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14 Jun 2019 00:10:28
Mark Allan said that we would just be adding the icing on top of the cake with quality transfers.
My question is who would describe Greg Stewart as the icing on the cake?
Im not impressed with this transfer. Money could be utilized better in my opinion.
Hopefully we can add some quality to our squad rather than squad level players.


1.) 14 Jun 2019 06:32:18
He also said first we would be picking up low hanging fruit to enhance the squad as well as the first 11.

Have some patience and reserve your judgement for when the season begins.

2.) 14 Jun 2019 07:34:43
Gerrard was quoted as saying he'll be signing quality rather than quantity? i'm also not impressed with this latest signing.

3.) 14 Jun 2019 07:41:14
Yogi, its not like the old days and we simply dont have the cash! I dont know what our transfer budget will be? What do you guys reckon 6 or 7 million? .

4.) 14 Jun 2019 08:26:24
Yogi, Greg stewart cost us nothing, and I would imagine he is not on a big wage. Look at his total goals/ assists from last season and then add together kent's/ candeias goals/ assists. Greg stewart has more. Now I'm not saying he is going to be better than Kent, but give the boy a chance.

5.) 14 Jun 2019 08:34:37
Hes signed on a free? Has better goal and assist stats than Kent last season who everyone raves about and is probably on a lower wage compared to some. I think hes a good squad player to have and gives us a different dimension in midfield given the fact hes the only left footer.

6.) 14 Jun 2019 08:45:13
dont why everyone hating on Greg Stewart. He is a free and will be on a small enough wage to make it a worthwhile signing

he isn't going to be starting everygame but we need a strong squad for a long season and Stewart is an improvement on some of last few season squad players

stewart in his 1st spell at aberdeen and at kille is a player who can do a job in spl, create and score goals

id much rather have a proven squad player liek him than the likes of grezda

end of the day he is now a Ger and we need to back him.

7.) 14 Jun 2019 08:50:14
Give him a chance mate.

8.) 14 Jun 2019 08:55:43
Thank for that yogi. Im sure Stevie G will read this and sell him on!

9.) 14 Jun 2019 09:59:24
Regardless of what you think of these players, if they sign for us then get behind them. Stop slating them before they have had a chance to prove their worth.

10.) 14 Jun 2019 10:44:51
No I won't stop slating, what I believe are very poor signings, and I'll tell you why. I was opposed to Flanagan signing, not for football reasons, I was appalled at us signing Lafferty. Now since they have been Rangers players find a post of mine that disses either of them. You can't cause i refuse to slag them when they are ours.

11.) 14 Jun 2019 11:09:03
Is it just me that finds bluepete's last comment there bewildering?

12.) 14 Jun 2019 11:37:04
LM1991 don't compare kent to stewart. Better stats or not stewart ain't half the player kent is its his runs its his movement that causes allsorts of problems for teams especially celtic last season not just goals. i'm willing to gove stewart a chance especially for free he will be a squad player.

13.) 14 Jun 2019 11:40:49
Patmo - he's clear and he's right - these are terrible signings but once they're in our shirt on the pitch, get behind them and support. It's not their fault - it's recruitment and lack of finance that has us in the bargain bin.

14.) 14 Jun 2019 12:47:49
Nothing like getting behind the team. .

15.) 14 Jun 2019 12:54:19
Stewart will have been brought to help beef out the squad a bit at a good quality and low cost. Dont reckon he will be a first teamer but gives us a bit more of an option on the bench to change things after 60 mins.

16.) 14 Jun 2019 18:20:29
So far, all we have seen are squad players. We need two or three top quality players that can walk straight into the first team if we are to stop nine in a row and move forward.

17.) 14 Jun 2019 20:45:28
Wow - why all the Greg Stewart haters on here - the lad is a rangers fan. Decent goals and assist ratio cost is nothing yet people on here giving him and the club stick - I will repeat WOW . Kamara anyone .

18.) 14 Jun 2019 20:55:40
Greg Stewart will be involved a lot more than many people think, IMHO. Seen it before when a player perceived as a back up has gone on to be mainstay. Look no further than Kamara as an example. Who truthfully believed he would have been as much of a vital part of the team as he became? Stewart will hopefully follow suit.

19.) 15 Jun 2019 02:21:52
strong, good shot, close control, loves running at teams, plays with his head up and awareness. knows his opposition. not sure this isn't a great signing and if arfield needing some more time off maybe brilliant.

20.) 15 Jun 2019 02:23:16
Yogibear1872 sack Gerrard and make you manager you seem to be expert.

21.) 15 Jun 2019 02:24:35

22.) 15 Jun 2019 02:25:37
Yogi. Nobody would describe him as that, not even Mark Allen. he's a squad player and that is all. someone who can come off the bench to unlock a defense. You're daft if you think this is the "Icing on the cake" signing. its only mid-June.

