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14 Jun 2024 05:44:05
Too far down now but it's a reply to fork about my post about the European squad. If you only register 5 of a possible 8 home-grown players it does not mean you then have your non European players reduced by 3. It means you just have 3 less homegrown players. That is it. Otherwise it would be like a double punishment. So basically you can have 17 non homegrown or locally trained players regardless, and 8 homegrown players, as a minimum to make your squad.

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14 Jun 2024 06:25:41
You miss the point OT, you lose in overall squad total, yes you still get 17 of the 25, but some of the homegrown are senior or vital, as stated balogun and yilmaz missed out due to squad being reduced, as squad dynamics in managers selection is affected and detrimental to the squad. If you include senior homegrown and don't fulfill your quota, foreign players will miss out, what part of that is hard bud.

14 Jun 2024 06:31:46
Plus read the posts back, I never said we lose foreign/ European players, I said we can lose them if the quota is not filled, it limits the managers selection choice by list A squad reduction. Uefa rules bud but the managers selection headaches can impact on others not homegrown as stated ie. Balogun/ yilmaz last time out and the squad was only 23 as opposed to full 25.

14 Jun 2024 06:45:37
Basically it's not the rules that reduce the non homegrown players, it the selection headaches the gaffer faces that impacts them when squad size is reduced. I see where your coming from bud, but it happens and not just to us?.

14 Jun 2024 07:13:02
It’s a simple rule, we r act The best position we have been in years re our own academy players that are 21 plus, wether they r good enough is a different debate, as it stands we have.
Mccrorie/ kelly
Wright, gk

Add in wright, Barron there’s our 8.

14 Jun 2024 07:16:15
Balogun and yulmaz didn't miss out because the squad was reduced. They missed out because they weren't picked to be part of the 17 non home grown players. I have read the posts hence why I'm replying. You said if you don't fill the quota for homegrown the squad is reduced, that's why they missed out. But that isn't the reason because reducing the number of homegrown players doesn't affect the amount of non home grown (17). The way you put it across is that if you reduce the amount of home grown that you select it reduces the amount of non home grown. So by that reckoning if you only select 3 home grown from a possible 8 then you reduce the non homegrown by 5. So that would mean 12+the 3 homegrown to have a squad of 15 lol. I don't think so.

14 Jun 2024 08:29:34
I never said that I said all along the failure of 8 of homegrown players reduces the A list quota, and gives the manager a selection headache in terms of squad dynamics.
Not once did I say that non homegrown players would be reduced, I said in every post that non homegrown player can miss out due to the reasons above and every previous post, you choose to interpret your own ideas of what it involves to suit your reasoning which is wrong. And you answer what I've told you in every post the past week in your opening 2 sentences bud in relation to non homegrown missing out due to manager selection headaches. There lies the issue, its selection headaches is why some miss out not squad size, made this clear numerous times.

14 Jun 2024 08:33:42
If it's came across wrong I apologise, but as stated its more about squad dynamics and selection problems, that can result in non homegrown not being included and that's included in posts to John, gofor and yourself all at different times the past 7-10 days. Hope this clears my thinking up bud?.

14 Jun 2024 08:36:36
Agree John it is simple to follow, but selection headaches can still see others miss out in the 17, as stated all along.

14 Jun 2024 08:43:46
Sorry to go on OT, but your not seeing the bit about players missing out because of selection headaches in a reduced squad.

14 Jun 2024 09:07:11
Plus, the reduction comes from the 25 not the 17 in list A, not in the way you refer to reductions in your post at 7.16 am, UEFA rules bud. ?.

14 Jun 2024 09:18:07
We get it. move on fork ?.

14 Jun 2024 09:43:03
Lol Colonel, just trying to clear it up for OT bud? moving on?.

14 Jun 2024 10:56:21
John - are we sure to sign Barron?

14 Jun 2024 12:42:40
Copland mb, if not we move on.

14 Jun 2024 13:14:09
Does McCausland not count as one of the 8, even though he is Irish he has come through our Academy?

14 Jun 2024 13:47:45
Agree John ?.

14 Jun 2024 14:04:58
Mccausland and Souttar count towards 8.

14 Jun 2024 14:50:57
Wslgers, MaCausland isn't Irish, he's British, as he's from Northern Ireland, thankfully still part of the UK.



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