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16 Jun 2024 21:10:23
See the polish fans went on the rampage in hamburg 4 toilets were tiled 40 cars valeted and 12 living room walls got plastered.

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16 Jun 2024 21:59:22

17 Jun 2024 00:31:35
?? Thought it was just us who got plastered.

17 Jun 2024 01:22:09
Love a bit of casual racism on a Sunday night ?.

17 Jun 2024 03:59:30
Remind me never to attend any party where the devoid of humour sirwwaltermccoist is, jesus lighten up.

17 Jun 2024 05:40:32
Ffs sirwalter it's a bit of lighthearted banter and you come out with the racism card lighten up mate jeez.

17 Jun 2024 08:14:16
Things are well and truly goosed ?.

17 Jun 2024 08:30:31
It’s not racism but it ain’t funny either.

17 Jun 2024 09:32:45
I guess that means we need to bin any jokes about Irish man now swm.

17 Jun 2024 10:13:55
Agree one walter. Snowflake brigade would have you sacked from your job for such a joke.

17 Jun 2024 10:53:42
If it was out of order ED wouldn't post it.

17 Jun 2024 14:11:22
Somebody forwarded it to me yesterday. Thought it was extremely funny, as did my wife and pals, but then that's just us i suppose.

17 Jun 2024 15:01:29
Light hearted stereotyping is not racism get a grip.



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