23.) 15 Jun 2019 02:26:52
totally agree man I've been sorely dissapointed with transfers and players we have been linked with. NOT GOOD ENOUGH keep saying it but if we continue to shop in same market as hibs, hearts and aberdeen, then we will be no better than them. would have much rather we kept current squad and added three quality signings of same level as defoe, davis.

24.) 15 Jun 2019 02:27:16
I think Greg Stewart will surprise a lot of people. Hes a massive Rangers fan but of course thats not a reason to sign a player. However, Hes a very gifted and technical player with a cracking left peg, totally different to anyone else we have. Hell do well for us, if given the chance in my opinion.

25.) 15 Jun 2019 02:33:31
I'm not impressed surely if money is tight why waste money on squad players when the little money we have could go towards better players instead of wasting it on squad players.

26.) 15 Jun 2019 14:36:42
Brogie, Kent played well twice against Celtic and nobody else, he went missing countless times against temas who sit in and try hit on break, the kind of teams players like Greg Stewart can break down, Kent drags people out of position aye but Stewart just runs at them and takes the ball past them more times than not, everyones only shouting for Kent to come back because he played well against Celtic and he punched Scott brown, hes an average player at best who had a good season.

27.) 16 Jun 2019 08:25:06
Yately, not going to conject on transfer budget. SG spent 10m from wherever last season and money around somewhere. Better if we get 10m for surplus and spend that on some class acts. It is obvious we are top heavy.



30 Apr 2019 07:31:00
Here's a quick scenario for all you fellow bears out there. If the rumours are true that southampton want Arfield, would anyone think its a good idea to take the cash for him and just replace him with young Greg Docherty?
I think wee scotty is a smashing player but, if the money is good enough then why not?
One thing is for sure we need to offload some serious numbers of players next year.
Whats all your thoughts?


1.) 30 Apr 2019 09:36:17
No chance. For £3M I would be keeping him. He's a great player. Maybe £6 or £7m then maybe.

2.) 30 Apr 2019 10:41:30
I’d be holding out for 5-6 million too, that sort of money is nothing to clubs down south so if they really want him go for it. Would be a big loss as he has had a really good season but got to remember he is in his 30s now and that sort of money could go towards signing Kent on a permanent deal.

3.) 30 Apr 2019 11:36:16
£3m is a bargain for Arfield, we should be looking at aroung £6m-£7m as the money in down South is astronomical!

4.) 30 Apr 2019 11:39:55
Won't get 6 or 7 mil for arfield lol.

5.) 30 Apr 2019 13:05:15
Did a crap celtic player no go for 8mill n I think afield is a better player would definitely keep him.

6.) 30 Apr 2019 13:19:26
We need to keep arfield👍.

7.) 30 Apr 2019 13:58:52
Yogi i fully agree that we should take the money and take a gamble on young docherty. Could use that money for good quality younger CB or better yet a first choice left back.

8.) 30 Apr 2019 14:42:16
Docherty nowhere near arfield's level and we should definitely not take that gamble. If we want to win titles we need to keep players like arfield. However if the money is right then we would find it hard not accept it, but we would have to replace arfield with a player of the same calibre and that player is not docherty 😕👍.

9.) 30 Apr 2019 15:30:35
Stunned we would take the gamble, I honestly thought we wanted to win league.

10.) 30 Apr 2019 16:27:31
Hibs looking at doherty
Arfield will stay i think
Wallace holt fods etc will b off
Morelos will b sold.

11.) 30 Apr 2019 17:23:49
Hibs won't be able to afford docherty I'd imagine if he was for sale he would go for at least 1m.

12.) 30 Apr 2019 18:20:40
I know we want to stop 9 in a row because what it means but i also want us to build not only a strong first team but follow what de boer was saying about copying Ajax and produce future first team stars that will have us dominating for years. From our strongest first 11 we have only produced 1 player. The rest have been bought in as first team players. Other than mccrorie none of our youngsters are getting close to game time which has to change or youngsters won't come. Docherty must get a chance he has went out on loan and did what he was told, i have saw him play a few times and have been extremely impressed. People forget that arfield wouldn't be the player he is now if falkirk hadnt took a gamble and put him into their first team as a youngster.

13.) 30 Apr 2019 18:34:12
Scott arfield i totally agree, is a better midfielder than stuart armstrong.

14.) 01 May 2019 01:53:04
Arfield has been absolutely vital for us this season - practically the only incisive central midfielder we've got, bar Davis. I dread to think where we'd be without his goals and drive, but if a moneyed English club wants to pay 6m for him (doubtful) then aye, great. I'm sure we could get a more youthful, bonified attacking mid (or 2?) for that kind of cash, and I'd much rather see us do that than take a gamble on building a team around Docherty.

