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11 Jun 2024 19:34:12
See the special one has told Kent to basically beat it, he doesn't want to work with a player who doesn't play or go on loan apparently, would we take Kent back and give Jose Hagi, who he wants, think I'll go and take my meds now??.

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11 Jun 2024 20:26:46
Even when Kent was here, he wasn't really here mate, lol. I wouldn't take him back at all. I'll never forgive that miss in the Europa final.

11 Jun 2024 20:31:37
With Kent, Waghorn and Candias up front, we would of won the league this season.

11 Jun 2024 21:07:13
Tbf I was just being silly lol??.

11 Jun 2024 21:44:12
I’m probably in the minority but I’d take Kent back on a free and on reduced wages. I’m not getting the “he downed tools” he worked his socks off however I do believe his form dropped.

11 Jun 2024 22:55:27
What makes you think he would come for reduced wages, would you go back to your last place of employment for less money.

12 Jun 2024 05:43:30
Can't you define a humorous post from a serious one, it was tongue in cheek. ? Hence the ?? at the end of the post.

12 Jun 2024 07:54:39
Common clementfan ?Fair enough if you don't want/ think we should bring ryan kent back to rangers, but to say it's because you'll never forgive him for missing a chance in the europa league final ?Do you think he meant to miss it and even our greatest players within the years miss chances mate, that's just football ? Outrageous statement imo ?.

12 Jun 2024 08:42:46
Sima it’s not really a comparison for a footballer, taking your family abroad, reschooling etc is a massive factor in decision making. Moving around the UK isn’t as bad but moving to Turkey is a factor and his mrs apparently wants to come home. Would he take a reduction in wages to come to Scotland? I believe he would .

12 jun 2024 09:23:22
sorry coops, i never forgave that miss either, easier chance i’ve yet to see to win a euro final

but i also can’t forgive tav and goldson fir the worst piece of defending i ever seen to cost us the game either, maybe it’s just me.

12 Jun 2024 09:38:38
Kent waghorn and candiaes ???.

12 Jun 2024 09:45:29
Dessers springs to mind SWS, I'll say it before someone else does n I like the big guy??. Agree with TT also?.

12 Jun 2024 10:52:02
TT12, it was Goldson's fault for the Eintracht equaliser in the Europa League final and he tried to blame bassey ?All Goldson had to do was clear the ball out of play to his right-hand side ?.

12 Jun 2024 11:32:13
I personally wouldn't let either Kent or Morelos anywhere near Rangers again, the contempt they showed towards the end of their contracts was hellish.

12 Jun 2024 12:22:03
SWS Scott Wright was also to blame, As he never closed down the Frankfurt player crossing the ball, But as you say Goldson should have booted the ball out of play.

12 Jun 2024 13:19:57
Dessers doesn’t try and miss chances either coops you have had a go at him so practice what you preach then. You can’t defend one player in kent who didn’t even care about the club the last year and a half but have a go at another for the same thing ? hypocrite.

12 Jun 2024 15:30:32
Why I posted about dessers Storm?.



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