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13 Jun 2024 07:41:14
If Rangers won't offer a measly 2 million for miller from Motherwell at the boys age bags of potential
Then I don't know what we are doing or hoping for anymore
If this rumour is true I'm totally baffled
And think it's a disgrace
Look at what we spent on lammers and Dessers and every other bloody player we have had over the seasons
But can't give 2 million for young player from Motherwell who would go on to make us potentially millions down the line could be an absolute player for us

Come on what's actually going on
Anyone know if this is true?

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13 Jun 2024 09:34:51
Motherwell won’t sell him for £2m. They sold turnbull to Celtic for 3+ they’ll want at the very least that but I’d expect 4/ 5.

13 Jun 2024 10:43:47
I don’t think we can sign 20/ 21 year olds exclusively, looks as though we are trying to reduce the average age of the squad which is a good thing.
Some experienced pros sprinkled among the youth is required.
Miller might have to wait until next season.

13 Jun 2024 12:13:46
Where are you getting we would not outlay 2m for the lad, if we get him for two million then there must be a couple of players heading in that direction as well, Rangers not releasing any info and 90% of info out there is just assumptions and guesses from mainstream media as well.

13 Jun 2024 12:43:15
The boy looks good but he could also be another Jake Hastie and to pay 2m for a teenager with 20 games in senior football who started less than half Motherwells games is still a gamble.

13 Jun 2024 12:48:12
Thestig why do you take everything you read as gospel?

13 Jun 2024 13:11:48
Im with you stig. Altho the windows not open yet i'm trying to keep patient. Missing out on main targets already feels like its going to be a theme.

13 Jun 2024 13:20:50
Stig we don't have a lot of money so can't buy everyone we get links to.

13 Jun 2024 15:52:24
Missing out on ‘main targets’ is a very subjective thing. Particularly on a rumours site like this, where few people really do know the inner workings of PC and his transfer strategy.
We have our valuations on players (both buying and selling) as do Motherwell, Rapid B, Penarol et al.
And…. At the end of this the players are human and as such prone to changes of heart, influence from family, friends and agents.

Personally I think the business we have done is far reaching nature and shows how hard a club needs to work getting players to come (even Scots, who have now been shown to be more adaptable to life in the likes of Italy than in the past) . No longer is the Gers Shirt enough of a reason to come play and we, like others will have 3+ prospects per position because the nature of transfers appears more precarious by the day.

13 Jun 2024 16:29:21
A very good post mcnaugten.

13 Jun 2024 17:03:21
Storm read the post again

“If the rumour is true”

I’m sure I wrote that on the post!

And gave my thoughts on it IF it were true?

Could have went the total opposite direction and said this rumour is a pile of ? when infact it may be true?

I don’t doubt your post Mcnaughton ??.

13 Jun 2024 17:21:26
Yeah well put macnaughten.

13 Jun 2024 17:48:05
Quite a few reasons why transfers don't happen. these agents must be a nightmare to deal with.

13 Jun 2024 23:39:52
Sometimes we have blinkers on, if I was a foreigner I’m not so sure I’d be jumping at the chance to play in Scotland.



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