15.) 01 May 2019 12:29:07
As1974. Who mentioned 3M Airfield is with a lot more than 3M.

16.) 01 May 2019 13:16:33

17.) 01 May 2019 20:25:12
Guys like Arfield, Jack, Kamara and McCrorie are vital in the midfield next year if we want to win the title.




Yogibear1872's banter posts with other poster's replies to Yogibear1872's banter posts


12 Aug 2019 11:16:07
I just watched jermaine defoe's post match interview and i couldn't believe the state of his training top. The white chevrons down either shoulder were peeling off and it looks awful. Hummel need sort this out. Its unacceptable for our players to be seen wearing this rubbish. Its completely cringe worthy.
What a game though! Heckingbottom sacked by September. Lol
Maybe Lennon will make the step up to a bigger club again. Lol.


1.) 12 Aug 2019 18:11:52
Maybe that's what we get for wearing them around just saying, Jimmy has just washed them too high a temp and then with all the rain used the tumble dryer which always takes the sticky bits off football tops.



19 Jul 2019 12:37:56
Can anyone tell me if we'd recieve a transfer fee for the Candyman?
I hope so, rangers need to sort that crap out. Too many players come to our club and leave for nothing. It's ridiculous!


1.) 19 Jul 2019 13:15:37
He has a year left so would expect a fee. Thurkish media reporting a fee 800 k.

2.) 19 Jul 2019 21:22:06
I heard at ibrox last night, that the candyman's transfer fee, was a mere 400k. In my opinion that's way 2 low a fee 4 candeias. I reckon with a year left on his rangers contract, we should b looking at getting around the £1million mark for him. Not that i'm wanting us to lose him right enough.



19 Jun 2019 13:13:57
Could be a possible rematch with progress neiderkorn lol.


1.) 19 Jun 2019 13:38:59
I don't get how there's a possible 3 teams we can play? that's an odd number, is someone getting a by?

2.) 19 Jun 2019 14:07:19
Bryan, progres will play the winner of cork v cardiff uni. We will then play the winner of that tie if we win our first tie.

3.) 19 Jun 2019 14:08:38
Progres and Cardiff Met Uni play in pre qualifier and the winner of that plays Cork City in the 1st play off round in the same way we play the winner of Pristina v St Joseph's. In the 2nd round we (surely/ hopefully) play one of the first three (whichever ultimately wins out) .

4.) 19 Jun 2019 14:34:32
You're right liverpool ger, I had it the wrong way round.

5.) 19 Jun 2019 17:01:10
****in confusing.

6.) 20 Jun 2019 02:56:39
Id love us to smash Progres like.



15 May 2019 07:51:51
Just seen the footage of simunovic elbowing defoe. WTF! How come only flannagan has been cited? Its just disgracefull that the other incident hasn't been punished. F#ck the SFA!


1.) 15 May 2019 09:32:45
Apparently the panel was split on simunovic's elbow, some saw it and some never. I wonder who never saw it 🤔😂😂👍.

2.) 15 May 2019 09:54:09
Coldo, I only had to watch it once and that was without my glasses on to know that was a red card as well as flannagans elbow. It truely is a disgrace the way these issues are handled. The sheer level of incompetence in scottish football is laughable.

We should win our appeal though. don't you think ;-)

3.) 15 May 2019 09:58:08
I think at the end of the day it might be a good thing. If they say flanagans is a red, then its obvious the bias then to everyone watching as its no different to what was done to defoe. If they confirm a yellow as elbow didn't hit browns face, then questions have to arise around why the celtic captain grabbed his face when he dropped to the ground.
Fair play to Defoe, does what a real man does and just gets up no play acting no theatrics.
We know the whole thing is a farce. Re-referring games is a joke. Mistakes happen its part of the game. Where is it going to end up? Do we get to apply because Defoe missed an open goal and want it to be given as he made a mistake in the game and we should have won it?
Am happy if VAR comes in but only if its for goals or red cards.

4.) 15 May 2019 10:08:11
Yogi -- Because we're Rangers. No one likes us and we don't care!

5.) 15 May 2019 13:15:17
There seems to be a desperation to stop us returning to the top of the game in Scotland
It’s going to be f*cking glorious when we win 55 (hopefully in the next two season)
I’m going to take days off after just to enjoy the meltdown

Sutton and Stewart are going to be worth a watch when it happens 😂😂🇬🇧🇬🇧.

6.) 15 May 2019 13:22:37
It’s blatantly obvious the Hatred the SFA, Celtic and their former employee Compliance Officer, Scottish Media, has towards Rangers, They don’t like cause Rangers are on the way back 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧🇦🇺.

