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16 Jun 2024 22:56:33
Let's wish our only player at the Euros, Ianis Hagi, best of luck and to make us proud!

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17 Jun 2024 01:38:55
sorry, John Souttar too! Hope to see John on the field too! Good luck, boys!

17 Jun 2024 06:13:26
Souttar ain’t at the euros.

17 Jun 2024 06:17:55
Soccer. Souttar not in the squad.

17 Jun 2024 07:09:34
Is ridvan not at the euros.

17 Jun 2024 08:29:55
No he isn’t either mate.

17 Jun 2024 09:10:56
The Soutter and Goldson partnership cost us the league imo. You only have to see how much better our defence was in the cup final without the pair of them. John Soutter is an absolute bombscare who shouldn't be near our 1st 20 never mind starting most weeks.

17 Jun 2024 09:16:10
Hope Hagi gets man of the match and loses, because I’ve got Ukraine to win that match ?.

17 Jun 2024 09:36:42
Hope Hagi shows us excatly how good he is, in my opinion he should be the lynchpin of the team at Number 10.

17 Jun 2024 09:49:35
If Hagi was to become our "linchpin", then it's 2nd place, again! I take it you're not interested in trying to win the league, bouncy?! With aspirations like Hagi becoming our linchpin, you're not exactly raising the bar, are you?!

17 Jun 2024 09:52:16
Do the bouncy he's not great though. Hence all his time at rangers he's neber managed to hold down a regular 1st 11 slot.

17 Jun 2024 10:52:05
I smell green up there?.

17 Jun 2024 13:06:10
Hagi not starting.

17 Jun 2024 13:42:37
Yilmaz, needs to focus on his fitness this summer.

17 Jun 2024 15:40:07
In his time at Rangers, he's been played out wide mostly. He's never a winger. Play him in his natural position and watch him flourish.

Fork, I smell rubbish on most of your posts, never said anything about it but I will more and more if this "I smell green" nonsense continues.

17 Jun 2024 17:22:03
Do your worst DTB, who made u the post police, That's Eds job, I was highlighting a poster of the green persuasion, go pull up Gers 58 he highlighted it also, want to be a fud carry on, I don't care what u think as your irrelevant to me, something to say I will whether you like it or not.

17 Jun 2024 18:15:43
Dtb, fork is talking about lammy mate not you, I think, fork?

17 Jun 2024 20:50:05
Correct Bb4 backing up what Gers78 said bud. ??.



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