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12 Jun 2024 09:14:53
Just posting a small rant. Why do people suggest scottish players be signed "for the European squad quota". Does my head in. I'm all for it if they are going to be heavily involved in the games, but absolutely pointless task if they are there to sit on the bench for a quota.

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12 Jun 2024 09:29:30
Because unless we want to fill our squad with the youth we need more home grown players.

12 Jun 2024 09:42:55
Because you lose main players if your quota is not full, but I understand your frustration and where you're coming from bud. If their in then use them.

12 Jun 2024 10:04:16
I think all would agree we mean Scottish or Scottish qualified players who can play 1st team football.
Which is why we have been linked at times with Kenny Maclean, Kelly, Barron, Harry Soutar, McKenna and more. Don’t believe we actively seek out squad fillers but at the same time we need to be both diligent and pragmatic in terms of costs and euro implications.

12 Jun 2024 10:40:23
Fork what do u mean u lose main players, I don’t understand this.

12 Jun 2024 11:10:41
You don’t lose players as you can still register the same amount of foreign trained players no matter what. It just means our overall squad is weaker as we’d need to fill the remaining spaces with youth players.

12 Jun 2024 11:23:07
My issue is why waste money on less talented players who would struggle to get a game in the SPFL never mind in Europe for Rangers.
I'd much rather promote the youth.

12 Jun 2024 11:27:55
Hi John, I think he was meaning if a few of our Scottish Senior Pro's were injured long term, we may have to use youth to maintain the quota levels, I may be wrong though.

12 Jun 2024 12:33:24
Nobody has asked for a player who’d struggle to get games for an SPL team. McLean McKenna Barron and Shankland are the ones I’ve seen on here and all would be able to do a job for us. Barron is the pick of the bunch for me and he seems to be the most likely.

12 Jun 2024 14:17:31
So you think McLean, Mckenna, Barron and Shankland will all walk into the Rangers team and are of a good enough standard to turn over Celtic?
Not very ambitious. IMHO.
Each to their own.

12 Jun 2024 14:35:24
Posted this after you asked gofor the other night John227, if your quota is not fulfilled with your 8 players in list A either homegrown or association trained, your quota of 25 players is reduced accordingly, List b is different, search my posts John, I lifted of Uefa site bud.

12 Jun 2024 14:52:08
David b you are wrong, A list is reduced if the quota of 8 is not fulfilled, as stated to John227, that's how balogun missed out and can't mind the other, as our squad was 23 instead of 25, only 6 were homegrown, so reduction of 2 players from list A, for every homegrown player not in the quota the squad is reduced, if it was 4 then squad is 21.

12 Jun 2024 15:05:26
So basically you must have the 8, if not then the squad is reduced, and even foreign players can miss out as the squad is diluted by the reduction, whether its 1 or 5 homegrown not in the squad, the reduction causes selection headaches, as instead of 17 main places in list A for the manager to fill, non fulfillment of the 8 is accordingly detrimental to who he wants in the squad if the quota is not full.

12 Jun 2024 15:09:27
Cool fork.

12 Jun 2024 16:29:54
Think the other may have been yilmaz, might be wrong though.



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