7.) 15 May 2019 13:31:40
Get used to lads, next season will be a free for all where every single incident involving one of our players is scrutinised and punished while other clubs will continue to go uncited. Absolute disgrace and worth multiple points to the beneficiaries.

8.) 15 May 2019 18:40:24
Panel was split utter bull
How do u know
Thats rights u dont.

9.) 15 May 2019 19:07:26
Tilla die, I read it on rangers news now. Go over there and check it out. Its says they failed to reach a unanimous decision because they were split. Once you've read it you can come back with your tail between your legs. Honestly mate I would do my homework before coming on here and making a fool of yourself😂😂👍.

10.) 15 May 2019 21:14:14
Tilla, sfa say panel was split, it needsto be unanimous to proceed. Coldo is correct.

11.) 15 May 2019 21:18:37
what i can't understand is they all seen the same pictures they all should be applying the rules is a standard way and not open to interpretation so that said how can it be split. the unfortunate thing is that by doing this they open themselves up to criticism. i just can't understand its either red or not, you can't have 1 saying it is and another not if applying the rules as they stand.



13 May 2019 07:48:59
Morning fellow bears, hope everyone had a good sunday sesh after that magnificent performance from the boys yesterday. I think that has to be the best old firm game i've had the pleasure of attending.
I'm still buzzin from the game. Some of the tims i know were saying it was a meaningless game, if that's the case then they shouldn't support that team. There is no such thing as a meaningless old firm game.

I was watching the highlights this morning and i though Flannagan was a lucky boy, that could have been a red card.
There is no highlights of the jermaine defoe penalty claim though, i thought it was a stone waller but, i can't see it in any of the highlights. Was it a penalty?


1.) 13 May 2019 07:53:21
It was NEVER a penalty. He was lucky NOT to be booked for diving IMO.

2.) 13 May 2019 07:55:11
No mate, he played for it.

3.) 13 May 2019 08:18:16
Brown does some moaning, every game he plays he plays hard and a lot of times unfairly, always throwing out a fishing rod, his tricks didn’t produce the said effect yesterday. I honestly believe he is under orders to get certain players booked or sent of. Maybe I’m just bias.

4.) 13 May 2019 08:38:54
Never a pen - he played for it
Flanagan was a red
The unwashed will be focusing on these two incidents rather than the fact that they were lucky to get away with 2-0
They will happily forget that Brown and Burke have provided us with two of the worst dives in recent seasons
As for the elbow I thought it was more of a forearm to be honest
Michael Stewart seemed to think a forearm was ok when it was the Killie keeper on Kamara he now thinks it’s a red because it’s a rangers player - funny that eh

Given what Brown has fished out and got away with over the past few seasons I have no problem with what Flanagan did
I also think he will now get a ban from our friend the compliance officer.

5.) 13 May 2019 08:55:34
Spot on fraser52, brown got what he deserved and michael stewart is the worst quid ever spent😂😂👍.




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15 Oct 2019 14:31:46
Maybe he was after hickey at southampton before joining the gers and now he wants the lad to play for us instead. Just a thought.




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21 Aug 2019 10:16:31
Jordan Jones has had a better start to his rangers career than Kent did. I think its a bit harsh to say Kent is a step up. Jones is clearly a class play too.




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25 Jul 2019 23:35:55
I'm not convinced that we actually need Kent anymore. I would like to see Rangers replace the Candyman with someone a bit more productive than he was. Can Kent play as a right winger
Always seems to play on the left wing.




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19 Jul 2019 21:27:59
Goldson was brilliant last night. Fair enough the opposition wasn't great by any stream if the imagination but he was still rocket solid.
No way he is heading back to brighton.
Same goes for all this Morelos to west ham for £4-5m.




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13 Jul 2019 07:57:48
I think he's trying to engineer a move away.
I'm getting fed up with him, i have always liked him and i understand that his ambitions are to play in the prem league but, if he wants out so bad then we should get shot of him.





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17 Oct 2019 11:15:24
I thought Kennedy was the best player on the park. I hope we nurture this young lad along with Macpake.




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12 Oct 2019 23:31:55
Wish i could have made it today. Would have loved watching that michael mols turn at Ibrox again. Love that guy. oliver kahn and his tackle that caused Mols injury.




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07 Sep 2019 09:41:20
Gdansk in Poland i believe.




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23 Aug 2019 18:53:44
I sit in BF5 although i'm in BF3 for the Legia game.
Any word on how rangers will select what area will be closed and how this will be communicated with the fans who might be affected.
Maybe we could shut the away section. They were throwing flares at our players. Do if for safety reasons lol.




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21 Aug 2019 10:18:53
Im also worried about how we are paying for all these players with hardly any players leaving or worse leaving for no fee!