case of "RANGERSITIS" even their directors at shareholders agm meetings and in that lot there's no cure ?.

19 Jun 2024 07:57:48
Boy blue, take a bow.

19 Jun 2024 11:15:40
Lovin it Boy blue, sheer poetry in motion.

19 Jun 2024 12:12:10
BB4 ??? ???????????.

19 Jun 2024 14:46:17
Loved it boy blue ?❤??.

19 Jun 2024 15:35:02
Cheers lads, really wish a could put up the original one a wrote yesterday but as yous know you can only get away with so much on here, had a couple belters aswell, is what it is ?.



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