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15 Jun 2024 07:39:44
I had a great night at the stadium last night and I got to see Scotland play at a major tournament. What can I say that’s not already been said? We were abysmal from the kick off. Not sure if it was Clarke’s tactics, players stage fright or if it’s the honest truth that we’re just not good enough. Probably a bit of all 3 if I’m honest.

The atmosphere in Germany is off the radar and the German people have been exceptional towards us. The train to the stadium was outstanding with both sets of fans signing at each other, good banter with no malice or animosity.

What was tougher to watch than the football was the two Scottish ‘football fans’ fighter each other just before have time. Literally the guy sitting to the left of me and the guy 3 seats down to the right of me. Total reprobates who have no right calling themselves Scotland fans.

Nothing will spoil the next two days and I hope (but doubt) we’ll get a victory against Switzerland.

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15 Jun 2024 08:09:28
Clarke had his tactics all wrong from the start imo.
It was a free pass for Scotland last night with nothing to lose. Too many players off it completely and it seemed they didn't know how to react to going 2 down .
Porteus is a muppet.
Also Tierney celebrating making a tackle with 4 mins on the clock was downright embarrassing.
Ralston was all over the shop too.
I feel Gilmour should have started as the way we were set up, we needed the best passer of a ball to find a front man whenever we got possession.

15 Jun 2024 08:23:22
Tactics wouldn’t have mattered it was men and boys and not singling him out as the other right back wouldn’t have been any better but when you have a player like Ralston in the team you ain’t beating Germany. Then you bring on the likes of Hanley ? bombscare but not one player got pass marks last night.

15 Jun 2024 08:34:06
Glad you enjoyed yourself bud, shame the team didn't ?, and your right bud there us always some out to cause trouble, good your positive and won't let them spoil it, enjoy ??.

15 Jun 2024 09:11:28
Clarke couldn't manage to stir a cup of tea, absolutely woeful appointment and sooner the imposter is gone the better,8 out of the 11 had association with that horrible rancid club in the east end, the guy is incompetent!

15 Jun 2024 09:44:32
Maryhillbear1872,who would you want to be the scotland manager, if you don't mind me asking mate ?.

15 Jun 2024 09:49:50
Scotland have been playing 2hd tier teams for a while and got lucky v Spain, this was a huge step up, and tbh, no surprise.

15 Jun 2024 09:51:40
Tbh David Moyes would get a better tune out of this mob and he wouldn't stand with a bemused look on his face he'd be tearing shreds off them, I have never rated this charlatan Clarke, he should never have been given the job, mediocre Kilmarnock team that got lucky a few times, that's about the sum of his achievements, and for the imbeciles at the sfa giving him an extension is a terrible decision!

15 Jun 2024 10:15:22
I would agree with David Moyes.

15 Jun 2024 10:15:38
Imbeciles, SFA nah cannot be right??.

15 Jun 2024 11:00:11
I think Davie Moyes would be ideal for the job. I've never liked Clark and personally think if we'd have lost 7 or 8 last night he should have got sacked.

15 Jun 2024 11:17:09
? I know Fork it's hard to believe eh ?.

15 Jun 2024 11:55:48
Total embarrassment last night - feel for the fans who paid a fortune to be there ??????.

15 Jun 2024 12:35:36
Sure us bud??.

15 Jun 2024 15:38:17
Three goals and a man down and Clarke decided to take off a striker and put on another centre half, says it all. The wee lassie that manages my local spar could do a better job than that halfwit from Saltcoats.

15 Jun 2024 18:27:19
If only Scotland had Britain's highest scoring defender James Tavernier and midfield maestro Todd Cantwell in the lineup.



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